Heads Up: Ecotrin Moneymaker Deal at Walgreens Starting 5/31


Starting on 5/31 there will be a register reward deal on Ecotrin: Buy one at $2 each and get a $2 Register reward back. On the coupon inserts that came out on 5/17, there was a coupon for $2 off any Ecotrin. Use that coupon to pay $0.00 out of pocket and get a $2 Register reward back.

However, if your store adjusts the value of coupons down to match the price of the item, there’s a printable coupon you can use. You can use this coupon for $2.25 off any Ecotrin product to pay zero out of pocket and get the $2 Register reward back. You could also grab two Ecotrins. Use one of these printable coupons, pay $1.75 out of pocket and get a $2RR back. That way you get two free per transaction instead of just one.

Happy Savings!

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  • CaroleG

    Do you think the $2 cat coupon from the last Ecotrin deal if used, would still generate the RR? It didn’t the last time around.

  • how long will it go for? is it a monthly or a weekly?

  • Megan J

    I think the $2 catQ for Ecotrin from the last deal was actually for a larger size…

  • Brian

    No, you will not get a second cat coupon if you use it to purchase the same thing.

  • poe

    My Walgreens would adjust down for the $2.25 coupon. Could I add a .25 filler item and make it work? I am new to couponing so I am still learning.

    • Hi Poe,

      No, the coupon would still beep. Unfortunately the coupon gets applied against the value of the item the coupon is good for not against the value of your whole purchase. You could buy two and get two free instead of just one. or you could try printing from the other two sources I provided on the weekly post here.


  • jody

    Some Ecotrine have $2 off inside box, LOOK, it says for 60 count but works on this size also!!!!