Hot Ben and Jerry’s Coupon


Sign up to become a Chunk Spelunker and get a coupon for $3 off any pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  This coupon should make it free or nearly free pint of ice cream!! depending on the sale and where you buy it.  I know Walgreens has this on sale for 2/$5 every now and then.  I imagine they are around $3 at Walmart.  It has 15 day rolling date.  So you will have 15 days to use your coupon before it expires. If you want to get it you may want to sign up right away before the offer gets pulled.

So much for any New Years resolutions involving weight loss 😉


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  • Danika

    I really enjoy your website. I was concerned because I hadn’t seen anything posted for awhile so I went poking around and found that when you changed format (or whatever you did) it changed links (I read it through Google Reader). I had to re-link it to my Google Reader to get the automatic updates. Maybe I’m the only one whose noticed or had that issue, and I don’t know if there’s anyway to post something on the other link about the change but maybe you some lost some other readers??? Just thought I’d let you know!

  • Leslie

    Thank you so much Mercedes!! I went to Walmart and they were $2.88. So we not only scored free Ben & Jerry’s but got a tiny overage as well. Thanks so much!!

  • Danielle

    The One Sweet Deal, $3 off a pint offer has expired.
    Please visit

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