Haiti Drive: Leave a Comment on This Post to Donate for Free

Over these past few days my heart has been heavy after hearing the news coming from Haiti.  See, 11 years ago a devastating hurricane hit my home country of Honduras killing thousands of people and destroying a lot of the infrastructure through out the country.  When I heard the news coming from Haiti I couldn’t help but thinking of everything I felt 11 years ago while watching the devastation on TV and with my own eyes,  the people lost, those alive with their belongings destroyed or wondering if everyone in their families had survived.

Eleven years ago people around the world open their hearts for my country and their people and it is not my turn to do the same for the people of Haiti.  You can help too:

1)  Lift the people of Haiti and their families abroad in prayer.

2)  If you can’t give now consider saving a small amount of money to give later.  Unfortunately help will be needed for a long time for the people of Haiti to recover from this.

3)  You can give for free here, right now.  My family is pledging $1 for every comment left in this post up to 500 comments.  For a total donation of $500 that will go to the Red Cross.

Thank you for your comment and for helping me help others.  Please remember to share this with others so they can also come here and comment and help me reach my goal.

If you are looking for organizations that are accepting donations check out:

Sovereign Grace Ministries
Compassion International
American Red Cross

This post is also part of a linkup.  If you have a blog and are doing something to help Haiti please leave your link to your post below.  If you don’t have a blog you can share how you are helping in the comments section.  If you are a reader you are welcome to click through to help others help Haiti.

  • Sheila

    Thank you so much! This is an amazing thing your family is doing!

  • Christine

    This is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

  • Mikki

    What a wonderful idea. Thank you for doing this!

  • Terrae D.

    Thank you for doing this!

    • Kathryn

      Thank you for doing this!

  • Kelly

    I love your website and it is a wonderful thing you are doing to help out the Haitians.

    • smiel

      HELP HAITI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://momminitup.com Jenny from Mommin’ It Up

    God bless your family & the Haitians!

  • http://themusingsofamom.blogspot.com Therese

    What a wonderful thing you are doing! God Bless!

  • http://www.originalcouponcoach.com Amy

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  • Amanda

    I just got word last night that my friends and girl I sponsor in Jacmel, Haiti are ok!! Praise God!! The orphanage collapsed but everyone got out. Thank you for your willingness to donate – the Haitian people need is so badly!

  • http://www.lifeinthefullest.blogspot.com Andrea

    THis is a wonderful thing you are doing!

  • Sandy

    You are doing a wonderful thing. Thank you!

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  • Darlene

    Keeping the Haitian people in my prayers.

  • Margaret

    Thanks for doing something like this so I can help too.

  • Vickie JOnes

    Thank you so much, I deployed to Haiti in 2004 and I was so struck by the poverty there. My prayers are with the people of Haiti,

  • Amy

    Thanks for doing this. We are keeping the people of Haiti in our prayers.

  • David S.

    This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I am praying for the Haitians.

  • Stacey

    I lift up the people of Haiti and your family! God Bless them.

  • http://www.savingcentswithsense.blogspot.com/ Melissa

    Thank you for doing this! We are also praying for Haiti!

  • Melissa

    My prayers are with those in Haiti and my heart aches for these people. There was so much poverty before the earthquake. A pastor from our church and his family have been down there since December and a close friends’ dad has an orphanage down these. The Haitians are near and dear to my heart.

  • http://www.as-for-my-house.com Tiffany (As For My House)

    What a generous offer!

  • julia

    Thank you for your generosity!

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for doing this! My husband is being deployed over there today and I am so proud he is able to help. I hope many more people will be found alive. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti.

  • Lea

    I grew up in Miami, FL so knew many wonderful Haitians while I was growing up. How devastating for such a poor, poor country. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Shannae

    Thank you for doing this for those of us who want to do something but financially can’t. Still praying.

  • Ilia

    thank you

  • Lana

    A nephew is with the 82nd Airborne special ops and is headed that way so we have really been praying for and remembering those who have lost family and possesions.

  • http://taylormadebyjenmarie.blogspot.com/ JenMarie

    Blessings to you for doing this!

  • Rachel

    Thank you for helping with the relief efforts in Haiti! This has affected so many and its nice to see there are people eager to bless them in their time of need.

  • Mary

    Thanks for doing this. I will be praying.

  • Jenny

    What a blessing, thank you. Praying.

  • misswendiki

    Praying for Haiti, and God bless you and your family!

  • Brittan

    We donated through Crisis Response International (CRI). They sent a team down yesterday to assist with search and rescue. Thanks for doing this!

  • stephanie

    Thank you and God Bless!

  • Kristina L.

    It’s things like this that make me love this blog. Thanks!

  • Dawn

    This is wonderful!! God bless you!!

  • Debbie

    Thank you for all your doing.

  • Andrea

    I love that we’re a global community and that neighbors help neighbors at such a level!

  • rachna

    thank you,

  • Stacey

    Thank you, I’ve donated also and plan to donate more soon.

  • Rebecca Peavler

    Thanks for helping out!

  • Patricia Allison

    Praying for everyone in Haiti and their families. Thank you so much.

  • Angela

    Praying for those in Haiti! Thanks for what you are doing!

  • Leah

    I’m praying for Haiti and donating via text message and to Feed My Starving Children. Thank You!

  • Jessi

    Thank you for doing this! We are praying for Haiti!

  • Lorinda

    I wish there were more I could do to help those suffering in Haiti. What they are going through I cannot fathom. God bless you for being so generous, giving and smart! This is a great idea. Thank you for the opportunity to help too.

  • Lee Ann

    You are a wonderful giving person and I love your blog!

  • Rachel

    Thank you for giving!

  • http://my2boyzboeldt.blogspot.com Susan@my2boyz

    I too have been watching the news with tears streaming down my face. My heart is so heavy, I see the children and I want to run and sweep them into my arms. Thank you for doing this! Every little bit helps, we have donated and i will continue to do so over the next few months.

  • Farrah

    Thank you for your generousity.

  • Sarah


  • Ingrid

    God bless Haiti and may be restore their lives.

  • kellie

    thank you for doing this!

  • S. Lee

    Thank you!

  • Krissy

    This is so wonderful!

  • Kellie S

    God Bless you for helping!

  • maria

    What a very generous act! I am prayng for Haiti every single day.

  • Karen

    Thank You!!!

    Love your site! :)

  • Melissa

    Thank you for doing this!

    Praying for Haiti.

  • http://obsessionnostalgia.blogspot.com Sealz

    Thank you for donating. I encourage anyone who hasn’t already to give what they can.

  • Renee

    Thank you.

  • kelli

    Thanks and God bless you

  • Andrew

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Amy

    My prayers are with the people of Haiti.

  • ashley

    We donated to the American Red Cross this morning. Thanks for using your blog to help convince people to donate.

  • http://daisysdeals.blogspot.com Stacey

    You are amazing for doing this!! I have been reading your blog for awhile, and knew you were hispanic but did not know you were from Honduras! :o) I lived in Honduras (San Pedro Sula) as a missionary about 6 years ago. I love the country and the people! :o)

    God bless!!!

  • Cassie

    Thank you for donating. I donated to the Red Cross this morning and I would encourage everyone to donate whatever they can.

  • melissah

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Margaret

    Thank you for donating! :)

  • AngelaRS

    What a wonderful thing you and your family are doing. God Bless you and everyone else who are helping out the people of Haiti.

  • Tiffany

    Awesome idea! Now I need to get a plan for my giving in the next few months.
    Thank you for initiating a great idea.

  • Cara

    Thank you so much. As a NY Times Op-Ed contributor said “Today, we are all Haitians.”

  • sonia

    Bless you for your compassion and prayers of love and strength to the people of Haiti and their families.

  • Letty

    Thank you~

  • Amanda

    Thanks so much for doing this! I have been to Haiti before and seen what little they have and this earthquake has devastated the people there so they have even less than they had to begin with.

  • http://oasisforchildren.org Khaleef Crumbley

    Thank you for donating. I am also the Treasurer of an orphanage located in Beudet, Haiti which was destroyed in the earthquakes (all of the children are alive). The children are currently sleeping in tents because of this. All of our food and supplies was also destroyed. We are accepting donations of any amount to help with food, supplies and rebuilding the structure. Please just click on my name above to be taken to the website where you can donate securely via PayPal.


  • Susan M.

    Thank you so much for your donation!

  • Sherri

    My God be with the Haitians in their time of need.

  • Cindy

    My heart cries for the Haitians. I spent 6 weeks in Haiti on a mission trip during college, and they taught me so much about joy and appreciation for my situation. Thank you for doing this.

  • Ashley B.

    This is a wonderful “mitzvah” you are doing! Thank you so much!

  • D

    Thanks for what you are doing!!!

  • Ginger

    Thanks for helping!! Love your site.

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  • Donna

    I have a friend from Haiti who lives in the US now, so I worry about how he’s handling this. Thanks so much for your help!

  • Bethany

    Thanks for being so generous.

  • wolf2191

    Good Luck!

  • Laura

    How generous of you, that is awesome!

  • Jennie

    We donated to the US fund for UNICEF and also to a local (Kentucky)-based charity called Ten Kids whose goal is to provide a safe home, education, etc. to Ten Kids http://www.tenkids.org/. I like the idea of giving to an organization meeting general needs of the people of Haiti and to one meeting the needs of specific children. We are so blessed–I can’t imagine the losses of the Haitian people.

  • Amy

    God, please be with the people of Haiti.

  • Kam A

    Thank you for your generosity!

  • http://cupcakesprinklesinlife.blogspot.com Rachel

    Bravo! Though I don’t have huge financial recources, I hope to do something helpful- I can’t even fathom the devestation!

  • Stacey

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Rachel

    Thank you.

  • http://www.amberherron.com Amber

    Wow! That’s awesome that you are doing this! We plan to donate as well through Samaritan’s Purse or Compassion – lots of good efforts out there to help the country.

  • M Rodrigues

    God bless!

  • http://thriftyfrugalmom.blogspot.com/ Lydia

    We know of a couple that has lived in Haiti for a number of years and helps the Haitians both physically and spiritually- in fact, he is a Haitian. We gave them a donation so they can continue to meet needs…ones now that are even greater than before!

  • Stephanie

    God bless you for helping those in need.

  • http://moreontheotherside.blogspot.com punkinmama

    I love seeing how everyone is being so generous. I hope this spirit of compassion and generosity will not leave us soon. Thanks for doing this!

  • kathy

    thank you for being so generous.

  • Maureen

    Thank you for doing this, we’re praying for them.

  • erika

    Thanks so much!!

  • Melanie

    Thanks for all you do.

  • NBCMom

    My family donated yesterday to FOOD FOR THE POOR, based in Coconut Creek FL (we live in Buffalo NY but heard a speaker once at Mass.) In the fund-raising world where it is acceptable for charities to use up to 25% of all $$ raised for “administration costs,” FOOD FOR THE POOR gives 97.7% directly to those in need!!!!! Incredible efficiency when every single penny counts. Their website is http://www.FoodForThePoor.org if you are interested. They also have a list of specific non-perishable food items and water that can be donated if you live in southern FL.

    My husband’s co-worker lived in Haiti for eight years. She told us this morning that all her family members are now accounted for, and for that we give thanks. We hope we can do more.

  • Marilou

    This is so great of you!



  • Maureen

    I appreciate what you are doing, Mercedes. Our Compassion sponsored child is in Haiti – we are still waiting for word.

  • lindsay

    Thanks Mercedes

  • Selena

    What an inspiring thing to start- thanks!

  • Alisia

    What a great thing to do! People can also donate to Yele Haiti or Red Cross via text message, it is a very easy, quick way to donate and the info is on their websites!

  • Kellee

    Thank you for doing this! My prayers go out to all of the victims in Haiti. God Bless You All!

  • Linda V

    Thank you – We all need to remember to reach out to the huge needs in Haiti.

  • pennyscents

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Priya

    Thank you so much for doing this. Our heartfelt prayers are with the people of Haiti.

  • http://fredandamber.blogspot.com Amber

    It’s so wonderful of you to do this – very simple, but impactful. Thank You!

  • Melanie

    We are praying for Haiti too.

  • Shane

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Danika

    What a great thing to do. God bless you and the people of Haiti!

  • Shana

    What a great way to help. Thanks for doing this!

  • Mandy

    Thanks for letting us help you!

  • rose

    God bless you and your family, Mercedes.

  • cheryl

    So grateful for the outpouring of help for these devastated people. Thank you.

  • Emilee Stanley

    I love that so many bloggers are doing this. Thank you!

  • Melody

    May God bless your family for their kindness, as well as the people living through this horrible ordeal.

  • Daphne

    My family donated $25 to the American Red Cross.

  • Shirley

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Beth

    Thank you for donating!

  • Jennifer Foster

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  • samantha

    thanks so much it means the world to them.

  • Suzie

    So glad you are doing this.

  • Lana

    I love you blog. I love it even more now because of your personality and a great heart!

  • Bonnie

    God bless all the children wondering the streets.

  • Athena

    I couldn’t give much but I fasted for a day in order to give at least a little.

  • Talia

    Thank you for being so generous to do this!!

  • Beth

    Fantastic way to help others. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mama Koala

    Thanks for doing this, Mercedes!

  • http://www.gettingaheadblog.com Jennifer

    It is so sad, we all need to do whatever we can.

  • Pamela

    I am praying for the people of Haiti. Thank you for doing this.

  • Melissa

    Thank you Mercedes!

  • http://cancercrushers.com Kim

    Thanks for helping others!

  • Trish

    Bless you Mercedes!

  • Cassie

    You are so kind to help others in this way. Thank you!

  • Diane Anderson

    It’s an awesome thing you’re doing! Bless you!

  • http://baker_ashley@bellsouth.net ashley baker

    May God bless you for helping others.

  • Day

    What a generous gift from your family! God Bless :)

  • Lina

    Thank you!

  • Michelle M.

    I made my donation. It is so hard to sit back and do nothing.

  • Lauren

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Haiti. You have such a great heart for doing this for them. Thank you for your great heart and for this wonderful blog. You have saved my family lots of money!!

  • donna g

    Thanks for what you are doing. Two more really organizations that will do well in their help are FINCA and Church World Service.

  • http://amommytobe.blogspot.com Megan

    Hope and Prayers for Haiti.

  • Tracie

    Thanks for your donation to the people of Haiti!

  • Amanda

    You are a wonderful person for doing this. My home town was destroyed by a tornado in 2006 and is still not fully recovered so I know it will take years to rebuild. Continued prayers for the people of Haiti and for people like you who are truly making a difference.

  • Alan

    Thanks for donating to such a worthy cause.

  • Diana

    I will be giving money through my church to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Thanks for your giving!

  • karen

    Blessings to you!

  • http://www.dontgetexciteditsjustme.blogspot.com K. Rock

    This is awesome. I love that you are helping out.

  • Jess

    Prayers to those in Haiti going through this terrible devastation.

  • Kaila

    You and your family are awesome!

  • Jennifer Moore

    Thanks for doing this

  • carrie martin

    What a beautiful thing to do. Thank you!

  • Ashley

    What a wonderful thing your family is doing!

  • carrie martin

    What a beautiful thing to do. Thank you!

  • Alexis

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Haiti. Thanks for doing this!

  • Lindsey

    What a blessing! Thank you!

  • michelle

    what a wonderful way to help, thanks!

  • Jen

    The whole country, and especially the children, will be in my family’s prayers.

  • Renee

    Thank you for your generosity. I am overwhelmed by what I have seen today.

  • Jennifer K

    Thank you for doing this! We too are donating through our church. God bless!

  • http://www.qkhunt.blogspot.com Kasey

    Thank you for donating!

  • http://twitter.com/mcmatt McMatt

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Betsy

    Thank you for doing this!

  • http://branchofwisdom.blogspot.com/2008/12/weekly-homeschool-journal.html Tamara

    What a special blessing!

  • joey

    great idea!

  • http://www.suchcoolstuff.net/ FreshPeaches

    What a wonderful idea!

    • jbeansmama

      Thank you!! :)

      • jbeansmama

        Um, OOPS! I meant to post after you, not quite so close after you though….:embarassed: :)

  • Lea

    Praying for Haiti!

  • jbeansmama

    Here’s where I meant to post!! Thanks so much for doing this.

  • http://goodgirlgoneredneck.blogspot.com Andrea

    Amazing effort. Thank you.

  • Melissa

    great idea!

  • Kirstin

    Bless you and your family for your generousity! : )

  • Kirsten

    Great idea Mercedes, and thank you for your generosity!!

  • Cecilia

    Thanks for doing this!

  • brittany

    Thank You! Any help is wonderful.

  • Laura

    Thanks for all that you do!

  • Summer

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Jess

    Thank you for doing thid!

  • Tracie

    Thank you so much for your donation!

  • Colleen Y

    A beautiful thing to do.

  • Becky

    Thank you for doing this!!

  • Lara

    Thank you for helping Haiti!

  • Jeri

    Awesome, thank you for your pledge!!!

  • Caroline K

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Julie Shaver

    Thank you for doing this!!! You are setting a wonderful example for all of us!

  • pheobie

    What a wonderful thing your family is doing!

  • Leslie

    Thank you for doing this! Our hearts are broken for Haiti! We are keeping them in our prayers.

  • jaime

    you are awesome for doing this!!!

  • Andrea Watts

    Great idea. Thank you for your donation!

  • chelpa

    you are one awesome family to do this! God bless you all!!

  • Shawn M.

    It’s so great that you are doing this to help those in Haiti. I also made a small donation to both Compassion & Numana. Every little bit helps & together we can make a difference.

  • Joy

    What a sweet and generous idea! :)

  • Holly

    Thanks for doing this. I’d also recommend Food for the Poor as they give 98% of funds to relief. The Red Cross is closer to 60%.

  • Cristina G

    Thank you! We have also donated thru my husbands company that matches the contribution dollar for dollar.

  • MaryCatherine

    You have an amazing family! Thank you for all you do!

  • neljo mullins

    God Bless you and other blogger for giving to a great cause

  • Dianne

    God bless you, Merecedes & may God bless the people of Haiti.

  • Dianne

    Sorry I misspelled you name, Mercedes.


    We donated thru Samaraitan’s Purse. Thanks for your help!!

  • Dawn

    What a great way to support and make your readers aware and connected to the citizens in Haiti. Thank you.

  • Theresa

    God Bless You!

  • http://miaraeannhamilton.blogspot.com Shayna

    What a wonderful thing your family is doing!

  • Stefanie

    This is a terrible tragedy and anything I can do to help I would love to do it. If I can post a comment and help out in Haiti, then that is what I will do. Please pray for the families who have lost loved ones and friends in this tragedy.

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  • Heather

    Thanks for donating!

  • Julie Nguy

    My prayers go out to the folks in Haiti. Thank you for doing this!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you.

  • Robin D

    I love your website and it is a wonderful thing you are doing to help out the Haitians.

  • Lucy

    Thank you for doing this!

  • johanna martinez

    thank you for helping them

  • http://www.sideeyeintervention.blogspot.com JKREIDS

    Great idea

  • susan

    thank you for doing this

  • Barbara Gierzak

    Mercedes, I donated through http://www.whitehouse.gov; which redirected me to the Red Cross. It was very easy to do! What a generous and blessed thing for you and your family to donate the funds that you are to the Haiti relief effort. My thoughts and prayers are with them all; may God bless them and keep them in His care.

    Barb in Jax FL

  • http://www.contestsandgiveaways.blogspot.com/ Idaho Jill

    wonderful idea, thanks!

  • Tina

    Thank you for doing this!

  • http://www.beautifulcalling.ca Jenn @ Beautiful Calling

    As I go through the blogosphere today, I amazed at the generous and concerned people I find. Praise the Lord!
    Our family is sending up prayers to the One who can do the most!!
    Our church also took and sent contributions in.
    My heart breaks especially for the little ones affected. We truly are blessed and I am thankful that we are able to bless others in return!

  • Jenn

    Thank you for doing this. It is an absolutely wonderful thing. I have donated as much as I could as well.


  • Ashley B

    Thanks for doing this!!!!!

  • Melinda

    What you’re doing is WONDERFUL!

  • Alisha

    Thank you!

  • Karen

    Thank you for doing this. Please check out:

    I used to work for this organization. Please think of donating to this organization or having your church or group assemble kits. Click on the above link for more informationl

  • Jamie

    Thank You! God Bless you and your family.

  • http://www.djsdustyattic.com/ Judyyy

    I am so sorry for these poor people. Thank you for doing this!

  • Elle

    Praying for the people of Haiti especially the little girl we sponsor there.

  • http://roadtripmommy.blogspot.com Kristin

    Thank you for your donation!

  • http://momforhim.blogspot.com Jessica-MomForHim

    Great idea, Mercedes. Thanks so much!

  • mommy2jands

    thank you for doing this.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for your generosity. We have donated thru Catholic Relief Services.

  • sweetsuelv

    I am donating to the red cross and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints humanitarian aid. I am also posting a comment on all the blogs that are donating. Thanks

  • Sabrina

    Thanks so much! Great Idea.

  • Jill

    Thank You!

  • http://aliciashomemaking.blogspot.com/2010/01/help-for-haiti.html Alicia

    I blogged about what we are doing to help!

  • http://www.wholesomewomanhood.wordpress.com Carrie

    Thank you so much for offering other bloggers a chance to help over in Haiti.

  • Jill

    Thank you for your compassion in helping.

  • Gauri

    Thanks for doing this!!

  • Donna

    Thank you so much for reaching out to others! What a blessing you are!

  • Mary Beth

    So impressed with your efforts – I will add it to my blog and Facebook pages.

  • Samantha

    Thank you for your generosity!

  • Amy C

    Thanks for your generous contribution to the people of Haiti.

  • Susan Laura

    This is wonderful. We made a contribution today at the Red Cross’ website.

  • Linda

    This is a wonderful way to encourage others to give in a small way when they cannot in a bigger way. Thank you for your own generous spirit.

  • Karen

    God bless you and your family.

  • Ciel

    Praying for the people of Haiti.

  • Veronica P.

    Thanks for your generosity! Great news yesterday that our neighbors got a text from their college-aged daughter, there for humanitarian efforts, that she’s ok after her hotel collapsed.

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      God Bless her and your neighbors! I cant imagine the anguish they felt.

  • Michelle

    God Bless!

  • Nancy

    I’m proud of you and you generosity. I’m with you and will be making my own contribution. G-d help these people to get through this horrendous catastrophe

  • Kim

    Thank you for being so generous.

  • Michelle

    This is so great of you! :)

  • Catherine

    How very generous of you! The people of Haiti are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Jen

    Praying for all effected.

    May God use your contributions for the good of those in Haiti who need help.

  • carrie

    What a wonderful community there is among internet frugalites! Thanks so much!

  • Kelly

    What a wonderful thing you are doing and thanks for letting us be a part in helping. We are praying for all the people of Haiti.

  • heidi

    Thank you. We just have so much and those people had so very little even before this.

  • pixie13

    You are a beautiful person for doing this. May God Bless You.

  • Maggie

    Thank you for doing this. My husband and I donated through Samaritan’s Purse.

  • christie C.

    Thanks for doing this! It’s so generous of you, and I know it’s needed.Id love to help any way I can, so thank you!

  • Amanda

    Thank you for doing this, I made a donation yesterday through my cell phone company as well. Everything helps!!!! Thank you for letting us feel like we are doing our part too!

  • Terri

    Thank you for doing this! Our prayers are with Haiti.

  • Tasha

    What a wonderful thing to do!

  • Stephanie

    We are so blessed in this country. Thank you for sharing your blessings with those who are hurting.

  • Kathryn

    Thank you for your donation!

  • Kirsten

    Thank you for allowing us to continue to reach out in this way.

  • Jaime

    Thank you for what you are doing!

  • Kristin

    My heart has been heavy too — Thank you for your generosity!!

  • Cindy Spry

    what a great thing to do!!

  • paivi

    what a great thing to do. thank you!

  • Kathy Ross

    What a wonderful thing you are doing!

  • Staci H.

    God Bless you and I am praying for everyone in Haiti.

  • Deanna

    How awesome is this! I can’t even imagine what the people of Haiti are going through right now but i hope they know that we are all thinking about them and praying for them. I haven’t done a lot except the text Haiti to 90999 for a $10 donation to the Red Cross. I have put the link on my facebook page and on a forum that i frequent quite a bit. Thanks for giving me the chance to help in this small way and for doing it.

  • Larisa

    May our prayers and efforts join together to bless the lives of those suffering so deeply.

  • Iesha

    Thank you & God bless!!

  • Monica

    Thank you for what you and your family are doing for the Haitian people. My family is praying for all of them.

  • Tamara Nix

    Bless you for doing this! We are praying for those who are suffering.

  • Larisa

    Thank you for your efforts. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of those suffering, now and in the years to come.

  • http://www.frugalfinders.com/ Mitchell W.

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  • Meredith

    Thank you!

  • Jessica

    What your doing is so wonderful!

  • http://www.armoires-more.com Libby

    This is great – thank you!

  • Denise

    Thank you for not only caring for our families, but also for the people of Haiti. We appreciate all the effort you give to this blog and passing along deals. :)

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  • Darbie

    Thanks for helping!

  • Marcia S

    You are truely a great person! You help so many people everyday and this just is just one more way that you are helping others! Way to go I wish there were more people in the world like you! God Bless you and your family!

  • http://lifeon19th.blogspot.com Mary

    How sweet of you to do this. I will also be donating through my work.

  • Michelle

    Thank you for doing this. I will be praying for the people of Haiti.

  • Tiffany

    Due to our financial situation, I am visiting as many blogs as possible and commenting to help raise donations. Bless you for not only helping but providing a way for everyone to help too!

  • Gina

    God bless you. Prayer to those suffering.

  • Misty

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Candace

    Very generous of you. Thanks for caring!

  • CJ

    Thanks for your donation!

  • yvonne

    praying for people in Haiti….

  • Julie

    This is a wonderful thing you are doing…

  • Betsy

    Thank you Mercedes for donating to this great cause!

  • Kim

    What a wonderful thing for you and other bloggers! Thank you!

  • mm

    Thank you for doing this, God bless the Haiti ppl!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you!

  • Kristi

    We have donated to Save the Children’s Haiti fund.

  • Roni

    God bless you for doing this.

  • Kathryn

    God bless you for helping. This is an amount of suffering I pray my family does not have to endure. Thank you for bringing hope and healing to these victims!

  • michelle

    Thank you. We’re praying for them.God bless..

  • Kim Carlile

    What a great act of service. Thank You.

  • Cfosh

    You and your website are both awesome! I love your website and what an awesome thing you are doing!


  • Corrie

    This is so sweet of you to do! May God richly bless both you and your family for doing this to help others.

  • Allison

    Thanks for reaching out to help others!!

  • Amy

    So great that you are doing this! God bless :)

  • Adriane

    Bless you and your family for doing this.

  • Tina

    Praying for the people of Haiti :(

  • Stacy

    What a thoughtful thing for you to do.. Thank you

  • wendy

    It is amazing to read what others are doing and how the bloggers are working together. Thank you for all that you are doing to help as well.

  • Amy W.

    Thank you for doing this! I don’t have much to give, but I donated all of my swagbucks that I had accumulated and I texted the Red Cross to have $10 added to my phone bill. Every little bit adds up. God Bless!

  • Natalie

    Thank you for doing this! My brother is half Haitian. Our entire family worries and prays for Haiti.

  • http://www.savingthosedollars.blogspot.com keli

    Thank you for doing this!

  • http://thehargettfamily.blogspot.com kristen

    What a great way to pay forward what others did for your home country.

  • Lisa

    Thank you!

  • Leesa

    This is such a fantastic thing that all of these bloggers are doing. Thank you! We will be donating directly to the Red Cross.

  • chrys

    I donated all my swagbucks for the cause, posted about this drive on Facebook, and plan to donate money, though still deciding which organization to donate through. Thanks for doing this.

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  • Merrilee

    we don’t have any money to give, but we have lots of prayers for the people of Haiti. Thank you for giving us a way to help.

  • http://www.alyssaschroeder.net Alyssa Schroeder

    Thanks for doing this. Working on my own blog post myself!

  • Becky

    How generous of you & your family.

  • Laurie

    I pray for the children in Haiti. They shouldn’t have to go through this tragedy.

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  • Becky

    thanks for all that you do!!!!

  • Carrie

    thanks for your generous comment-fueled donations! i texted mine and am visiting all the blogs I can to increase the donation potential :)

  • Kindra

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Laura

    Thank for providing a way for me to help despite the fact that I have no resources to give.

  • http://www.forthemommas.com Shannon S.


    Thanks for your kind heart in helping with Haiti and everyday with all of us.

  • Kathy W

    Mercedes, this is a great think you are doing for those in dire need. I will be donating through my employer, Procter & Gamble. Our company will be matching our donations which I also think is wonderfu. Thank you for all you do on this website/ blog. :)

  • http://www.themoorefamilyblog.org Jennifer Moore

    Praying for Haiti! Thank you for this!

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  • Anita

    Just yesterday, I packed up the 10 bags of clothes that I cleaned out of my closet. I took them to my moms house where she had 4 large boxes of cangoods packed up to donate. I loaded all of this into her car where she took them today to a donation center (just for Haiti relief)

  • Tammie

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Wendy

    Thank you for doing this! We talked to our son who is contributing money out of the charity portion of his piggy bank. We are matching it 1 to 10 and then giving it to my employer who will match it 1 to 1.

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  • Michele

    What a great use of ur blog…God blessp

  • Delores

    This is a wonderful idea.I love your site. We keep all the victims in our prayers.

  • Stacey

    This is a great idea!

  • http://laughdanceandsing.blogspot.com Jenny

    My prayers go out to those affected.

  • TracyZ

    May God bless your great big heart! Thank you

  • Barbie Baker

    Continueing to pray for all the people of Haiti. God Bless you and your family for your help too :)

  • Nicole

    Blessings to you for your kindness! Our hearts go out to all those in Haiti and their loved ones around the world; may God comfort them.

  • NYC gal

    My husband is a Haitian American, and we are devastated by this disaster.
    I appreicate all you do and keeping people in Haiti in your prayers. We donated to Red Cross and Direct Relief International. We are also planning on donating to other organizations as well. Again, thank you for your help.

  • ashley

    my family donated to compassion the other night. I think this is so inspiring!

  • Rachel

    Praying for the people of Haiti.

  • http://agodlyhomemaker.blogspot.com Tami Lewis

    blessings to you! here’s my comment!!

  • http://ikehappens.blogspot.com Kiera

    Thank you! This is wonderful

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    What a wonderful thing to do. May God bless you and your family.

  • Brianne

    This is wonderful that you are doing this! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Alexandra

    Thank you very much for doing this, God bless you. My prayers are with the people in Haiti, God bless them.

  • Virginia

    This is a wonderful thing you are doing for the Haitian people. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Tierney

    Bless you for doing this!

  • Cara

    Thank you for doing this! Prayers for all those affected by this!

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  • Gina

    It is so great to see so many people being involved and helping out. Every small contribution helps! Thanks Mercedes for your pledge!

  • Shaon

    Thanks so much for doing this! This is a great way I can help.

  • LJF99S

    I am praying for all these people young and old who are lost, in pain, hungry, lonely, and dont see an end to this in sight. My heart is bleeding for them.

  • Alex

    This is a wonderful thing you’re doing.

  • Dionna

    Thank you! God bless those people!

  • Fruser

    Thank you all for giving —–I am overwhelmed by the amount of support and contributions. There seems not to be another nation as impoverished as Haiti —-please post your comments so we can do our part to help. —–

  • Brecken

    I decided to donate to ‘Doctors without Borders.’ Thanks for all you are doing!!

  • Melinda

    Thank you for letting our comment make a difference.

  • Molly

    This is a great thing you are doing! It also lets us poor college students to find a way to contribute. :)

  • MissJai

    Thanks so much for doing this! We are donating to Compassion International

  • DK

    You are wonderful for responding to the dire need in Haiti. God will bless you many times over for your kindness.

  • Emily

    Many thanks to you and yours for this very thoughtful act.

  • Tina

    Thank you for your generosity!

  • Laura James

    I saw Hillary Clinton on the Today Show and she asked people to text the HAITI then 90999 which will charge $10 to your cell phone bill. Your donation will go directly to the RED CROSS, a quick and convenient way for EVERYONE to give to this tragic situation. No one should have to suffer in such a profound way. I forwarded this message to everyone of my cell contacts. Spread the word!!!

  • Emily

    I am donating my Swagbuck points to the cause and commenting on generous blogs like yours. :)

  • Erica

    I’m praying for everyone in Haiti and their families. Thank you for what you’re doing!

  • Kim

    We’re praying for the survivors and relief workers in Haiti.

  • Elena

    Any help works!

  • Karina

    Thank You.

  • meg

    thanks for donating.

  • Andrea

    thank you so much!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks so much for doing this! It is so nice to see people opening up their hearts to the people of Haiti. My heart goes out to all those in Haiti right now.

  • Summer

    Bless you!

  • Kathy

    Thanks so much for doing this.

  • Faith

    I am donating tomorrow to our church conference’s committee on relief but wanted to help you reach your goal by commenting. Your compassion sets a great example for us all.

  • Katherine

    We donated to Chances for Children, a ministry that runs an orphanage outside Port au Prince:
    A family from our homeschool group recently adopted two precious children from there. Bless you for all you are doing to help.

  • Alisa

    Thanks for helping!

  • becky

    Thanks for helping! God bless you.

  • Robyn

    We donated to Catholic Relief Services which goes directly to Haiti, and my 6 year old son wants to donate the charity portion of his allowance to Haiti. God bless you, you’re doing a great thing!

  • garima

    Great work ! Prayers, G.

  • Michelle

    That’s so generous!

  • Amanda C

    Thanks and God bless you.

  • julie

    You are amazing. I hope this money that you and your family collect gets to the orphaned children in Haiti.

  • toni

    Thank you for doing this for hait. You are being very kind.

  • toni

    Hati needs your help and you are thanked for doing that.

  • Christy

    Thank you for your generosity.

  • http://kariandkijsa.blogspot.com kariandkijsa

    Thank you so muich for theis inspirational post! What a blessings!



  • Ann

    We are praying and have given to CrossWorld International. Thanks

  • http://www.PennySophisticate.com Anna – Penny Sophisticate

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  • Dot

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Talia

    Thanks :)

  • Pam

    Thanks for doing this.

  • Angie

    Thanks for your generosity!

  • sue

    Please donate canned goods, dry food, clothing, bedding, shoes – ANYTHING…they need our help!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0890YhM3w4 Richie Thomassen

    I am letting charities use a recording I made of popular Haitian folk song Wongolo on their sites to aid in collecting money.

  • Tracey

    God bless.

  • penguinmom

    What a wonderful way to allow others to have a chance to be helpful who might otherwise not. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Meredith MacRae

    Thank you! :)

  • Lynda

    Let’s hope we can make a difference to so many people who are in need

  • Leigh

    What you are doing is amazing. You don’t have to be a Christian to know that helping Haitians is the right thing to do, right now. Thanks again for doing it and good luck on achieving $500 that is so very needed.

    Keeping Haiti in my thoughts,

  • Angela

    Wonderful donation goal! Glad to see it come to fruition.

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  • Meredith

    http://www.playworksgroup.com sent $200 to Compassion International

  • Karen

    We donated through our church. Thank you for your generosity! God Bless you!

  • jennifer

    My family is praying for Haiti!!!

  • Haydee

    Thank you for giving

  • Pauline

    God always blesses those who give like you and I will pray for you both.

  • Maureen


  • Olga

    God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Great work! Thanks!

  • Richard

    Thank you

  • http://ofh2023.wordpress.com/ 2RealEyes

    thank you. I will be sharing heartwarming stories that bring hope and a sense of togetherness and friendship for those who are lost and/or suffering; we all can be that friend, that someone who can make a difference, if only we look a little deeper, dare to think a little greater… in loving memory of ga

  • Christina

    Thank for doing this.

  • Jennifer

    thank you!

  • Heather

    Awesome thing your doing! Our church does missions in Haiti. Both the churches, both orphanges, the schools and homes of the pastors and congregation, all gone. We are having a prayer vigil at Central Christian Church in Beloit on Sunday at 6pm. Channel 23 from Rockford is going to be there too.

  • Annette

    THANK YOU!! Every bit helps.

  • nicole

    leaving a comment so you can add to your donation! we are praying and donating financially wherever possible.

  • bridgette

    Thanks for donating.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for doing this & allowing us to help, too!

  • Tina

    I am glad you gave me an opportunity to help in some way. Thank you!

  • Kristen & Kailynn

    Thank you and God Bless!! : )

  • http://www.mommiesminute.com Gayla

    I am a nurse practitioner and I donated to Project Hope which will help fund the medical volunteers aboard the U.S. Naval Ship Comfort which will be a floating hospital for the injured Haitians. It will arrive in Haiti soon.

    Thank you for your contribution too.

  • Helen

    I am looking for my sponsor child Aniolita Marcelus. She lives in Beudet and attends a church and school there. I am trying to find out if she is alive. Can someone find out for me. I am so worried.

  • Christy

    Thanks so much for your generous contribution that you’re making!

  • DJ Adam

    God bless!!

  • Judy H

    Thank you so much!

  • http://newlyweds-blog.com Jenna @ Newlyweds

    What a wonderful thing you are doing. I pray for all of those in Haiti.

  • jessicathecat

    God Bless and Thanks.

  • David C.

    This show that americans pitch in when people need help. Thank you for doing this.

  • Arianna

    I think what you’re doing is a wonderful thing!

  • Sue

    Thank you.

  • Jennifer R.

    I think what you are all doing is amazing and there is nothing better in the world then human kindness. When the world seems to be at war, it is nice to know that in this place in our lives we can reach out and show the world who Americans have always been! Wonderful and helpful and most of all truly amazing and always willing to rise up and help those always who are in need. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Michelle


  • Cynthia

    Thank you and all that are helping! My prayers are with them!

  • Corey

    Almost to 500 posts which means $500. It is very generous of you and inspiring!

  • Amanda Y.

    Awesome job, thank you for your help!

  • Falon

    Your doing a great thing!

  • lindsay

    this is the least they can do as i pay them $600 a month, at least give charity one of my dollars. thanks :)

  • Kim R.

    This is very generous of you. Thanks!

  • Kathy

    Thanks for caring!!!

  • http://mrsjuicebox.blogspot.com Katrina

    Thanks for caring!

  • Donna

    Very generous :-)

  • Yulonda

    Wow!! How generous!!

  • Ann

    SwagGrabber posted a deal about a $40 subscription for 40 issues of All You the other day, just wanted to share. Only $1 per issue but then $10 of that $40 goes to Haitian Relief, which makes it even less and helps a good cause.


  • Kristin

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Michelle Sanders Brinson

    I’ve been to the Dominican Republic twice (which shares the island with Haiti). I have several friends from Haiti who have lost family members. My heart is breaking for all affected by this horrific tragedy. I’ve been a supporter of Compassion for many years… and sent a donation for Haiti to their ministry. Just wish there was more I could do.

  • Derrick

    Thank you.

  • holly

    i think this is awesome!

  • Pam

    God bless you for your donation!

  • Jennifer

    What a wonderful idea!! God Bless You!

  • Lindsey

    God bless you for doing this. I just watched more footage on the news tonight and to see little tiny babies and children coming out of the wreckage alive after being buried for 6 days straight with no food or water is both amazing and horrific all at the same time. Prayer is a powerful tool in all times…esp. these.

  • Susanna

    Such a wonderful thought to donate for comments. Thank you.

  • Jen

    Awesome! Thank you for what your doing

  • Sha

    Thanks for doing this. Its great that everyone wants to help regardless of their own situations.

  • Carol

    I donated to Samaritan’s Purse. Thank you very much for doing this.

  • http://fivewalkers.com Christina

    Thank you for doing this!

  • http://middleoftheroadlesstraveled.blogspot.com/2010/01/no-better-time-than-now.html Jeanne

    I’ve been praying ever since I learned what happened in Haiti, but wasn’t sure how to contribute. Now I’m ready to move on an idea had a while back.

    I’ve been saving all our family’s nut cans for ages. Now I have a huge box of them. I’m going to print up some labels for them saying ” We CAN Help Haiti and CHANGE the outcome!” Then my children and I will give them out to everyone we know,( keeping a list for weekly pick up).

    In this economy, lots of people don’t feel they can afford to help much financially, but nearly all of us have coins that weigh down our purses and pockets, that could be doing some good for people in much more difficult circumstances than we are in, here in the U.S. There’s never been a better moment to Love Thy Neighbor!


  • Joanna

    God bless you and the Haitians!

  • Dede

    Great thanks for doing this!

  • Mandie G

    Thank you you are beyond generous for doing this. God bless you and your family.

  • http://www.couponqueendiaries.blogspot.com Staci

    A friend in my MOPS group collected supplies this morning for a group going over to serve soon. I took her a bag full of 1st aid supplies (band-aids, gauzed, ect.) Glad to help!

  • Christa

    Thank you for helping these precious people!

  • asl

    Just found out about this today, hope you are still doing it! It’s a great thing!

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