Hot deals at Walgreens: Revlon Hair Dryer and More


Yesterday evening I visited my store to use the only two meter coupons I had.  While I was strolling the aisles, enjoying some me time, I found out a hot deal for you.  My store had the Ionic Styler Dryer, 1875 Watt or Travel with Folding Handle, in pink, just like the one above and the one in the ad, on Megasaver (sale price) for only $12.99.  This is the dryer that’s also generating a $10 register reward this week when you buy one!  So you pay only $2.99 for one after register reward.  Use a Bayer Meter Register reward to pay for it and you will be rolling it to get a cheap hair dryer!

Here’s another deal at Walgreens:  Cutter Advanced Insect repellant is on sale this week 2/$4.  Use the $2/1 coupon from yesterday’s (5/31) inserts to get it FREE!  Thanks Saving with Shellie!

Finally, I got an email from Angie, that she found a tearpad at Walgreens for a manufacturer rebate on the 2 liter bottles of Pepsi.  the rebate is to get back $5 when you buy four 2Lt bottles of Pepsi products between 5/17 and 6/13/09.  I see two litter Pepsi Products on sale 4/$5 very often.  So be in the lookout for this tearpad at your stores.  These two liter bottles are great to have around for when you have a barbecue or are entertaining a group of people.

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  • Kate

    My Walgreens has the Cutter Advanced for $1.99, and they wouldn’t price adjust! They told me that price adjusting was coupon fraud. And they were TERRIBLE to me!

  • Tanya Porth

    Is this Revlon deal only on hair dryers? I need a new curling iron.

    • Hi Tanya,

      Check your local ad. But as far as I know it included a flattening iron not a curling one.


  • LisaC

    The Pepsi 2 liters are on sale at Kroger 4 for $5.00. BUT, it gets better. They have a Buy 4 get 2 free promo going. So with the rebate, you are getting 6 for free!

  • CaroleG

    Is the $10 rr say “manufacturers coupon” on it? I can use those at Giant Eagle or CVS, so this would be a great deal!

    • Carole,

      That really is up to those store’s management. Some stores are OK with you using your Walgreens register rewards there but others are not. It is wise to ask before proceeding.


  • Karla Thompson

    You said the we could use the RR from the Bayer Meter towards the hair dryer. Isn’t it true that you can’t use previous RR towards another purchase that is going to give you RR? My Walgreens always tells me that I can use them towards it, but it just won’t print me another one out for the item that I am purchasing. ????

    • Hi Karla,

      That’s only partially true. If you use the RR from the bayer meter to buy more meters then you won’t get a RR again. But you can use the RR from bayer to buy other products that are generating RRs too in different deals.
      That’s what’s great about shopping at Walgreens.


  • Marcia

    Pick and Save has Pepsi 2Lt 10/$10 Free Soda!!!!!

  • I bought the travel hair dryer yesterday, and it did not generate the $10RR since it rang up for $12.99. My ad had the price listed as $19.99 – $10 = $9.99. The manager gave me the $2.99 + tax difference, so I still got the dryer for $9.99.

    (BTW, the travel dryer my store had is white. I really wanted a pink one!)

  • Sienna

    Use the Sierra mist BOGO coupon that was out last month and make money on the 2-liter rebate deal.

  • Heather

    Thank you so much! My mom and I walked to Walgreens as soon as we saw your post this morning. Hers broke a month ago and she has been waiting for a good deal. I expected them to be sold out already but there were tons on the shelf! I also got a hairdryer upgrade.


    I was able to use the $2 off Cutter Advanced coupon at Walgreens, I only paid .26 in tax. It did beep but the cashier keyed in something and it worked!

  • Selena

    Thanks! My store had lots of these today, and the RR did generate. I’ll need a new hairdryer soon, so this is great timing!

  • I tried the hair dryer deal today, but it didn’t work. 🙁 And the meters weren’t on sale, either, so it was a pretty fruitless trip. I’m glad someone’s getting these deals!

  • So what is the deal with the meters? I am so confused about them. I just ordered some new coupons, so I am praying that the meters will work. I went there, and they are not on sale at the moment. Where does it say they are on sale? Anyone know?

  • Kellee

    I was able to buy the flat iron for $19.99 and I received $10RR! I don’t think the hair dryer was marked down; I might check when I go later on this week! Also bought the Cutter Advanced 1 oz. bottle for $2 each, then got them for free when I used my $2 coupon! They were all out of the Blood Glucose Monitors at that store.

  • Lacey

    to Meichelle…about the Meters. It is all in this week’s ad. I don’t remember the page number. They are on sale for $10 or $9.99 and give you a $10 RR back. However, most stores are wiped out I think. They get these good deals, but they only stock their shelves with a few. Sometimes their trucks bring more during the week and sometimes no. I always let my store know ahead of time what to order for the next week. I know what the deals are before they ever lay eyes on an ad. They say that it helps them out when I let them know. But, I had a manager trying to limit me on something this week. He can, but if so, I certainly am not going to help him or anyone of them out doing their job of ordering.

  • Keri

    Is the Cutter repellent that is 2/$4 on sale at all stores? My stores had them marked at regular price for 2/$6 and the lady helping me didn’t believe me when I explained that it was on sale online and I asked her to ring two up to check. She refused to do that and referred me again to the regular sticker price.

  • Kellee

    I got my blood glucose monitor for free! I used my coupon and it generated a $10RR! Then, they had the hair dryers for $12.99 and I used the $10RR from the glucose monitor to pay for that! I was too happy! Thanks for the tips!

  • jody

    Found blow dryer, got 1 pink for granddaughter, bought the Bayer Breeze2 and found one other pink blow dryer for other granddaughter. They are going to have HUGE birthday baskets this year with girlie stuff.

  • Does anyone know if the flat irons (straighteners) that are advertised for $19.99 also will scan for $12.99 as the same as the dryers do? My Walgreens had the dryers priced on the shelf for $19.99 but scanned at the register for $12.99. Would be nice if they did!

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