Heads Up: Free DiGiorno Pizza Coupon from Kraft First Taste

If you are a member of Kraft First Taste, you may want to log in to your account and check your “Offers.” I just checked my account and unders “My Offers” I had a new offer. This time I could sign up to receive a coupon for one (1) FREE* new DIGIORNO 200 Calorie Portions. Up to a $3.30 value. At the end you can invite friends to get this coupon. At the end you can invite ten people to get this offer via email. 

The first ten people to leave me a comment on this post with their email address will get this invite from me.

Update: all of my invites are gone but if anyone else would like to keep spreading the love and sharing their invites please do it in the comments section.  Those who got invites from me may want to check their spam folder if you don’t see my email in their inbox folder.

If you are not a member of Kraft First Taste, sign up for it and you will be signed up for a program that lets you sample new Kraft products. Thanks Mojo Savings!

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  • Tammi

    For some reason it says I should have gotten a free coupon, but only printed out a coupon for $1.25 off?

  • Lauren

    I would love an invite!! Thanks!! You are awesome!!

  • Sheryl

    I would love an invite! Thank you! You are great! Love your website.

  • I’d be so grateful for one! Thanks!

  • Shauna

    Nice! Would like to try these – thanks!!

  • Joseph

    Thank you for sharing this coupon with us!

  • Carmila

    I would love an invite as well 😀 Thanks for sharing such amazing deals with us 🙂

  • Heather

    I would love an invite! Thank you!!

  • Tammie Allen

    I am a pizza addict. I would love to be invited. Thank you!!!

  • Joy

    Would love to try these. Thanks

  • Amanda

    Would love it, thanks!

  • Chasity

    Thanks for reminding me! I didn’t get a free one, but I got a coupon for $1.25 off!

    • AC

      I got the coupon as well…no free pizza this time 🙁

  • Amanda

    Never mind, take me off!! (I posted above) – I didn’t see my offer at first, but ended up finding it, so I have one, give yours to someone else. Thanks, I love your blog!

  • Summer

    I would love an invite too! Thanks so much!

  • I would love one (if you don’t already have 10). Thanks so much!

  • Summer

    oh sorry, i was able to log in on my own.
    Thanks for offering!

  • Leslie

    I have six invitations if someone would like one. Send your e-mail address to langfords@dishmail.net and I’ll send you an invite.

  • sara

    thanks. i allways forget to check these sites. also i wanted to try these but have yet to buy them now i can.

  • Carmila

    Thank you Mercedes! I got a 1.75 off one from you 🙂 So perhaps I can combine it with the $1.50 off coupon in the new Healthy Wallet Happy You booklet at Publix to get it for cheap.

    And I signed up for the site, and seems I have 5 invites. So email carmilavivian@hotmail.com for an invite and a coupon. Because I signed up I got to print another offer coupon and it is only $1.25 off of one, so Im assuming anyone I send this offer to will get the same.

  • Catherine

    I got the $1.25 off, too – perhaps the free coupons are only available to members in certain areas?

  • Carmila

    Speaking of coupons, does anyone have some advice for me? I was at Walmart, and I was buying the Nabisco animal crackers for the buy 2 Nabisco get $2 off making the lil animal cracker boxes free.

    She looked at the picture which showed the Ritz crackers, and said it HAD to be that, but my boyfriend pointed out it said any. Then she said they didn’t count because we would be getting them for free. And lastly, we make her talk to her supervisor, and then the supervisor says ‘no internet coupons’ so we had to put the crackers back.

    I have never been able to use coupons at Walmart. Do I call a manager? I get jealous when I see all these deals on stuff using coupons when my store refuses to accept them. How do people manage to use coupons there?

    • char

      Carmila, not sure if I can post the link so instead, search for “walmart coupon policy” on google and the first result should be a link to the official policy. Print it out and take it to the store.

      • Carmila

        Thank you I did and it even says they take internet coupons! I am so steamed now as every time we are told off and treated like thieves when I try. I think I shall print and make a stop today. 😀 Thanks again!

        • Rhonda Mills

          I stopped going to Walmart because of the same reasons. and other stuff has happened concerning coupons…like the cashier said she could not take them and she tried to put them in the trash!!!!!!!!!! we retrieved them and came back a week later to customer service. then they say it is too late to use them!!!!!!! I hate walmart.

  • Christy

    Thanks for letting us know about this – I would have never remembered to check on my own!

  • Heather

    Mine was for $1.25 too.

  • Ann

    Mine was for $1.25.

  • Carrie

    Another $1.25 off here, too… not free, but still a great coupon on a product I’m very interested in. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Kara

    $1.25 for me, too

  • Rhonda Mills

    i think the free pizza c will be mailed to older members? at least that is what I thought.

  • Rhonda Mills

    p.s. I even have trouble with Walgreens.

  • Jacqueline in Atlanta

    Thanks for the heads up. I did have an offer in my box. Yea, free pizza!

  • sherry

    Thanks! I only got 1 coupon for $1.25 off, even though it said a free one before I printed. 🙁

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  • Magdala

    I got $1.25 off coupon. I’m assuming that’s how much that product costs????

    • Hi Magdala, there seems there are two offers: a coupon for free product and $1.25 off one printable coupon.


  • I also have 5 invites, so head on over to my blog to leave a comment!

  • Tammi

    Mine said that it was supposed to print out the free coupon, but it actually only printed out the $1.25 coupon. I contacted them to just ask about it and they actually wrote me back saying that they would mail me a free coupon!

  • James

    I, too, would love an invite!

  • Brandi

    Mine had no offer, coupon or otherwise…guess it’s just not my lucky day 🙂

  • Emily

    me please! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Honey

    May i get a coupon