HomeMade Simple Coupon Booklet from Walmart

homemadeGet a the Homemade Simple booklet with up to $30 in coupons savings from StartSampling.  This one contains a coupon for Free Cascade Rinsing Agent.  The rest of the coupons are pretty good too.

Thanks Saving with Shellie!

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  • Rebecca

    I received this booklet the last time it was offered (a couple months ago). The coupon for the free cascade crystal clear rinse agent, says it’s only on the 8.45 ounce size. I haven’t been able to find that size ANYWHERE! I’ve been to Dillons, Target, and Walmart (only stores in my area). SO, hopefully some of you have some luck finding that size! I’m hoping they change the size on the new coupons coming out

  • Tosh

    I found the Cascade Clear Rinse at Target. I’m in Memphis, TN.

  • fran

    I just got the Cascade Rinse at Acme, and another time I believe I got it at Wegmans, if that helps anyone. Don’t you just love it when you get a free coupons and you can’t find the product?

  • I have found it at Target and my grocery store too.


  • Jill

    My Walmart had that size.

  • Tammi

    If you signed up for it before, can you sign up for it again with this new link?