High Value $1.75/1 Finish Dishwashing Printable

Print this HOTĀ Finish Coupon forĀ $1.75/1 Finish Dishwashing Detergent! This is a Facebook Coupon that will NOT last long!

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  • Casey

    I don’t see it, but instead it’s a 50% off coupon? Maybe it’s gone already?

    • Jessica

      No you click on that 50% off and it will print you coupons!

    • Jaime

      It is a $1.75 coupon (the fine print at the bottom says the 50% off means based on an average price of the product). By the way, there are some issues printing it. It is a Bricks coupon. It had said that I already printed it, but lots of people were claiming the same thing. It DOES eventually work, just close the window and try again. However, it only let me print one initially, even with the back button. I read the suggestion to close all my browsers and log on again; surprisingly this allowed me to print a second coupon!

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    • Debra Cannady

      WOW $1.75. I got my coupon. Thanks so much. I first found the $0.50 and then hit the coupon icon towards the left and it redirected me to another Finish area where the $1.75. was ready to print..

  • Deb

    There is also a free challenge on Finish Quantum. Go to their web site. Details are listed there!

  • cheyenne

    meijer has them on sale for $3…

  • Stephanie

    I have a question about this coupon… I tried to buy 2 at Target with two coupons and they said I could only use one. Is that right???? It says one per purchase, but I take that to mean one coupon per item…. but they said one coupon per transaction…. and they said I couldn’t do multiple transactions.

    • Jaime

      It does NOT say you may only use one coupon and purchase one item per transaction. One per purchase is exactly what you think it is: one item. They also have NO written policy on multiple transactions. I guess your store feels that loose interpretations work for their policy. Don’t be afraid to speak up! It’s ridiculous to assume that customers will only buy ONE item at a time, especially if there is a sale. And don’t be afraid to do what I’ve done: call Corporate Guest Relations at (800)440-0680. While you are at the store. At the customer service counter. Guest Services will be happy to answer your questions and straighten out any “misunderstandings” that may occur. Good luck!