Heads Up: Free Photobook for Target Guests


Update: this email is dated 10/28/09

If you are signed up to get special offers from Target in your email inbox, you may want to check the latest emails you received.  I found a code for a free Shutterfly Photo Book in the email with the subject line:  Biggest Sale of the Season ends Saturday or What a rush: Hurry—Biggest Sale of the Season ends Saturday. Yeah, I get emails at two different accounts and both emails had the code for the free photobook. Anyway, check your email, scroll towards the bottom and the offer for a free Halloween Photobook is there if you received this offer.

Don’t want to miss out on any of these offers in the future?  Just create an account with Target.com and accept to get email updates from them.

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  • Rei

    THANK YOU! Phew, I almost deleted that email!!!

  • Erika

    can someone who recieved the email tell me whats in the subject line or the address its from i think i deleted it and it would b easier to look 4 it if i knew what i was looking, thanks

    • Erika,

      Please read my post as I have shared the subject lines.


  • Sarah

    Yeah!!! I deleted that but was able to go undelete it. Do you know when this expires? I didn’t see any info about an expiration date.

  • Jenny

    I had deleted it too but was able to save it, thanks so much!

  • Rei

    I entered it into my Shutterfly account – it’s good for a 7×9 soft cover photobook with an expiration date of 11/9/09

  • Talia

    I tried entering the code into my Shutterfly account and it keeps telling me “The online access code entered is invalid. Please check number and try again. Alternatively, the code may not be an online access code and will need to be entered elsewhere.” I’m entering it where it says enter Target access code – is that the wrong place to enter the code?

  • Trish

    Okay I have the email but I don’t see this code anywhere…HELP!

  • Cy

    I can’t find the email anymore… I know I got it, but I can’t find it in my deleted emails. 🙁

  • Amy

    same here, have the email, but no code!

    • yep, not everyone got the offer.

  • Cy

    What was the date on it?

  • Sheila

    So glad you posted this!! I had just deleted this e-mail but still had it in my trash bin =-)

    I’ve never used Shutterfly can anyone tell me if I can stack things like the free 50 prints for joining, free shipping or other codes and go through ebates or mypoints??

  • Laura W.

    Talia, you are entering it in the right place. I tried to copy and paste my code and it gave me the same error. Then I tried typing it all in by hand and it went through and saved it to my credits. Try that and see if it works!

  • Shutterfly is all over the place with the FREE books! I received one from Cozi as well as a place called 365…I think it maybe the nursery photo place from when my daughter was a baby! 🙂

  • If anyone does know the date or the specific email address it came from, that would help! I’m not finding that particular email in my box! Happy for the ones that have, though! 🙂

    • Just checked, email came 10/28/09


  • Heather

    I made my book today and was able to redeem both my new 50 prints for becoming a member and the book. I paid a little over $8 for S&H

  • Thanks M!

    I love these codes! I made a fun little “All About Me” book for my youngest daughter for Christmas…plan to get more for my other kids as well! Plus, makes great gifts for the Grandparents!!!!

  • Jamie

    THANK YOU!!! I almost deleted it! 🙂

  • thanks for the heads up….i totally missed this but went back to check after reading this….thanks!

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