*HOT* $3/1 Huggies Diapers Printable Coupon – Available Again!

This Huggies Diaper printable coupon is available again.  This one is good for $3 off the new Huggies Easy Ons.  This coupon is available on the HEB grocery store website.  It is a manufacturer coupon that prints with the HEB logo.  But it can be used at other stores that accept manufacturer coupons.

You can print this one and use it to get cheap diapers at CVS this week.

Thanks, SavingwithShellie!

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  • Sara

    Is it available if we’ve printed before ??

  • Pat

    “But it can be used at other stores that accept manufacturer coupons.” I have yet to find a store that will accept one of these coupons that have another store’s name on it. If they see the logo or store’s name, they insist it has to be used at that store, no matter what I say regarding it being a manuf. coupon, thus it should be accepted everywhere. Oh well!

  • Jenifer

    I can’t find the coupon, maybe because I printed before?

    Pat, I used my coupons at Toys R Us and they took it, no problem. I like these HEB coupons because the HEB logo is fairly discreet, and we don’t have HEB in our area so no one around here has ever questioned me about using them only at a HEB store.

  • elena

    is it gone? i don’t see it

    • Linda G.

      I think this is gone because I did not see it either and I had not printed this before.