*HOT* $2/2 Mars Easter Candy Coupon = FREE at Several Stores

This is available again!

Check out this HOT $2/2 Mars Easter Candy coupon available right now.  Print this hottie and check out the deals you can get with it:

Walgreens deal (starting tomorrow 3/27)

Buy seven Snickers Creme eggs $0.29
Use $2/2 printable coupon
Pay $0.03 for seven after coupons

CVS Deal

Egg M&Ms $0.99
Use $2/2 printable coupon
FREE after coupons

Walmart Deal

Egg M&Ms $1
Use $2/2 printable coupon
FREE after coupons

Thanks for the sweet find, printable coupons and deals!

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  • Thanks for the nice coupon on the candy. I love candy

  • Peggy

    If you’re going to CVS today yet the M&M eggs were at .88 on sale (ends today)…so better than free 🙂

  • cheyenne

    gone 🙁

  • Stephanie

    yep, expired. bummer.

  • Stacy

    Can the $1/2 coupon be used in the deal? They coupon is for bags of candy and it has tons of fine print about size restrictions.

    • ACMommy3

      yes, I think so, because Snickers creme eggs are listed in the small print. 🙂

  • Mary

    I tried using this coupon today and I was denied by the cashier and the manager. They kept saying it was the bags, but no where i the fine print does it say bags. I read the fine print too. I had 6 eggs. If I had more time…I was on my lunch break… I would have thrown a huge fit. Corporate is getting a nice email from me tonight.

    • Christina

      I had the same problem (Alabama Walgreens) and I even pointed it out to them in the fine print. The lady (manager?) said that I was misreading the print (showed me a line of text that was wrong), so I showed her exactly where it was written that the Snickers Creme Eggs were included. She said that it had to be the bags of candy because that was what was depicted on the coupon. Do you know how I can email the company?

      • Cheryl

        Same exact thing happened to me tonight at the Walgreens in Lawrenceville on Sugarloaf Pkwy. I think the managers must be twins!!

    • Pam

      Same thing happened to me yesterday at Walmart in Sheboygan, WI 🙁

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  • Kayla

    How many coupons do you need per bag of M&M eggs for them to be free?

    • Kayla,
      The Eggs M&M’s are plastic eggs filled with little bags of M&M’s. thye are sold as singles.


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  • Mary C

    I was denied, too. My Walgreens shows limit 6 eggs at .29 and they tried to say I didn;t buy creme eggs, as the coupon demands. But, in looking at their ad, again, even their ad says Snickers creme eggs. It’s the only kind of Easter Snickers egg!!! So, I think you have to buy the 7th one at full price to get the deal. That makes the purchase more than the coupon. I just took the ad to CVS and they honored it. They match Walgreen’s offers as long as it is not a RR. Love CVS. Hate constantly having to fight with Wags!!!!!! They put the deal out there and then make it impossible to get it. Either they are out of stock or they put limits to prevent you from getting these deals.

  • Nancy V.

    Glad I was on time to print this coupon! Can’t wait to use it : D

    • gary b

      I agree wags can be a pain with coupons. I bought 7 eggs and it all rang in at .29 cents, and the coupon worked but i had other items that i was buying too so maybe that helped to divert their attention. If i had just bought the 7 eggs and ended up paying .03 cents, they probably would have questioned the transaction and denied it.

      • gary b

        oh–also…in looking at the coupon I think i’m sure it was INTENDED for the bags, but the way it was written the single eggs should be included. Tell those cashiers/managers it doesnt matter what is PICTURED, it is what is wrirtten that counts. If what is PICTURED matters, then how come the bag of 3 Muskateers is not pictured because 3 Muskateers isin the written part.

  • Joan

    Hi, I just found out the $2.00 coupon to print is not available for the Mars Candy.

  • I was at Rite Aid today and they had the individual Snickers eggs for .69 each. Since the coupon didn’t specify sizes, I used the $2 coupon and turned this into a money maker!