HOT: Pepperidge Farm Cookies Printable Coupon


I just spotted this very hot coupon on $1 off any package of Pepperidge Farm Cookies.  I just found out from Heather that you can use it on the small bags sold by the Dollar Spot at Target (or check by register area too) to get them FREE!  That’s a yummy deal!!

Please forgive if I am getting all excited about all of this indulgent snack deals but remember that I am 32 weeks pregnant and craving cookies 😉

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  • qponcents

    Thanks for this coupon!! Yumm…

  • erika

    Hey can someone tell me what zip code to use. I tried mine 11220 and i dont see the coupon. I also tried 45435, 22477, and 32606 and i still dont see the coupon.

  • Chariti

    I don’t see the coupon either. Is it gone already?!

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  • krissyg89

    Thanks! Worked like a charm! Got them today. The cookies were in the $1 isle near the front of the store. They were the only things I got. The coupons didn’t beep or anything, but I think the lady wanted to give me a hard time anyway because my total was $0 lol

  • Ro Graves

    Last week I bought a box of Pepperidge Farm Holiday Homestyle cookies and was very disappointed in them. Holiday cookies are usually light and flavorful. The cookies I bought were heavy with dark chocolate, not much flavor and only a few sugar cookies. Not the quality I expect and usually get from Pepperidge Farm products.

    Ro Graves
    Prairie Village, KS