Hot CVS Online Deals

CVS currently had a few online coupon codes that can be combined to create great savings. Check out this scenario shared by Lori:

Buy $50 in Olay Products
Save $10 instantly when you fill your cart with up to $50 in non-prescription items
Save $10 when you enter code MASTERCARD and use a Mastercard to pay for your purchase
Save $5 by using code MEDICARE
Save $20 when you submit your receipt for this rebate
Final Cost of your Olay Products: $5 plus shipping

Wow! this would be a good one to use to get those expensive moisturizers.

Reader Anna on the other hand used the codes to snag some cheap diapers. This is a great time to use these codes to get items you regularly need and don’t have coupons for.

Happy Savings!

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  • Lisa

    Thanks for the comment about cheap diapers! I used the codes and spent $22.32 for one Pampers size 4 52ct pack and 2 Pampers Swaddlers size 2 40ct packs. I should have bought all Swaddlers to get an even better deal, but I’m not complaining about 16.9 cents per diaper.
    You can also use ECB’s with this.

  • Rachel @ Surviving The Stores

    I just did the deal and posted about it! Thanks a bunch! I actually got $52 worth of Olay products for only $2.32! The shipping is free, and for some reason they are taking the shipping off of the order without first adding it on. Maybe a glitch? Anyway, THANKS!!

  • Rachel @ Surviving The Stores

    Actually I looked at my email confirmation again and I’m not sure why I got so much off. It took off way more than it should’ve. Hmm…

  • Mercedes

    That’s great Rachel! My mom loves the Olay Definity moisturizer.


  • aunttammie

    Do you send in the receipt that you print for your records when you order, or do you wait to send the receipt that comes with the products?

    By the way, I tried using ECBs, but it would not take them. Rachel, I think you got a great deal…I paid $10 for the $52 worth. They charged almost $4 in tax…no shipping, though. Did you have to pay tax?

  • Rachel @ Surviving The Stores

    I’m pretty sure that we have to wait until we get the package to send in the receipt. We had to order it by the 6th of December, but we have until the 20th to send in the rebate.

    Tax did show up on the order, but because I got $35 taken off of the order it brought me down to $22. Weird… I’m not sure what happened!