How to Hire Movers on a Budget

hire moversMoving is never an easy process. Even though you’re excited to be moving into a new place, you still have to move everything and that can be a royal pain. Even though I’m a frugal person, I certainly think that it’s worth the money if you can get some movers that will help you move. That way, you don’t end up pulling your back while trying to lift a dresser or you scrape the skin off of your knuckles while trying to get the couch to fit through the door. Now, I know a lot of you out there are on a budget, as well. That’s why I’m going to list out some tips that will help you find movers even if you’re on a budget.

#1. Clean Out Your Home

It’s important that before you even start looking for movers that you start going through your home and getting rid of everything you don’t need. That way, they’re not wasting time loading things that you don’t want anyways.

#2. Get Free Moving Boxes

I’ve written a post in the past on how you can find moving boxes for free. I highly suggest you go over that post, so you don’t have to pay for boxes. Remember, moving companies will try to sell you boxes and these boxes are not cheap.

#3. Pack Things Yourself

You’re paying these movers to move things for you. Therefore, you want to have everything packed and ready to go when they get there, so they’re not standing around with nothing to do. Remember, movers charge by the hour.

#4. Don’t Move During the Summer

Everyone likes to move during the summer. Therefore, prices on movers are going to be much higher during the summer months. Consider moving in Winter, Spring or Autumn.

#5. Properly Label Boxes

It’s important that you properly label the boxes that you’ve packed up. That way, the movers know exactly where the boxes should go, so they don’t spend time looking around.

#6. Create a Floor Plan

It’s very important that you have a floor plan ready to go. That way, you know exactly where you want everything and how you want it. Instruct the movers and provide them with a copy of the floor plan, as well. You don’t want movers standing around with their hands on their hips while you’re trying to figure out how you want the couch positioned. A floor plan is always necessary, no matter how close or far away you’re moving.

#7. Buy Packing Supplies on Your own

Moving companies will try to sell you on packing supplies, but they’re going to be expensive. It’s always cheaper to go out and purchase these supplies on your own in advance. You will need things like:

  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plastic
  • Packing Paper

#8. Shop Around

It’s very important that you shop around and check out all of the different moving companies in your area. They all have different pricing and they may also be willing to compete for your business.

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  • Christine

    Another tip from personal experience – get a “Guaranteed Rate Quote”. Before my last move, I didn’t understand that all of the estimates were only that – estimates. The companies were not actually held to those prices! Luckily I found this out before I moved and was able to get guaranteed quotes for each company (which were hundreds of dollars more than their “estimates”). It ended up paying off, as our move was heavier than they estimated, and they actually had to bring our items on two trucks when moving to another state as it was over the legal limit at the weigh station. This would have cost us hundreds of dollars more than the estimate (for one truck), but since we had a guaranteed move price we were locked in! Also make sure you compare the prices between companies with comparable insurance rates per pound of your items.

    • Common Sense With Money

      That’s an excellent tip! I’m glad everything worked out well for you! 😀

    • Virginia

      WOW – sincerely, this is the BEST tip I have ever heard on hiring movers. Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment!!!