Updated! HOT! 36% off with Stackable Codes at Crocs.com

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Updated with a third code you can stack!!

Wow! just caught wind of this super deal thanks to some bloggy friends.  There are currently two 20% off codes available for Crocs.com that can be stacked to get you 36% off already reduced items.  Oulet items have an additional 30% that’s applied once you add the item to your shopping cart.  Here’s a very sweet deal I just did:

Wall-E Caymans $17.99 (once added to cart $12.59)
-$2.52 when you use code DEALMOM20 for 20% off
-$2.01 when you stack with code MYCOUP20 for another 20% off
-$0.80 when you stack code C6VMRVKY3ISA for another 10% off
Choose economical shipping and you get it free!

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom and my frugal adventures!

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  • Kim

    Just bought a pair of Mammoth crocs for the winter. Usually they run 29.99, but got mine for 13.49. Thanks for the tip!

  • Tara

    Me too! DD has wanted some Mammoths and at $30 for adults, I couldn’t pay it. YAY!!! TY!!

  • Theresa

    LOVE THIS DEAL-Just ordered 2 pair mammoth for my twin boys this winter- they have now graduated from Robeez soft shoes and needed something to keep their feet warm this winter! Thanks for the tip!

  • Tricia

    don’t forget 4% cash back through ebates!

  • melissah

    I have my family covered on shoes right now so I shopped for summer shoes for myself. I got 4 pairs of shoes for $16! YAY!

  • Kim

    I tried that third code and couldn’t get it to work. Maybe user error:)

  • Joella

    The third code actually takes 10% off the price of the stuff in the cart… not a total value at the end… does that makes sense? At least that’s what it did to my cart. I applied the other two and they gave me values off at the end, but when I applied the third code the prices of the shoes at the top of the screenwent down by 10% individually.

  • Kim

    Hmm. Interesting. Too late for me I guess. Maybe I will shoot them an e-mail and they can do an adjustment. Can’t hurt to try.

  • Promises Fulfilled

    thank you so much! I just ordered a few pairs of shoes that I have been wanting, but did not want to pay full price!

  • Katie

    Just ordered two pairs myself. The first code doesn’t work anymore but two pairs for $16 is a good deal!

  • Melissa

    First code “DEALMOM20” is not working. But the other two did. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Amber

    I Couldn’t get the DEALMOM20 code to work it it only for kids stuff??

  • Tara

    No, I think they deactivated it. 🙁 It worked last night for womens and kids both.

  • Amber

    OK Thanks I still got a pair of Mammoth Crocs for me for $15!! Thanks for the codes!! 🙂

  • Tara

    YAY!!! I know – I bought some for me and my oldest DD – I am so excited to get them – our first pair. 🙂

  • Christi

    The first code wouldn’t work but I got a nice pair of flip flops for $5! I don’t normally spend much money on myself so when I can find a super deal like this it makes my day! Merry Christmas to Mom!!! Thanks

  • thanks for the heads up! the first code didn’t work for me but the other 2 did, so i was able to get a pair of minnie mouse mary janes for my daughter for $5!!!

  • achara

    The first code didn’t work for me either, the last two work well still.
    Shopathome.com rebates 7% today.

  • Karen

    mycoup20 is the only “coupon” working now. Bummer!