Help Tornado Victims in Reading, Kansas and Joplin, Missouri

The recent tornados have torn up not only homes and business, but lives and familys. You have an opportunity to giveback and help. Maria at A Savings Wow lists how you can help Reading, Kansas victims, and Kristin at Couponing to Disney tells how to help with Joplin Missouri area victims. With all of the overstock that you might have, this would make a great time to pay it forward and send in some donations.

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  • Kristina L.

    The tornado that hit in Joplin Mo is only 25 miles from where my mother lives and where I grew up. It really hit home for me and I think it’s great you putting this up so that peple know where and how they can help. Great idea on the stockpile help I didn’t really think about helping that why.

  • Christina

    I have supply but I am in NY….how do i even start to get it down there?

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