Hot Printable: $0.50 off One Dole Product

dole-coupon1The hot printable coupon for$0.50 off one Dole canned, jarred or frozen fruit is back!  and this time you don’t have to play a game to access it.  Just visit to print yours.  Just yesterday I bought a few cans of sliced pineapple for $0.75 each at Walmart.  This coupon would make them $0.25 each.  I am printing mine now as in the past this coupon has reached print limit fast.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

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  • Kent

    You can call me Debbie Downer, but I would stay away from all canned products since Consumer Reports tested various canned products and all had high levels of BPA.

    • Hi Kent,

      My husband is also a huge fan of consumer reports so he had already mentioned the article to me. He said there was last week too an article about BPA found in pregnant women and how those who tried to follow an organic diet had it high too.
      We don’t eat canned fruits and vegetables very often at all. I am not a fan of canned veggies at all and I only use canned fruit when I make kugel. I’d rather use frozen or seasonal.


  • Joy

    You can use it on frozen fruit or the glass jar fruit, not just the cans.

  • kristina

    That is why is so important to pray for your food before you eat.

    • Kristina,

      This really made me laugh. Thanks!