Hot Deal: $5 for $50 worth of P&G Products

How about shopping for $50 worth of Procter & Gamble Products (read Olay, Clairol, Secret, etc) and paying only $5 for it?  That’s the deal you can get right now by combining a couple of promotion available.

1) Today only you can get a $50 voucher to Dormzy (includes free shipping) for $25 through Groupon.  This company sells household essentials like Olay, Clairol, Secret products, etc).

2) Use this voucher to buy $50 of eligible P&G products and then submit for this rebate I just shared with you to get back $20 by mail when you spend $50.

In the end you would have spent $5.44 (includes cost of the stamp) only for $50 worth of products.  I think playing the Drugstore Game you might be able to get a similar and possibly even better deal.  But this one is from the comfort of your own home, no coupon clipping required.  A plus for me is that you can have this delivered to someone else, which is a big plus when you have family that lives away.

Thansk Savvy Spending!

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  • Lindsay

    This site doesn’t have much of a selection to get to $50 of qualifying products.

  • Kristen Drum

    Wait wait wait! Stop the presses! Don’t forget you can buy groupons through ebates! for 3% back! 😀

  • Kristen

    FYI can’t use the groupon until 12/2. I’m going to stock up on items I use! Thanks for sharing this!
    5 Secret Deos
    5 Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioners
    2 Olay Body Wash
    Comes to $50.38!

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  • Stephanie

    I have a $5 Groupon credit, so this will make my order free! I will be buying deodorant as that is always on our local homeless shelter’s wish list. Does anyone know how to add more than 8 UPCs and prices to the rebate form?

    • Kristen Drum

      I’d probably just attach a second rebate form, with a note that it was a supplementary sheet :D.

      • Stephanie

        Good idea – thanks!

  • Margaret

    The rebate form needs the purchase price for each item and a receipt. Would online prices and receipts work?

    • I *just* read that it doesn’t have the prices, from another blog.

      • Kristen,
        What doesn’t have the prices?


  • Veronica

    I agree not much to choose from for the P&G rebate. However, I’d never heard of this site before, and I will be taking advantage of this as we just sent our son back to college on the east coast and his meal plan funds are low. This makes for much less expensive water, juice and more with the Groupon! I’ve been spending $15.95 alone on shipping flat rate boxes of goodies and I can get 28 items shipped for $25. If anything, this makes for a better finals care package alternative than what the school offers for $22!

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  • michelle

    i don’t see these items for rebate for sale on there?? Am i doing something wrong??

  • Veronica

    How much you want to bet that when this Groupon becomes valid on 12/2 that the *free shipping* on $49 purchases will go away???

  • christina

    Figures! Go to make my P & G order and they are out of all P & G products! It says check back in a few days 🙁

    • pennyscents

      Same here on 12/10th. I never would’ve bought this without this deal, so I am not happy at all.

      • christina

        Dormzy has restocked! I wrote them to complain and they immediately worte back letting me know they would keep me informed. On friday i got an email saying they had restocked. I immediately ordered all i needed for the $20/$50 rebate and I recived everything yesterday!

  • pennyscents

    P&G products are back in stock on Dormzy!!!

    I also wanted to share a response that I got from an e-mail that I sent to Dormzy Cust Service. I asked them if I could just place my order, and get the confirmation e-mail, and then they can just send me my order whenever the stock does come in. I know that other companies have done this when they were out of stock on something, and I didn’t even know it, until I was waiting forever. Well, here is what the lady said:

    “Absolutely! You should be able to place your order for all those products on our site now. Once you finish checking out, you’ll receive your confirmation e-mail from us, print it off and use that for your rebate. Once our stock comes in, we’ll already have your order in our system and we’ll then ship it to you  Thank you for being so patient!”