Groupon Guarantee + More Positive Customer Experiences

I just wanted to remind you that if you ever bought a Groupon you are not satisfied with, Groupon will refund you.  I know a few of you are concerned about the Dormzy deal I blogged about a few days ago since the site seems to be out of a lot of items.

So, if you are concerned about this, just email Groupon and tell them the merchant is out of stock the items you want to buy and you are concerned about being able to redeem this Groupon.

I also wanted to share with you a couple of other positive experiences I had recently.

1)  I received a handwritten Thank You Note from Land’s End Canvas for purchasing from them.  I had NEVER received a hand written note from a company.  So this one made a great impression for me.

2) I shared last week that an order I placed on the Walmart website was partially canceled.  Only one of the items ended up being shipped.  Well, a LOT of people were displeased with this cancellation and they voiced their dissatisfaction.  On Saturday I received an email from letting me know that they had added a $10 Walmart e-gift card to my account to make up for the problems related to the cancelled order.  I was thrilled!  That meant I paid $6 for Super Mario Galaxy Game for Wii.  Sweetest deal ever!

What good customer service experience have you had lately?

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  • I got the Lands End note too! I was seriously in shock! I could not believe that a company would take the time to thank a customer like that! It def. made an impression with me too!

  • 😉 The Lands End Canvas notes were printed…to look like they were handwritten. They were still nice though.

    • Amy,
      They did a great job then because I had a very hard time figuring out what it said,


  • Stephanie

    I had a really good customer service with Amazon recently. I ordered the Sex And The City DVD when it was $1.99 at Thanksgiving and when it arrived the case was broken and the DVD was rattling around inside. Since this was to be a gift, I wanted to exchange it for one with an intact case. I requested a replacement at 7pm and had the new DVD by 11am the next day, plus UPS picked up the broken one and had it back to Amazon within 24 hours. Easiest return ever and I was very impressed.

  • April

    The sweater I ordered from Victoria’s Secret last week was not on sale then. However, today sweater’s went on sale for 30% off with a code. I called and the customer service representative did not hesitate to offer to credit my card back for the difference which was almost $10. I was very excited. It never hurts to ask.

  • Kristen D.

    Mine is about groupon- when the weekly cinema site went down, I contacted them (Groupon) and let them know that I had used 3 of my 4 tickets, but would like a partial refund for that last ticket.

    They contacted me almost immediately back and let me know I’d be getting a 100% refund!! I was floored. I love Groupon.

    • Sarah

      I had a similar experience. I had 6 tickets from Weekly Cinema through groupon. I had used 4 of the 6 tickets when Weekly Cinema went down. I contacted Groupon, and they refunded all 6 of the tickets. Wow! I was blown away. Groupon is awesome!

  • Sadie

    Hi Mercedes! I joined through you and recently ordered a laptop sleeve. Was so surprise to find a cute picture frame boxed nicely in addition to timely arrival. I’ve been wanting extra frames and was so happy about this! My cousin received a free notebook with her purchase.

  • Heartland Hannah

    My thumbs up is also to Groupon. I had difficulty with my local Body Shop store refusing to honor the Groupon for any sale items even though the Groupon specifically states it is valid for sales. Body Shop Corporate was also not helpful. I emailed my correspondence with Body Shop to Groupon to show they were not honoring what was promised and they refunded me immediately. I was very impressed with Groupon. Body Shop – well they lost a long-term customer.

  • Jen

    Dormzy has restocked!

  • DrLadybug

    Yes, I was frustrated with the Dormzy deal because Olay products were sold out for the $20/$50 rebate. Any other products I thought to get (kleenex, dishsoap), they did not have my preferred products. They promptly credited my account. I do not know if I could have just received a refund to my credit card (I’m sure SOME other fabulous deal will occur!), but they were prompt and double-checked to make sure it was what I wanted (all email; also kind of important to me because I only keep my cell phone, no hard line at home).

  • Sue

    How do you contact Groupon if dissatisfied with a purchase? Do you have a phone # or email address I can use? I couldn’t find one on their site.

  • It’s a great reminder that we as consumers should give feedback, both when it is great and when we feel as if we did not get what we were expecting. The way companies make me feel valued or not has a huge impact on whether they get repeat business.

  • Heartland Hannah

    Sue, if you scroll down to the very bottom of any Groupon webpage in the right corner you will see a menu option for “contact us”. Fill in the requested information and they will get right back to you.

    Or email Groupon at or call 1 (877) 788-7858 (during normal business hours, central time)