Hot Deals at JCPenney: Dress Shirts for $4.99 + More

It is JCpenney’s turn to churn out the good deals online. Here are some of the deals you can get by using the code 4RELVES to get 20% off or ORNAMENT for free shipping over $25 or use code GIVEJOY to get $10 off. You can also choose in-store pick up to save on shipping:

  • Stafford Wrinkle-Free Dress Shirt for $14.99 use code GIVEJOY to get $10 off and pay $4.99 for one
  • Chateau 6-Pc. Towel Set $12.99
  • 6-in-1 Phone Quad $9.99
  • 4 Princess Dolls for $5.99
  • My dream Castle Playset $4.99

Here are even more Wednesday Deals. Make your deals sweeter b shopping through ShopatHome to get 6% cashback.

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  • Miranda

    Has anyone seen the princess castle and the princess dolls? I’m looking for a few gifts to donate and these seem to be a good deal but I’m wondering if they are really cheap looking.

    • erika

      My daughter is obssesed with Disney Princess, and these dolls are definetly a cheap knockoff.They dont look anything like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and Cinderella.

  • Amanda

    ugh!!!!! double ugh!!!! I just ordered that castle set Monday for $8.99.

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  • Lisa Fischer

    Not sure if it’s my computer or their site…but it’s S L O W !!!!!!!!!! Trying to get some shopping done before the kids get home from school! I was wondering the same about the princess dolls….are they like Barbies…or cheap?

  • Susan

    The site is super slow…it will not let me check out!

  • Mo

    yes the site is very slow. I was able to order one set of towels with the coupon code and then the site slowed down! Can’t beat a set of towels for 2.99 and have them shipped to the store for free!! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Can GiVEJOY only be used once? I’d like a set of towels & a dress shirt & wondering if I can split the orders?? Thanks

  • Erika

    ARRGGGHHH!!! Come on…I just want to check out, is that so much to ask???

    • Erika

      Sorry. I just had to vent. I can’t believe how bad the site is messing up right now. I just want to get some X-mas presents for next year with a giftcard and am ready to pop a vein here *laugh*.

      • Kate

        lol.. me too! I keep getting

        An error occurred while processing your request.
        Reference #102.d7e402cc.1291241768.31a01649

        JC Penney didn’t realize how popular they are 😉

        • Erika

          Yup and the website freaked out when I was entering payment information twice so now I’m on hold with customer support to make sure I only ordered things once *laugh* and I’m going to see if they can edit in a different mailing address while they are figuring out all of that *double laugh*. Ahhh, the headaches of being a deal seeker ;).

  • hahaha, the site keeps adding castles, dolls and towels to my shopping bag when i try to buy a men’s shirt. hundreds of them.. very bizarre.

  • Ann Wilson

    Has anyone actually been able to check out? I am about to give up on this…. ugh… It is such a great deal it is hard to give up on though 😉

    • Erika

      Yup, I was eventually able to check out. It takes FOREVER! Luckily when I called my order only went through once. Now I’m going back to see if I can get some towels. Me a glutton for punishment? You betcha ;).

  • Been trying to check out for half an hour now…lol. We need more towels and I LOVE that $2.99 price.

    • Every time I get to the final checkout page for the towels, the $10 off code is not applied :-/ There is no error message or anything though. Anyone have luck getting the towels with the code?

      • i got it to work about an hour ago. I used the register later checkout because trying to log in was a pain. HTH

        • sierra

          i also used firefox when checking out because safari was adding all those items for some reason.

  • After trying online for four hours, I gave up and called customer service. I had to call twice and was on hold for ten min but finally got my order placed and they did apply the givejoy discount.

  • LeAnne

    The GIVEJOY code is now only good for 20% off. I found out when I called customer service to place my order because I couldn’t get the website to work.

  • erika

    did any1 get a confirmation email, i did my order hours ago and havent recieved one, i also checked my order history and its not there.

    • dniqueshopper

      i did get an email for all but two of my orders….yea i said “all but 2” lol but the one i didnt get an email for i can track using the order # and vise versa…..did u log out and log back in or just use the order #….the purchases are also showing in my bank acct some as pending some as processed….idk hopefully all orders went through

  • elisabeth

    Thanks soooooo much for finding this, Mercedes! I have been looking for a good price for my son’s jeans. He is very low on jeans but I don’t wanna pay anywhere close to full price. I have tried all the other deals posted lately but got there too late. But last night I was able to nab 2 pairs of Arizona jeans for a whopping $2.12 OOP! Sent them to the local store so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. Thanks so much! You are awesome!

  • Danielle

    None of the toys are available now. Darn. Ya snooze ya lose I guess!

  • Curtis Frazier

    Yep, GIVEJOY is now only 20% IF you use your JCPenny card. Looks like I missed a good deal. Probably why the website was so bogged down last night.