HOT Deal on Huggies Diapers at Target This Week!

The deals on Huggies diapers seems are everywhere this week.  If you have a Target near you, you can get them for very cheap with the following deal:

Buy three jumbo pack of Huggies Slip-ons diapers for $9.49 each
Use three $2 off Huggies Slip Ons Target printable coupons (FF Link) (will need access to two computers to print all three)
PLUS use three $3/1 Huggies coupons from 9/11 SS Insert
Pay $13.47 and get back a $5 Target gift card for buying three

That would be like paying $2.82 per pack of these diapers.  Don’t forget that there is a similar deal going on at CVS this week too.  I think I will be doing the CVS deal, just because I have some extra care bucks to use to lower by out of pocket expense.

UPDATE:  If you have  Walgreens near you, you can bring the Walgreens ad to Target and price match the $8.99 price.  That would make each of these only $2.32  Thanks Melonie!

Thanks, Thrifty Couple!

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  • melony

    bring in Walgreen’s ad for a $8.99 a pack price match!!!

  • Teri

    I don’t know if I am missing something or not but wouldn’t that make it 2.32 if I used the Walgreens paper and price match at Target.

    8.99*3=26.97-(3) $3 Huggies coupons 9/11SS=17.97-(3) $2 Target coupons=11.97-$5 Gift Target that will receive at purchase=6.97/3=2.32.

    Right? Or am I wrong?

  • Melanie B

    Actually, when using a Target store coupon, the value of the price match will only be honored if the matched price is LESS than than the (Target price – the Target coupon). I believe that since the Target price is 9.49- 2 = 7.49 by using the $2 target coupon, there will be no price match. I’m pretty sure that is how that works, from their coupon policy.

  • staceylee

    Be very careful because the target coupon says one per transaction so when I went to use the three coupons from target they said I had to do it in three different transactions. This means you can not get the 5 dollar gift card. I don’t know if it will happen in every target, but one of mine would take them with not questions the other target would not. FYI

  • Cynthia

    The Target coupons says one coupon or offer per transaction so I believe you can only use one Target coupon.

  • Katie

    I cannot find the Target coupon for the Huggies. Can someone tell me which page it’s on? Thanks!

    • Katie,

      It is not on the TArget website. It’s on the link I provided you.


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