Heads Up: Nestle Candy Coupons Available Again!


A few of you (me included) were upset that after I posted yesterday that the Nestle coupons had reset on Coupons.com, the coupon disappeared!  Well, they are available again this morning!  I just printed mine because I had procrastinated and had not printed them.  So, if you have not printed them and want these coupons, print while you can.

Save $2 when you buy any one 24oz. or larger bag of NESTLÉ candy

Save $2 when you buy any one 24oz. or larger bag of WONKA candy

Someone left a comment that the big bags are $4 at Target.  If someone know what the price is at Walmart, could you share in the comments section please?  A few of us are interested in knowing that.

Happy Savings!

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  • Sharon

    They didn’t reset for me. 🙁

  • Brianna

    The big bags of wonka (32oz) are $5 and the big bag of chocolate are $4.75 at Walmart.

  • Ashley F

    I thought the same thing yesterday, but then I noticed that they were just in different places. I was able to print both coupons twice but I had to go through all the pages each time to find them.

  • Hope

    My walmart has 32 oz Wonka for $5 and big bag of Nestle for $7. I bought mine at CVS. The candy is more there ($6 for Wonka and $9 for Nestle) but with a $5/$25 coupon and the $5 ECB, it came out cheaper for me to get them at CVS. I got 1 bag of Nestle and 2 Wonka with a filler item to get to $25. I paid $5 for 3 bags after coupons and ECB.

  • No luck for me either! It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to look through 14 pages for the past few days. Hopefully someone will read this and not have to go through the same thing. I was so looking forward to some sweets. I have tons of chocolate in the house but i wanted some Wonka stuff.

  • Catrina

    Woohoo!!! Got it again! Thanks so much.

  • Lisa

    I used the 90210 zip code at 11:52 am central time and was able to print them. I received a Walmart ad, yesterday, in the mail and it has Wonka 32 oz. Mixups for $5 and the 102 piece Nestle for $8.50. I’m fairly certain there is a smaller size of Nestle that doesn’t cost as much (I’m not talking about the 11 oz. bags for $2.50). I guess I need to go see what my CVS is charging for candy. They always seem to be higher than what people post here! Also, wanted to mention…be on the lookout for 50 cent peelies on all of the candy at Walgreens. It says save 50 cents NOW and is good til 10/31/09 on M&M’s, Snickers,3Musketeers, Twix, Skittles, Starburst, Milky Way and Variety Packs. These can’t be doubled. It’s not a huge savings, but if you’re tired of Butterfingers; it’s a nice change. =)

  • Diane

    My CVS plan for these coupons:

    (4) 32 oz bags of Wonka Mix-ups @ $5 each minus $2 coupons each, (1) Neosporin Lip minus $3 IP and $2.50 clip free coupon, minus $5/$25 from flu quiz = $7 OOP and get $5 EBs back = $2 actual cost.

  • ashleyD

    the walmart flyer that came yesterday has some nestle packages for $2.50. i’m going for oop & not volume for certain!

  • meghan

    The smaller nestle bags are $2.50 at walmart so we got a bunch for .50 – I had already done the CVS deal. PLUS the wonka bags (only nerds and pixie stix) are $2 so those are free!

  • Lana

    Walgreens has Butterfingers 12.5oz bags for $2.00/bag. Coupon says 24 oz, but they did not have it, so they tried and it worked without beeping on 12.5 oz size too.

  • Angelique

    If you happen to have a Dillons they have a cat deal on the nestle til the 25th to combine these coupons with. When you buy 4 you get a $3 cat back. HTH

  • Lori

    I went to WM today and they had 5.oo bags of Nestle Mix and Wonka mix! Just thought i would let you know!

  • Leslie

    we were just at walmart today and bought the fun size bags of candy 2/5.00 We bought butterfingers

  • I was able to use the coupons on the 12oz bags at WalMart, I did not read the coupon closely until I was at the checkout, so this is how I found out! That made the Wonka Nerds FREE and Butterfingers $.50

  • Kim

    I think the nestle funs size bags are 2/$4 at Walgreens through Sat.

  • Alicia

    I was just at Wal-Mart and the 24 ounce bags are $4.75

  • Sue C

    I found the coupon for the first time today on the first page. When I went back to print a second one, it wasn’t there. I noticed that it expires on 10/31 so I looked at the area that says something like “short dated?” and there it was. Hope this helps.