Hot Printable Coupon: $0.75 off one Dozen Eggs


Check out this new HOT printable coupon available on  Save $0.75 off one carton of Great Day Natural Eggs (12 or 18ct) printable coupon.  These are sold at Walmart.  I know I have seen the price before but can’t recall at the moment.  If any of you knows it please share in the comments section.

Happy Savings!

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  • kim

    Which zip code are you using for the egg coupon? Mine in Michigan is not showing up. Thanks

  • Shannon

    Try 48023. Thank CSWM. I am linking! 🙂

  • D

    I was able to get one and I’m in michigan.

  • Sheryl

    I cannot see the coupon either. What zipcode do you need to use?

  • D

    It’s not right to get a coupon by not using your real zip code, to not use your correct zipcode is as bad as stealing a coupon.

    • Adaeze

      D —

      Are you kidding me? There is nothing at all wrong with using a coupon from ANY, that’s right ANY zipcode! Retailers are reimbursed no matter what zip code the coupon is redeemed in! Marketing departments send coupons to certain regions of the country based on varied criteria. A SMART shopper would cash in on coupons from wherever they can be obtained!

      • D

        But thats lying to obtain a sale!!! I was able to get the coupon but I did not use anyone elses zip code but my own. Did you ever think that the retailers are specific and if it doesn’t show with your zipcode then forget it???

        Don’t get me wrong– I love a good coupon and a sale but I wouldn’t ever use someone elses zipcode to obtain a coupon.

        • Adaeze

          Actually, it’s not lying… I obtain coupons from my own zip code, but I use other zip codes too. I don’t really understand your comment about the retailers are specific, etc. Retailers will accept any valid coupon and will be reimbursed from the manufacturer. It’s a win/win for both the retailer and the consumer. As I stated earlier, manufacturers use their marketing departments to distribute coupons to certain regions of the country based on various criteria. If the product were not available in the region the consumer lives in, the coupon would not be considered valid in the retail store. It’s that simple. It may be that a product is being launched in waves throughout the country, hence the regionality of the coupon.

  • aaemail

    Anyone know how much these eggs are?

  • S

    Isn’t the zipcode left up to each person’s own conscious?

  • I don’t see it as being any different than me living in Michigan and buying the Chicago and Philadelphia’s newspapers for their coupons.

  • Holly

    Who cares – Seems like a lot of too doo over a 75cent coupon.
    Anyone know how much these cost?

  • Laura

    If using a different ZIP code is wrong, then please explain purchasing coupons off the internet?

  • DonDada

    I agree with Laura. Coupons vary, even within the same city! People can pay for coupon clipping services over the internet and obtain coupons from different cities. Or what if you are visiting from out of town and use coupons from your home state in the state you are visiting?