Gilt: Free Green Toys and Goodbyn Lunchbox for $2.95

Do you still have your free $20 credit to Gilt?  It is still available if you have not claimed it yet.  I used this credit last night to get the Green toy cooking set pictured above for free.  It covered shipping too.

But you can also use it to pick up this Gooodbyn lunchbox for only $2.95 shipped.

Thanks Rose Knows Coupons!

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  • jen

    thx! just got the free cooking set!

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  • Sadie

    I was wondering if anyone else had problems putting things in their “cart” I don’t know if the site is just really busy right now, but it won’t let me put anything in my cart, and it won’t let me open my cart. Hmmm…

    • Sadie

      it eventually worked, after about 10 minutes of waiting (then I had two of the same items in my cart), but I got the $20 credit, and got a toy tool set for $5.95 shipped.

  • RJ

    there’s significant slowness on the site. It looks like it’s being hit hard by lots of users.

  • Really like the lunchbox. I pack my lunch just about every day unless I have a meeting that I need to attend. I use a good old fashion brown bag and it will last about a week before needing replacing. However, I could really get into the lunch box you reference above.

  • Cynthia

    I received an e-mail today that Gilt was offering free shipping today only. You may even be able to score a better deal!

  • Emma K

    I didn’t realize the shipping wasn’t until almost Christmas, but hopefully they will ship it out sooner.

  • Love this…thanks so much!

  • Erika

    awesome, got the toolbox for .30, i invited 10 friends so i got free shipping!!

  • Julie

    I registered and put the tool set in my cart…but I don’t seem to have the credit. Does it take some time to show up in your account?

  • Amy

    Thank you SO much for the tip – I got my Goodbyn just now and have been wanting one for my daughter for a LONG time. Thanks!

  • Rebecca Howe

    I didn’t receive the credit either??? Help!

  • tina

    Are they still giving the $20 credit for new members who sign up?

  • jodeepups

    Thanks for this awesome deal.
    I got my stuff today.
    Very nice and it was free!

    • That’s great to hear! I am still waiting for my stuff but it looks like it should be coming soon.