Heads Up: 4 Day Walgreens Sales Flyer

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I found out last night on Hotcouponworld that Walgreens will issue a 4-day sales flyer.  This special sale will start tomorrow 8/19 and run through Saturday 8/22.  The best part about this special sales flyer is that Walgreens is having a special register reward promotion.  On this promotion you will get a $5 register reward when you buy $25 in products (certain restrictions apply like stamps and prescriptions).  This is a bit better than a $5/$25 coupon since with this one you can use coupons to lower your total before $25.

Wondering what kind of deals you can get?  before I jump into a scenario, you may want to check out the weekly sales coupon match ups.  Something you may want to consider grabbing if you need them are the Dr. Scholls products and the pampers diapers.  Since both register rewards deals ask you to spend $20 or more this additional register rewards make for an even better deal on both.

This would also be a great time to get some of the Huggies wipes if you can find enough tubs.  Can we dream about finding 9 of them?  Here’s a nice scenario:

$25.11 nine tubs of Huggies wipes $2.79 each (although I hear price has been increased at some stores)
-$4.50 when you use nine $0.50/1 coupons from 8/16 inserts
-$18 when you apply coupon in back to school booklet
=Pay $2.61 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 RR back!  I don’t have 9 coupons but even without coupons this register reward makes it a really good deal still.

You can preview this special flyer here. Also make sure to read the fine print on the $5 RR if you take advantage of this deal as it seems it expires quickly. The last time they had a deal like this one (back in December), the register reward expired in a week.

Happy Savings!

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