HOT: Dr. Oz Nike Shoes Giveaway Starts at 3PM EST

this is just a reminder that the Dr. Oz Nike Shoe Giveaway starts at 3PM EST today 1/4.  Check on this link a few minutes before it goes live so you don’t miss it. I can’t wait tp hear how many of you get these.  But be patient if the site gets hammered.  I believe this will be a popular freebie.

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  • Kim

    The page I get to says registration, but is blank. Anyone else?

    • maliha

      same here

    • K

      I can’t get the page to load either. It came up with the registration once, but wouldn’t submit it. 🙁 Now nothing loads.

    • Sadie

      same here =T

    • Evaa

      I was able to fill the form, but when hit the submit button, it said connection was reset, and now the same error is on and on.

    • td

      same here

  • Natalie

    same here

  • jess

    went dead in the middle of my registration as well….

  • mommy2jands

    i had to refresh a lot of times when the page wouldn’t load up. i was able to register and it said thank you for registering when i pressed enter again- but not sure if i won one… i guess i have to wait and see???

    • maliha

      This is what i get:

      Service Unavailable – Zero size object
      The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
      Reference #15.b42333d0.1294171785.2da5f58

  • Anna

    I’ve gotten the form to load 2x but after I hit submit it comes up as unable to load so I have no idea if it’s going through… My husband really needs new shoes and these would be a blessing- I hope it went through!!!

  • Chastity

    same for me 🙁 I was on immediately, it came up with the word Registration and then nothing.

  • Sue

    I still get the “We’re almost ready” page….

  • took forever, but finally got through. It was about seven minutes pushing the submit button before it would take it! I hope I got it. I need some shoes bad!

  • Sue

    What a waste of time that was……………

    • RAchel

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I made sure to log onto the computer for this?

      • Sandra


  • tess

    so i got the form- filled it out and then hit submit and then the screen is blank and at the bottom of the screeen it says done and its not clocking? should i hit the refresh button? did i get it?
    thanks and ugh

  • Mirian Garcia

    I filled out the form twice and hit submit and the connection was lost

    • Kathy

      I had the same problem….filled out the form three times and then the connection was lost.

  • Brenda A.

    I also was getting a blank page after refreshing a few times i was able to register and submit but it didnt state if I won or not, it just said “Thank you for registering for the Dr. Oz and Nike Giveaway!” so I guess we’ll wait and see!

    • Toni

      I got that too. Hope its a good thing!! Waiting to hear if anyone will get an email…..

    • Sarah

      i never got the thank you. that must be a good sign

    • Oni

      Yeah I gotthe thank you for registering screen too after I submittedthe form. Who knows whatthat means… My friend really needs some shoes…

      • Curious

        Did you register for the Move It or Lose It program before today at 3pm when the contest started?

  • Mirian Garcia


    any other grand Ideas NIKE???

  • caroline dasalla

    I wear size 6. Thank you.

  • krista

    i sat here since 230 and just kept hitting it and hitting it so when it would i would get them, never even got the page to load.. guess i was too greedy about it.

  • Helton

    bah, humbug!

  • memuna yahaya

    I wear size 9.

  • joshua

    the registration page is blank, what’s the deal Dr. Oz?

  • tess

    they got what they wanted- our INFO…

  • missey

    Hit the summit button and nothing happen, blank page as stated above.
    They know they are going to be hit hard, you would think they could come up with a way so the site wouldn’t go crazy.
    Says now: the navagation to the page has been cancelled

  • lisette

    its gone now…you guyswere lucky that the page loaded..i kept trying tillnow but nothing..oohh well at least i got to hug my baby while refreshing the page and in exchange he poop…finally he was really constipated…thanks dr oz!

  • selma

    didn’t load at all what a waste of time

  • Julie

    I tried as well. The page would not load. It had a banner that I could click on announcing the giveaway, but it took me to Nike website that said nothing about the free shoes 🙁

  • Curious

    Did the people who got a Thank You for registering also register for the Move It or Lose Program??????

    • Curious

      Specifically, did you register for the Move It or Lose It Program prior to today at 3pm EST???

      • Lisa

        No I had not, at the end it asked if I would like more information on it. But today was the first I heard about it. took forever with error etc…


    Can’t get into site. to register to get shoes. Please advise.

  • Judy

    It told me to use a number for the size – 10 1/2 isn’t a number?

    • Jonathan

      you have to put 10.5

  • Lisa

    I kept going into sight and it kept saying be ready at 3pm est. That’ all i got. went bck in now there is a diagnotic problem can’t link.

    • Lisa

      Oh now it say temperaly having trouble Haha

      • Lisa

        Ahh finally I was able to get the page up and register. It said thank you????? Guess I wait and see??

  • momma

    Message says CONTEST IS OVER

  • Dawn

    I entered my information twice, but when I clicked submit, it didn’t give me a confirmation. So I guess I’ll just wait and see if their server received my info. Nike should be able to afford a better server than the one they had handling this.

  • Katherine

    I tried for 45 minutes to get the page to load… refresh, refresh, refresh and no registration form. Only got a screen that said registration and then it was blank.


    SO after 48 miniutes of refreshing I got : Thank you for registering for the Dr. Oz and Nike Giveaway!

    Return to

    So not sure what that means? I hope all is good it was alot of time to get there 🙂

  • Kellee

    I was able to fill out the form and register, but who know if I am one of the 2,011 people? It took me 55 minutes to get to that form!

  • Jonathan


  • lisette


  • krista

    omgosh i walked away a half hr then decided what the heck tried it again and it went thru.. wish i knew what number i was tho 🙁

  • chrsty

    tried and tried got to fill out the registration, but never went thru congrats to all who got thru!1

  • Tami

    I just entered it now for Ha ha’s and it went through. Because I tried at 3 and it wasn’t letting me. So we will see what happens 🙂

  • Bren P

    How do you know you got the shoes? I filled out the form then it went to another page. I wasn’t able to read the next page because it timed out. I just saw something about a voucher before my browser timed out. Did the people that got the shoes get an email or something? Just curious.


    • Katherine

      I would like to know if you are suppose to get an e-mail also. Haven’t heard anything yet. Has anyone else?