Heads Up: Free Oscar Mayer Bacon from First Taste

Heads up you guys! There’s another free coupon offer from Kraft’s First Taste. Log in to your account, under “My Offers” you may see the offer to have a coupon for free Oscar Mayer turkey Bacon. This offer is available while supplies last. If you are not a member of Kraft First Taste, make sure to join this FREE worth of mouth marketing program that lets you sample new products for free.

Thanks Coupon Katarina!

Site is being slow to load.

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  • Catherine

    It really is moving slowly – I think it must’ve taken five full minutes for the page to load for me. Sadly, I got the “sorry, there are currently no offers available” message. I wish I was one of the lucky ones – we love turkey bacon!

  • Jeni


  • Shawn M.

    No luck here either.



  • Amber

    Its telling me that the server is too busy…

  • Diana

    I never get any free stuf from them. Even if I receive an E-mail telling me to go get my free coupon it always says I have no offers available. I have E-amil them twice and they said for my trouble they would send me the coupon in the mail but I never recieved it. So kinda dissapointed with First Taste.

  • Tricia

    Thanks, loaded fine for me, a miracle on my internet server, but the sample’s not available for me.

  • Andrea

    Not available for me either…bummer.

  • Lauren

    Not available for me either. I’ve had pretty good luck getting the free product coupons until this point. I wonder how they decide who to give the offers to.

    • Same here. I wonder that also.

      • I think this one is dead already 🙁
        I tried links on other blogs and none were working.


  • Heather

    Not available for me either 🙁

  • shannon

    No luck here either.

  • Pat

    I have been a member of Kraft for over a year and only once has there been a free product for me. They are always gone by the time I find out there’s a product available.

  • Looks like it’s dead now, but thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • Kristina L.

    Make sure you do the polls/reviews not doing them MAY affect if you get them or not. I know on other panels like this they do.

  • AC

    No free bacon for me either.

  • guest

    I too have been disappointed with the Kraft First Taste program like others have posted on here. I have only received something free once. I will get an e-mail from them telling me that I have an offer, and then when I go to my offers it isn’t there. The e-mail that they send me says nothing about there being a limited amount available. I have e-mailed them, but they just tell me that there is a limited amount, and there is nothing they can do. My problem is that they send me the e-mail saying that I have something, when really I don’t. They should at least make it so that the people that get the e-mails get the offer for sure. Either that, or don’t send me the e-mail saying that I have it.

    I just got a $1.50 off coupon. I suppose that might make for a good deal for some people. My store will not double any coupons over a $1.00 and I usually would not buy turkey bacon, so not that great of a deal for me. If the offer was free like what was originally offered then I would be able to try the turkey bacon, and purchase it in the future if I liked it. I personally would not be willing to spend money on something that I would be skeptical about trying in the first place.

  • Heather

    I always do the polls/reviews.

  • I don’t have the turkey bacon offer either. 🙁 I would like to try their turkey bacon, as I am allergic to pork products.
    Like others, I rarely get the offers. I have been able to print a few $ off coupons, but mostly they are for items I just don’t use, or can’t eat because of allergies. So I haven’t done any reviews because I haven’t tried them and have no opinion! 😀

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  • Mary

    just 1.50 off for me

  • Andrea

    I wonder if they have it resolved – I just did this at 2.25 central time, and I got a free bacon. But, I also fill out every survey for them – lots of times, these aren’t items I’d run out and buy, so I figure I should at least thank them for the free product.

  • Heather

    I got $1.50 off coupon.

  • Cheryl

    No offers available for me, even after I did the survey!

  • Sarah M

    I was just able to get my free sample… 🙂 Hooray! Thank you!!