Giveaway #5: Good News and Bad News About this One

The bad news first: I did not get in the mail what I am supposed to be giving away :-(. Therefore I have to delay this giveaway until next week. Sorry guys!
But to make it up to you: I will have a bonus giveaway for you. So instead of one more giveaway there will be two.
I can’t way for these two giveaways but I must be patient and hope FedEx brings the goodies soon.

Thank you for understanding!

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  • All in a Day

    Thanks for your giveaways!

  • Andrea Reynolds

    We’re coupon clippers- patience IS our virtue 🙂

  • Mercedes

    I have a really good one on the works. Free food, enough said!

  • Crystal Paine

    Just a note, I always ask that companies who are giving away products on my blog to send the product directly to the winner (if I’m not familiar with the product, I ask that they send me one first to check out before I do the giveaway).

    This saves me postage and also the effort of getting something to the post office. Not sure if that will work for you, but I’ve never had a company not willing to oblige.

  • Jennifer

    Do you mean the Couponizer???

  • Mercedes

    Hi Crystal,

    I agree I am trying to save on postage too. The product I hadn’t gotten is the one that I am supposed to check out first.

    Jennifer, not the couponizer that one I have already.