Help the Planet and Your Budget: 5 Tips for a Greener Kitchen

It’s the second week of my series: Help the Planet and Your Budget by Going Green.  Today I am video logging five tips for a greener kitchen.  The tips are very simple and most if not all of them will help you save money in the long run.

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  • Chriscia

    My husband will not drink water from the tap, so I bought a 3 gallon reusable container. We take it to the “bottle your own water” places and fill it up for $1. It has been being used for over a year now. I would love the Britta so I dont have to go to the store when we run out of water.

  • Sharon

    I have gone to Walmart and purchased reuseable drinking bottles to fill with water from our Brita Pitcher we also purchased at Walmart.

  • Collette

    I’ve been having our family (3 of us and the dog) drink tap water. I don’t like the taste of it but it’s tolerable when ice cold, so I pour a full pitcher full ( in my fave purple pitcher so it looks more appetizing – hey maybe I can fool myself to drink more that way?) and keep it front and center in the fridge. Every morning I do this and every evening it’s gone, so it must be working. That said, I’d sure love a Brita because it would alleviate that step altogether. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway in the 1st place 🙂 Collette

  • Tracy

    We purchased the Thermos reusable water bottles for the kids to take to school since they have to bring a water bottle everyday.

  • Amy

    I have been using my refillable water bottle when I work out. I can fill it up there with the cold water they have! It works for me! Thanks!

  • diane

    I do not use bottled water but I do use a gatorade bottle I saved to drink water throughout the day. Having a filter would be great!

  • Molly

    Since our water from our tap doesn’t taste good, we use a similar water filtering device and keep it in the refrig. And then take reusable water bottles with us when we go somewhere!!

  • Sandy

    We buy durable bottles and refill them with filtered water.

  • steve

    i recycle all of my bottles and cans plus paper

  • We recycle all of our plastic. We no longer buy small bottles of water – we only buy gallon jugs. When we need to take a water bottle with us, we fill reusable bottles.

  • laura clark

    I have a PUR water pitcher although have yet to try to BRITA. I bought reusable bottles, and fill them. If I do drink out of a plastic water bottle I will reuse that as well then recycle.

  • Amy

    We use a Brita pitcher (that we are almost ready to replace) to fill reusable water bottles everyday. Whn we’re at home we always stick to glassware.

  • Julieann

    I have a water bottle at work that I reuse instead of buying one from the machine. I also have a PUR water filter on my kitchen sink at home. I’d love to have something like this here at work!

  • I don’t buy water I boil my water and use a water bottle at work which I just refill when it’s empty.

  • Monica

    We got a Brita water pitcher a few months ago. We have saved so much money and helped the environent since we stopped buying bottled water.

  • Emily

    We use a Brita water pitcher and reusable water bottles. Our Brita filter is ready to be replaced, as the top has somehow gotten all mangled. Thanks for the great website!!

  • Teresa schilling

    We have a well, but use a old brita that is getting hard to find filters for. Would love to try something new.
    Teresa Schilling

  • Melanie

    Your RSS feed for this article has a big ad for Fiji bottled water attached to it. How unfortunate!

  • Aimee

    Our refrigerator has a built in water filter. We would sure like the Brita to use when we go camping.

  • I have a Brita pitcher (but a second one would be great) and a reusable water bottle.

  • Gina Hindman

    I re-use my old water bottles & fill them with my own tap water.

  • I’m going to admit it – I go through a lot of bottled water. I do recycle my bottles but still. Unfortunately after the water turned my white bath puff rust colored I didn’t feel comfortable drinking it unfiltered.

  • theresa

    We only use tap water and bring resusable bottles with us when we go out.

  • Laura

    We avoid paying for bottled water or drinks in the airport by bringing empty (reusable!) water bottles through security. Then we can refill them from the drinking fountains and carry them with us on the plane!

  • I use a SIGG water bottle and use tap water to refill it throughout the day.

  • Kelly Robson

    I tend to use a reusable water bottle or glass and fill it with water. I don’t remember the last time I bought a bottle of water.

  • Diana

    I don’t buy bottled water ever! I use a water bottle whenever I travel.

  • Lucy K

    Recycle water bottles w tap water. Thanks!

  • Terri L

    When we bought our new refrigerator last year we bought one with a water filter inside. We use it all the time.

  • patty

    Nosotros usamos un filtro de Brita para beber agua y asi ahorrarnos mucho dinero y a la vez ayudar al planeta.

  • I have eliminated bottled water from my life and use various sized Kleen Kanteens or Sigg metal water bottles. I keep at least one or two bottled ahead of time in my fridge (from my Brita pitcher) so they are ready to go.

    You may wish to eliminate paper napkins by using cloth ones as well, to go along with your cloth cleaning rags. I like cloth so much better and just throw them in the wash.

  • Heather

    We use tap water, but I’d love a Brita so I would drink more!

  • Susan

    We’ve been making our own water for over a decade. We have a well so we run drinking water through a r/o filter and drink that. The unfiltered water gets used for cleaning, laundry and everything else.

    We reuse plastic bottles and fill them up with the RO water. However, lately I have been using 3 stainless steel bottles for my water. I use one a day and rotate them so I always have a clean supply.

    I would like a britta pitcher so I can have ice cold water in the fridge.


  • Kim

    I am committed to getting through baseball season with three little players, and not using a single plastic bottle of water. We have refillable sport bottles, and I’m going to be organized enough to have them clean and ready before every game! Wish me luck…
    Kim F.

  • karen

    we drink our tap water, (which isn’t that great) and have been thinking of trying the brita.

  • Janice

    My family drinks tap water, never been able to pay for something that comes out of my faucet just because it’s in a bottle. The pitcher would be a way to improve the water quality.

  • We usually don’t buy bottled water. We have purchased plastic water bottles for everyone in the family to fill up with tap water and keep in the fridge.

  • Misty

    We haven’t bought bottled water in a while. Our fridge has a filter on it and we have reused old bottles to keep some in the frig cold. A pitcher would be nice too. Thanks!

  • fran

    I cleaned out an Ocean Spray bottle and we keep filling it with tap water. It has to be really cold for me to drink it. I don’t like drinking water straight from the tap. When it’s really cold, I can drink a lot of it. My husband thinks I’m a camel. I would love to win this Brita pitcher. Thanks.

  • Tonya

    I have purchased a reusable water bottle as well as put the pur faucet mount on. I was buying bottle water and also purchasing water from a company….soooo not frugal. Water was an area in our budget that we could eliminate and eliminate some waste as well by not purchasing the bottles! I haven’t missed those water bottles a bit!

  • Kristi

    We buy plastic water bottles and the kids love taking them to school. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    I drink my tap water only! Its not too bad with ice and I fill up a large travel cup with water and take it with me everywhere. Saves me money and helps the planet… a win win!

  • Jen M

    I reduce my use of bottled water by either bringing a gallon of water and refilling my cup or refilling my cup with the fountain water.

  • Jackie

    I purchased some of those reusable water bottles when they were on sale at the store. We have all different sizes, depending on where we are going, and they have saved us so much money (and kept plastic bottles out of the landfill). We keep them at work, in the kitchen, in the car and in the fridge.

  • Leigh Sabey

    My husband loves gatorade, so instead of buying it in bottles I buy the powdered drink mix and always have a pitcher full in the refrigerator.

  • Gloria Brown

    We use reusable bottles and fill them from our fridge’s water dispensor that has a filter in line before it gets there. I’d love to have a Brita for the office! Our water here is terrible!

  • Sarah A.

    We use reusable water bottles. I think it’s a waste of money to spend it on a plastic bottle of water when I can use water from my fridge and a reusable bottle.

  • Laura

    We drink straight up tap water from a nalgene bottle. On the rare occasions we do have bottled water, we always recycle the bottle. My husband even brings home bottles from business trips to recycle!

  • Anu

    We drink tap water and I give kids boiled water. We have saved lots of money with not buying bottled waters. I think its a waste to buy those as we drink a lot of water, and go through a 24 bottle case within a few days.

  • Amtami

    My family uses refillable water bottles when we go out. In the house, we use the fridge filter and enjoy that!

  • Sonia

    We re use the bottle. We have very hard water so this would be great for us

  • Renee S.

    We have 5-gallon bottles that we fill ourselves at the grocery store. We use reusable water bottles.

  • Talia

    I am washing and reusing the water bottles that we already have at home so we are not throwing them away or buying new ones.

  • Trish in FL

    When we first moved from TN to FL six yrs ago, we couldn’t stand the taste of the tap water so we bought a Brita pitcher & bottled water for on the go. We recently stopped buying bottled water & purchased several BPA-free bottles for us to refill & reuse. Now there is less waste in our recycle bin & we’re saving money.

  • Julie Slack

    I already use a Britta pitcher in my refrigerator at home, but I would also like to have one to use in my camper. We drink a lot of bottled water while camping becuse we can’t always trust the water source.

    Julie S.
    wegottwh (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Sarah Elyce

    I have been using a refillable water bottle that I won in a Fiber One giveaway recently and getting water from my office water cooler. The Brita would be good for the house though, thanks!

  • Monica

    We use hard plastic bottles that my husband takes to work everyday. We also fill these up before we leave the house to run errands so that we aren’t tempted to buy something while we are out. The odd times that we do have plastic bottles, they go in our recycling bin.

  • I invested in a water distiller and use that for my drinking water.

  • I Stumbled this deal.

  • Jill Hayes

    I refill my water bottle with filtered water from the fridge.

  • Becky

    Hi, I’d *love* a brita filter – at home I just drink tap water. I used to buy bottled water at work. I finally just brought a couple of big glasses and now refill them with the filtered water at the office. No more plastic bottles for me!

  • I do use bottled water…but only for my 9 month old son’s bottles. I reuse the same bottle over and over again to put water in it (to put the water in his formula) then recycle it when we get a new one.

  • Tracy K in Illinois

    We used to only purchase bottled water if we were on the road. Like many others, I purchased reusable water bottles about a year ago. The bottles have an insert that can be frozen ahead of time and then placed in your cold water. The reusable bottles are perfect for everyday, as we are always on the go!

  • alexis

    We used to drink only bottled water, but now I drink from the fridge. If we do drink any bottled water, we recycle the bottles. Thanks!

  • I just posted about purchasing my Brita pitcher last night! I love it! I’m a big water bottle user especially at the office or when working out but now I’m using BPA-free bottles and reusing them instead! Not only has it saved money but also saved room for other plastic recyclables in my recycle bin! 🙂

  • We do not buy bottled water but use the filtered water through our fridge . . . although it has been having issues and we have been thinking about buying a Brita Pitcher (which we used for the first 4 years of our marriage). Thanks for the great tips and the giveaway!

    frenchscotty (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Nicola

    I have 2 red see thru sport bottles from Walgreens that both DH and I use. It goes everywhere with us. I fill mine with water, and DH prefers sun-tea. I also stopped buying soda cans/20oz bottles and if DH wants a soda from work he fills up his WG’s red sport bottle with it.

  • Martha

    We drink tap water. Went to my inlaws and drank the BEST water I’ve ever had. Sure enough, it was a Brita! Would LOVE to get one … have been on the look-out for a coupon, but free is always better!

  • diane

    I have bought BPA free water bottles that I have been using in place of buying bottled water.

  • Mancy

    I have a reusable bottle that I refill water with.

  • Julie C.

    I don’t use bottled water at all!!

  • Keli

    i would love to try a brita! we drink tap water now and my hubby hates it. he’d drink more water if i had a brita. i’d love to win this! thanks for the giveaway!

  • We each have one reusable PBA Free water bottle. We have been wanting a Brita for quite a while now, just not in the budget at this time.

  • At home, we use filtered water. At work, I use water bottles but always recycle them. I’d really like this pitcher for work instead of bottles, thanks!

  • Pam

    We use filtered tap water and only purchase bottled water when traveling. I could sure use a new Brita filter! Thanks for the chance to win a new one!

  • Frank

    I don’t buy bottled water, but I DO use a Brita water pitcher. It cuts down on waste and helps me go “green”.

  • jaime

    we boil and then refrigerate water

  • John

    We buy the gallon jugs of water and then fill our own individual water bottles to take with us.

  • Kathy

    I want to look more into distillers. I’m looking for something to take the flouride out of the water as well as the chemicals and just found out that distillation may do this.

    I had prevously thought that reverse osmosis filter systems were the only way to get out the flouride and the reverse osmosis system was not affordable to me.

    If anyone reading this has any websites for me to check out info I’d appreciate it!

  • Jon

    I currently use a spigot filter.

  • We bought stainless steel water bottles for the whole family!

  • Jennifer Garza

    We drink the tap water – one of these filters would be nice! thanks for the tips.

  • Jennifer Garza

    I also added you to my facebook – thanks

  • Sharon Vietas

    We drink tap water and my biggie is using sport water bottles that we refill from the tap. It is a help for cutting down on dishes, eliminating waste from packaged drinks, and keeping us all well hydrated with water to drink all the time.