HOT $5 off 5 Kraft Products Coupon = $1 Cheese at Walmart

There is a SUPER HOT new coupon available for $5 off five Kraft cheese or dairy products.   Claire just emailed me to share that Walmart also has Kraft cheese on sale for $2.  So pick up five bags for only $1 each with this coupon.  Don’t forget to hit the back button twice after you print your first coupon to print another one.  Cheese freezes very nicely!

The coupon is also good on the following products: Philly Cream Cheese, Velveeta, Cracker barrel cheese, Breakstone sour and cottage cheese and Knudsen sour and cottage cheese.  Unfortunately the Breakstone’s and Knudsen coupon offer is not available in CO, CA and ND.

Thanks Claire!

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  • mary catherine

    I think the site is bogged down… It says Server Unavailable 🙁

  • It took me to the initial page, but when I clicked to print the coupon, I got an error message. I hope it is working later, this is a great coupon.

  • allyson


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  • Misty

    Same problem…. server error! Oh I so hope I can get this to print. Great coupon!!

  • Bugmagnt

    I just kept refreshing, and finally got through…. patience is the key!

  • Laci

    Thanks…the site was a little slow, but patience is key:)

  • mary catherine

    It just worked!! Thanks so much! This is a great one 🙂

  • Jennifer S.

    yes, keep refreshing. I was able to print two…great coupon. Shreded cheese freezes so well!

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  • Meijer has Cheese for 3/$5 this week. = $.66 each after coupon.

    *Don’t for about the Buy $15 in any combination of Kraft/Nabisco qualifying items and get $5 off your next shopping trip promotion. Offer valid 8-29-10 through 10-13-10.

    • Amber

      I was just at Meijer and picked up 10 Kraft cheese items and used 2 $5 coupons. A CAT didn’t print out at the end of my checkout. I went to customer service to ask if they knew anything about the deal. There were two teenagers working the counter and one of them knew about some sort of deal. I mentioned that I never received my OYNO $5 CAT. They said that if you used any coupons (i.e Kraft) that it subtracts that from the total. So my total was not over the $15 instead only $5. Has anyone heard or been in a situation like this? Are they correct? Thanks!

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  • Tracy

    Only took about two minutes to get my coupons! great deal, thanks

  • WOOO HOOO – Thanks Mercedes – there is a Buy $25, get $5 catalina starting Friday at Shaws!

  • GeeNeen Brown

    I got mine after refreshing one time-wahoo! thanks a bunch!

  • kristi

    mine went straight to it! thanks! =)

  • John

    I think there may be a problem with these Q’s. I printed two and the coding under the bar code has only the manufacturer (Kraft or 21000) but no value. In other words, I don’t think it will scan for any discount. It may scan but no $$ come off. For anyone who doesn’t get what in the world I’m talking about, the numbers under the barcode mean something. The last two zeros under the barcode are the coupon value. I think “00” is zero value. Be interesting to see when someone uses one of these. Correction: I looked up double zero on the value chart and it says “manual input required.” I’m not sure I would use this at Walmart unless yours is very coupon friendly. Could be wrong but I’m just sayin. At least make sure you check out with your favorite cashier.

    • John

      May work just like a BOGO coupon. The code for that one is “14” and the cashier is always prompted to enter the value. Anyone know if it works the same way?

      • Maria

        OMG!! Not any coupon friendly Walmart around. 🙁 It’s going to be very interesting!!!

    • Melanie

      Ditto John; I tried to take these coupons to Wal Mart just this morning and they would only permit a maximum value of $2 each, and refused to honor the face value of the coupons. Suffice it to say I left without buying anything.

  • Diana

    I helps if you hit control and then submit to open a new window.

  • chelpa

    i was able to print 2 of these. can’t wait to use them for the meijer cat promo!! woot!!

  • Only let me print one. 🙁 Oh well.

  • Trish

    Actually correct me if I am wrong. Say you buy 10 packs cheese at meijer, price 3/$5. Then that would be 16.67. You can use 2 $5 off coupons. Making that OOP $6.67. Then you will also get a $5 off next shopping trip. Making total cost $1.67 FOR 10 packs of shredded or bar cheese. Right?

    • Rhonda

      Catalina is for bar/chunk cheese only–not shreds!

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  • AC

    At my Albertsons, if you buy 5 participating Kraft products, get $5 catalina and it will give 5 meals to Feeding America. And Kraft Shredded Chunk or crumbles Cheese is 2 for $4. So buy 5, pay $5 after $5 coupon here and get $5 back 🙂

    Here is my local ad for Albertson, on page 7

    • AC

      I used at Albertsons yesterday. The coupon didn’t scan so the cashier took it to the manager and he checked if it’s a good coupon or not. Then he came back and manually input $5 to my total. I got $5 catalina and gave three coupons i have left to 3 cashiers and they were so happy to get free cheeses 🙂

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  • cindy

    It only let me print one but I went back and tried again and it let me print the second one . You might want to try it again if it only let you print one! It even said I had reached my limit the first time!

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  • Diana

    I used mine at Pick n save today and they had to ask the head cashier and she said they could use it but the amount had to be manually put in and then an override was needed.

    • Jill

      Your actually ripping off the Grocery store that’s allowing you to use the reproduction of the coupon. They have to eat the cost of the coupon, because the manufacturer won’t honor it because the cashier doesn’t know what she is doing. This is also making it harder to get retailers to accept coupons that are printed from the internet. So please if you are making this a common practice of duplicating your coupons or triplicating them , please stop. Some of us really rely on retailers taking our coupons and don’t want them to stop. Publix has just announce that they will begin cracking down on coupon users, especially those of us whom print at home coupons. Let’s not rip off the hand that literally feeds us, the consumer. Every chance to save is appreciated.
      Thank you

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  • Jo Porter

    Tried to use at Food Lion and they refused to accept them. Went to Walmart and they wouldn’t take the coupon because it came up over limit said they couldn’t take it if the machine didn’t accept it. Kraft Cheese 5/5.00

  • Amber

    I realized that the shredded cheese does not work towards the $15 and that was why I didn’ t receive my $5 CAT. HEADS UP EVERYONE!

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  • Amber

    Does anyone know if it’s the Philadelphia spreads only or if the blocks of cream cheese are included in this?

  • Jennifer S.

    just got denied at walmart and accused or fraud :(. I just bought the cheese and went on about my business, but was utterly embarassed.

  • At Walmart these scanned as only $2 off.

    Something is wrong somewhere. Ironically the cheese I bought had coupon-like sticky notes pimping the online coupon. So Kraft intends for us to get $5.

    Why isn’t this working?????


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  • FYI these reloaded:

    I was so excited to see that these got reloaded!! I used mine last week at GIANT and got 10 pkgs of cheese for free!!

    Have some great deals you would like to share? Hop on over for the You Paid What?! Linky Party:

  • April

    Just an FYI, Walmart’s new policy is that they will only take off up to $2 off ANY coupon. So you will only get $2 off. I tried to use a free product coupon the other day for diapers, and they would only take $2 off instead of giving me the product free. I asked to speak with a manager and was told this is a new Walmart policy. I told them nevermind, I would not be using my coupons there anymore.

  • This is a great offer thanks

  • Vandy Embleton

    We printed out one of the $5 off 5 kraft cheese products coupons and the WalMart sales girl accused us of photocopying it and would not take it. It was NOT photocopied; it was printed straight from the website.

  • bonnie

    coupon printed exp date 1-15-2010 already expired

  • bonnie

    coupon printed but exp date 1/10/2010 tried to reprint not allowed.

  • David

    What does this mean?

    There are no prints available for this campaign.

    You may close this window.

  • DaveGepford

    Well Walmart wont take these or only gives two bucks off. I bet they are getting 5 back from Kraft foods. Shame on youm Walmart. Again you rip off the little guy.



  • Lynda Wong

    Sent in for my $5.00 rebate months ago and have not received a dime. Hello. Anyone there?

  • daisy

    tank you for your offer and remember me.

  • john f hoy

    i don’t know what name of cheese is that i love so much but it is round 5inches long 2to3 inches in diameter wrapped tightly in non transparent material. if you no longer make it please let me know so i can quit looking for it.

  • Jo

    I tried and it said no coupons available!!!!!

  • Jo

    said coupon not available

  • Michele

    I’m try’ing to get this kraft coupon but seem to be having trouble finding where to go to get it, please help!!!