Holiday Clearance Update

If you haven’t had a chance to hit the Holiday Clearance sales at Target or Walmart, it may not be too late.  I visited both stores this morning and Target Holiday items were marked down 70% off.  At Walmart Holiday items were up to 75% off.  Admittedly the sales were picked through but at both stores I found plenty of wrapping paper, bows, plastic serverware and other things you can put away for next year.

Have you shopped these sales already and did you find any good deals?

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  • Rosemary

    The local stores (Walmart) in Chattanooga is still @ 50% and said they didn’t know if or when it would be going any lower. They said corporate would let them know. They still had tons of stuff since it was only @ 50%.

  • Juanita

    I went to walmart and kmart today and both were still only 50% off. Walmart has always went 75%off by now in the past.

  • Stephanie

    Hobby Lobby is at 80% off, and my store had tons of stuff left. I already hit the 70% clearance at Target, where I stocked up on wrapping paper, bows, doormat, teacher gifts for next year, etc. Went to Walmart a few days ago and it was 50%, not sure if it’s at 75% yet.

  • I went to a Nor Cal WM today expecting 75% off as that is what I was told by upper management last Wednesday. Only the candy and gift sets were 75% off and the rest of the Christmas was still at 50% off. I just want some wrapping paper and I won’t pay til it’s 75% off! LOL!

  • gramyd

    target 70% walmart 50% really really picked through cvs 50% not much on shelves walgreen 50% but overheard worker asking the manager if he wanted certain merchandise pulled wrapping paper in scarce supply think most stores are pulling a lot of merchandise to store for nexxt year know rite aid does this because i was there one year and they were kind enough to let me pick through some tissue paper before they pulled it k mart still at 50% but they are always the last to reduce will probably be 50% in march it looks like they also pulled most of their wrapping paper cause very little left

  • Shelly

    I went to Target the day after x-mas and got Solo Cups, plates, napkins, reynolds wrapping paper….I have way too much…total after 50% sale price was $128.47…my total after coupons came to $15.23

  • Maria S.

    I didn’t get much Christmas clearance this year, I already have too much that I don’t have room to set out, and even less place to store, but…
    I did get the Goodnight Lights at Walmart for 50% off, I didn’t want to chance none being left at a further markdown. This is so cute and actually wish I would have just paid full price at the beginning of the season and had it on the Christmas tree the whole time. It’s Santa holding a candle, and when you blow into a little space on the candle the lights turn off, and blow again for them to turn back on. It’s really cute, works perfectly, and my son called it magic, that really made me wish I would have just paid full price when I first saw it.
    I waited on Target to go down to 70% percent off for an item I would only get at that markdown, it’s a Christmas Flamingo for outdoor or indoor, 2 left and I bought one of them for just $15.00, down from $49.99.
    At JcPenney I used $10.00 off a purhcase of at least $10.00 I received for being a store cardholder, and got 4 Christmas ornaments marked down to 75% for just a couple dollars.

    • KK

      I love it when I get JCP’s $10.00 off $10.00 purchase too.

  • Jessica

    Our walmart was 75% off on Friday.

  • KK

    My Walmart had 4-5 shopping carts full of Christmas cards for .25 a box and many carts full of miscellaneous items marked .10, including gift boxes, bags, tissue paper, treat bags, candy, and small toys. Christmas sweatshirts and t-shirts and childrens Christmas pj’s marked at 1.00. The day before I bought 11 boxes of ziploc freezer qt and gal for .28, boxes of character toothpaste with toothbrushes marked at .43. I was pretty thrilled with all the items I bought that day.