*HOT* Milk Coupons

The National Milk Mustache Campaign is hosting a sweepstakes:  Win a year of free milk.  120 families will win this giveaway price which will come in the form of a coupon booklet with 52 coupons for free gallons of milk.  You can also enter via text by texting WIN to 38488. The first 100,000 people to enter the giveaway will have a chance to print the following Milk Coupons:

  • Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of white gallon)
  • Free white milk gallon (with $100 grocery purchase)
  • Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of two white gallons)
  • Free single serve (with purchase of white gallon or half gallon)

This giveaway goes live at 11AM EST. But it seems you can enter via text already.  The site may get busy, so be patient if you have problems getting it to load.

Thanks Eendevors!

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  • sherry

    Did anyone get the milk contest to work. Please tell me what to do. Thank you, The Milk Lover

    • garyb

      seems to be working now. i got an email link to print a coupon, it was free half gallon of chocolate milk with white gallon purchase…

  • Carol

    The coupon says, “valid only at Participating Retailers”
    Where do we find a list of them? Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to use a coupon and being denied.

    • garyb

      that doesnt worry me, if it is a major supermarket they should take it, as long as they accept internet copuons…

      • Carol

        Our local Walmart won’t allow internet printed coupons for anything free….even when you have to buy something to get it free.

        • roo

          competitor’s ad, although some stores keep them by the registers.
          How to get free stuff at Walmart
          1) Pretty much the only way to get free stuff at Walmart is by combining a roll back or everyday low price price a manufacturer coupon or mail in rebate.

          Things to Remember When Shopping at Walmart
          1) Don’t let cashiers or Assistant Managers tell you that Walmart doesn’t accept internet coupons. Accepting internet coupons is part of Walmart’s Corporate Coupon Policy. Print this coupon policy and bring with you to help your shopping experience.

          3) You can use up to $40 worth of coupons at a regular check out without requiting manager approval (at self checkout this goes down to $20). After manager approval you can use as many coupons as you want.

          4) Before you leave the store make sure to check your receipt to verify that coupon discounts you expected were applied. It is easier to correct situations right after you complete the transaction than later.

  • Stacey

    I got the coupon…it expired yesterday.

  • Tiffany

    No it expires Feb 10.

  • CJ

    All I can see on the website is a glass of milk and colored bands. No place to enter info or print a coupon.

    • CJ,
      try using another web browser. sometimes these sites design element don’t work well with certain versions of web browsers.


  • CJ

    Finally got it to work but my coupon was for a free gallon wyb $100 groceries. I will never buy that many groceries all at once, I just wanted the free half gallon of chocolate 🙁

  • I also got the free gallon when you spend $100. I think we have spent $100 in one grocery trip about once or twice in our lives. Normally $40 to $60 per trip. So a worthless coupon for me. *pout* And we go through 2 gallons of milk per week, so was hopeful and my family loves chocolate milk!