*HOT* Staples Return Address Stamp 99¢ Shipped ($18 Savings)


Here is a great offer from Staples!  Simply click on the banner to the right that looks like the picture above to get a Self-Inking Return Address Stamp for just $0.99 (regularly $18.99). Choose from black, red, green blue, or purple ink.  Plus if you don’t use any Staples images, instead opting to upload your own  image from your computer or clip art for your stamp you will get Priority or Rush Shipping for FREE! Otherwise, shipping starts around $7.99.

stamp checkout

You can remove all the text and turn this stamp into whatever you want really!  Use it for your home busines, personal use or even for your chidren’s teachers!  You will have to pay any applicable tax but you save a total of $18!!

Get started here.

Thanks Hip2Save

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  • Kim

    Thank you! What a great deal! I made a return address stamp with my daughter’s birthday theme with clip art and it rush shipped for $.99 plus tax.

  • Julie

    Hi, the stamp is $.99 but there is no free shipping ;(

  • Kathykayh

    Thanks so much for the tip…the shipping was free once I uploaded an image of my own. Looks great, shipped to me for $1.4 with tax.

  • Julie

    Thanks Kathykayh! I uploaded an image and the stamp was $1.05! Thanks so much for sharing 😉

  • Deb

    I just made one and got rush shipping all for the $1.05! Thanks so much for the tip. We love Snoopy so I used Snoopy characters on our return address stamp. Yay!

  • Beth Janikowski

    I can’t get the free shipping and it still says its 9.99 when I go to checkout. Any suggestions?

  • Anne

    They say on the website 99 cents, but it looks like they’re $9.99 now. 🙁

  • Tracy

    They are 9.99 now 🙁

  • Tammy

    Same thing happened to me. Website says .99 but it is really 9.99. Bummer. I’m glad a few were able to get this deal though! Thanks for the post.

  • olderwiser

    All the work I exerted and it turns out to be 9.99 plus 9.95 for shipping. Bah! Waste of time!

  • Sharla

    I got the stamp for 99 cents plus tax, but I just received an email from staples stating that shipping was not included and now I have to pay for shipping!!!

    • Some people have already had it delivered. I do not think they can go back and charge you shipping after the fact.


  • Julie

    ME TOO!! I called but no one is there to answer. I will hold my ground on this….I was charged and totaled at $1.05 and paid and have my receipt. No retailer comes back at you to say you owe more money!! If it’s their glitch…then it’s their problem, not mine. I’m TICKED!

  • Ashli

    I received the same email – Sharla and Julie! I’m standing my ground too. I think it’s ridiculous to come back after the fact and tell me I owe you more!

  • Amber

    Same here re: the email! I just forwarded it to customer service with a note reminding them it’s THEIR fault their system didn’t apply fees. I will not be paying for any. I’ll also remember this when another opportunity to order from staples.com comes up. There might be a Twitter rant too.

  • Julie

    OK, I am still on HOLD and it’s been 26 minutes!!!! I will contact customer service via email like Amber and do the same. I will not be using Staples any more…Office Depot is in the neighboring strip mall. This is crazy to get customers all worked up like this and completely turn them off, especially in this economy. I think Mercedes, the author of this blog, should contact them and protest as well.

  • Julie

    Hi Mercedes, thanks for the input. The email I received this morning said if I don’t pick a shipping method by Tues. then the order will be cancelled. This is a complete fiasco. Thanks for posting other great deals, tho, Mercedes. I guess they all can’t be perfect, huh? It’s no fault of yours, obviously.

  • Elizabeth

    I also received the email. How annoying. But I have to say that I am glad I am not the only one. I normally love Staples. But this makes me angry. I had actually ordered two at two different times but I only got one email about one of the orders. So I wonder what that means. I am hoping that they will honor their deal. Can someone post any responses they may have gotten? Thanks!

  • olderwiser

    I posted a comment on FB to Staples regarding the snafu. Told them I started my order thinking it would be .99 and ended up being charged more. They replied right away apologizing for the error but did not offer the free shipping as CSWM had promised. However, they did offer to adjust my order to ninety nine cents but told me I would be responsible for the S&H. I had to order at the higher price and then send them a private message with my completed order number. They said they will make the adjustment on my VISA bill and that remains to be seen. The private response to me on FB however was quick and polite. I did take advantage of the offer because I want to gift someone with this address stamp for an upcoming special occasion.

  • Heartland Hannah

    I received the email too : ( After being on hold with the customer service number for 35 minutes, I gave up and tried their chat feature. After waiting about 10 minutes to be connected the guy “Nathaniel” told me I had to call customer service. I said I already tried that and was on hold for over half an hour and he wrote back “they are busy today” and then terminated the chat. How rude!!

    I understand sites can have glitches, but let’s face it – the cost to mail these items would be about $2, so at least they could offer to charge us $2 instead of gouging us with $10 or $13 to ship it. Even priority mail flat rate is a bit over $5 – so they are really socking it to us on shipping.

    I emailed customer service and pointed all this out, we’ll see if I ever get a response.

  • Julie

    Duh! FB! I will post my scathing comments on the Staples FB! Great idea 😉

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