Hickory Farms Blowout Sale


Just got this email from Susan:

Hickory Farms is having a blowout sale with lots of items 90% off and can use the source code -clipper, you can get an additional 15%off, but you will still have to pay shipping .

I checked it out and they have lots of items very cheap.  If you are planning on a party in the near future this could be a way to get some of the food for less.

Thanks Susan!

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  • Stop. Just stop posting such wonderful deals!! Being the true Wisconsin girl I am, and with a birthday next week, I just *had* to get some of the sets. My freezer will be full of fun, yummy stuff. Thanks Susan!

    Now if we could just get some more towel deals..mine are, well, shameful! 😉

  • Kelli

    What is the source code clipper? They do have great deals and I would like to get the extra 15% off.

    You have a great site which I’m looking at quite often now.


  • I would LOVE to get in on this deal, but the shipping is still killing me.

    Too bad I don’t know any military to ship to since they offer free shipping to them!

  • Kelli enter the word “clipper” in the discount code box for the additional off.

  • I just got 2 big ol’ boxes with cheese, sausage, crackers, and mustard, 1 box of petit-fours (MINE, ALL MINE) and a crock of that awesome cheddar cheese spread, with shipping, only $18.75. THANK YOU.

    Posted this on my blog too! You rock.

  • Amy

    I’m not seeing 90% off. I’m seeing only as high as 75%. Still a good deal, but the $7.99 shipping is killing me! We usually go to the kiosk in the mall after Christmas to buy our choices at 90% off but somehow forgot to do it this year. Bummer.

  • Hehe…I sure didn’t spend $18! But my husband LOVES the mustard, and he’s been asking for one of those cheese cutter board things ever since we got married in 2006, so I raided my “fun money” stash and spent $60, with shipping. But oh, boy! I’ll be set to entertain for a LONG time. 🙂

  • r

    i was going to order, so i called my husb to see what he wanted, and he reminded me the sausages have trans-fats. i called hickory farms to find out and the guy on the phone confirmed it. 🙁

    just something to think about i guess. 🙂

  • Mary

    Thanks for posting this!!! Does anyone know if the petitfours have cake inside? I thought they did, but I went gluten-free about 6 months ago and don’t want to buy if they contain wheat flour. Ordered some plain ‘ole cheese though – not a bad deal, even with the shipping! And of course I’ll force myself to eat the sausage that comes with…

  • Amy

    ordered 8 gift boxes of cheese/sausage/mustard, 2 spreads, 3 boxes of petit fours, and 1 box of fudge – all for $70 including shipping!! I’m set for housewarming gifts, superbowl, and hosting a dozen cocktail parties!

  • Amy

    Mary – yes, the petit fours have wheat flour. Sorry! What about the fudge – you could go for that?!?

  • Mary

    Thanks, Amy! I guess I’ll stick with the cheese & summer sausage. I’m pretty sure most of that is safe. Hopefully they list ingredients on the packages, or my dad’s gonna get cheese and sausage for Father’s day, his birthday, etc!

    I just remember loving those little cakes when I was a kid. I really don’t need the cals at this point in my life! 🙂 Wishful thinking on my part!

  • Catrina

    Thanks so much! I ordered the family reunion box & the cheese pot for only $20 with shipping! My husband works out of our home, so he’ll have some good snacks! I really appreciate how much your suggestions help with our budget! With 5 kids, I’m always looking for great deals.

  • Sienna

    Hickory farms is a upromise and an ebates store! Don’t forget to go through either one of those sites to get $$ back! Also, coupon code “SIZZLE” will also get you 15% off. Thanks for the deal!

  • Sienna

    Oh my gosh! I just got my box today – wow! That’s a lot of food for $30 w/ shipping!