Grocery Challenge: Week 4 and Recap of Weeks 2 and 3

How are you guys doing with the grocery challenge?  I hope you guys didn’t think that I dropped this because I didn’t!! Sure I was away for the better part of the second week.  Then I came home and trying to get settled back again I didn’t have a chance to get ready for planned week.  But actually week three worked out well because we were able to make up for all the spending on eating out we did on week 2  Here’s the recap of my expenses for both weeks.  I want to note that I am only including the eating out expenses for my husband and kids while I was at Blogher.   Blogher provided breakfast and lunch both days and if you attended any parties, most  offered items for dinner.

Week 2
No grocery shopping because we had milk and fruit and OJ from the previous week.
Starbucks $6.21
Breakfast Walker Brothers $20.98
Chinese take out $30
Total= $57.19 low because my husband stayed at his parents house while I was at Blogher and they are very generous people 🙂

Week three

Walmart groceries $23.85
Kwik trip $5.99 (milk and bananas)
Pick N Save $16.40
Target $27.16
Mexican take out $26
Total= $99.40 Right at $100 goal. However, I want to point out that the $27 at Target was for four pounds of whole bean coffee that should last us a few weeks. Sorry, but we don’t do cheap coffee, we just can’t.


Week Four

So far I spent $33.64 for what you see above at Walmart.  Mostly fruit, milk for the week, bread and eggs.  The sugar cones are for my four year old (riiight!) and the empanadas are an easy lunch for me.  I also picked this from my garden:

gardenveggiesMenu Plan

Breakfasts: pancakes, oatmeal and cereal

Lunches: PB&J sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches,empanadas or leftovers


Sunday:  probably eat out somewhere since we are going to Renaissance Fair

Monday: Broccoli quiche

Tuesday: stuffed peppers

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Spaghetti and spinach

Friday: Meatloaf and green bean casserole

Saturday:  Leftovers

I mentioned at the beginning of this challenge that one of my goals was to use up what I have in my pantry and freezer. I had a lot of food stockpiled yet due to poor planning and lack of imagination a lot of it went without being used.  I have been working with the folks from and using the resources they have available on their website to:

1) find recipes and use the food that I have stockpiled to create meals for my family

2)  find storage solutions that will help me manage the food that I have in my pantry and freezer and make sure no food goes wasted and gets used/consumed by my family.

I will be giving you an update on what solutions I have found next week.  I will also have an AWESOME giveaway sponsored by the photos to give one of you a chance to improve your pantry.  When I say awesome I mean it! you don’t want to miss this one.  Meanwhile I suggest that you spend some time checking out the website.  A really good place to start is by reading the Essential Kitchen Toolkit.  There you will learn how to organize your kitchen to make it work for you.  You will also find ideas for pantry, fridge and freezer organization.  You will also find great ideas of what to do with canned foods and debunk some myths regarding canned foods.  Then explore the recipe search bar to search for recipes using whatever items you have on hand.

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  • I appreciate you sharing about how you are working to meet the grocery challenge…realistically! We blew the budget the first week (which was not entirely my doing), but have still enjoyed the challenge of lowering our grocery and food bill in the following weeks. It’s been a fun few weeks!

  • maria

    Mealtime is very intresting…thanks for the tip.

    I went over our food budget of $100 already!! lol But in my defense we went under the last 2 weeks so maybe it will balance out

  • maria

    wait…that included school supplies …so maybe i balanced out!

  • kelly ronca

    Didn’t you post this about week 2?? It is dated in your blog, Sunday, July 19th???

    Here’s a recap of my expenses:
    $29.02 walmart
    $5.12 grocery store for yogurt
    $5.99 milk, eggs and bananas
    $8.08 McDonalds for Thursday lunch. I ran errands with the kids on Thursday and was out later than I expected.
    $9.17 Culvers ($1 Butter burgers on Saturday)
    $45 Sushi for dinner on Saturday (it was our 8th wedding anniversary on Wednesday and we waited until Saturday to celebrate)
    Total Expenses: $102.38 which is just above the $100 allowance for our family of four

    But as you can see, we spent more than half of our allowance eating out. I know a lot of you were concerned about doing the challenge because you were going on vacation or had a birthday during this period. This is what I realized this week: life happens. Sure, some weeks we can spend $50 feeding our families but there will be weeks when vacations, birthdays or anniversaries happen, so you will go over your budget. What matters is to focus on long term results not short term ones.

  • kelly ronca

    Oops – I just realized that post was for week one. Sorry!!

  • Delores

    We don’t do cheap coffee either!

  • Jessica

    I’ve been doing great! I can’t believe it took me so long to find the world of couponing.

    Our budget used to be $50 a week (I shop at shop n save for the 10/50 promo on Thursdays). And then I’d allocate 10-15 bucks for any good clearance at Target.

    Now I am hovering under $40 a week, sometimes less.

    This is for all our needs…baby, hygiene, food, toiletries etc.

    <3 Thank you