Hot Target Deals: Leapfrog Books, Beauty and The Beast Movie and More

There are some HOT deals going on at Target this week.  remember that there will be two sales circulars at Target.  One runs from today through 11/24 and the other ones from 11/25-11/27.  Check out these deals available through 11/24:

Leapfrog Tag Books on sale buy one get one free
Use $5/1 Tag book coupon (direct link to coupon, Thanks Mom 23)
Use $5/2 Tag book coupon (through Tropicana rewards, login or sign up and take survey to earn 1 pt)
As low as free if your store allows use of one coupon per item  (Thanks For The Mommas)

Beauty and the Beast DVD/Blu Ray $24.99
Use $10/1 BATB coupon
Use $5/1 any Disney Movie Target coupon (under electronics)
Pay $9.99 after coupons (Thanks Free Snatcher!)

Cuponk Game $5
Use $5/1 CuponK coupon
Pay $2 after coupon  (Thanks Spend Less save More)

Little People Nativity set $13.99

Some of these deals are very popular so you may want to hit your store sooner rather than later.

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  • Kathleen

    Don’t forget the 50% off Disney Princess coupon in the ad. I got the 7 pack of Disney princess dolls for $27.49! (Usually $59.99 at our Target. On Sale for $54.99)

    Also got Scrabble Flash for $9!
    $20 – $5 Target Coupon – $3 MFR Coupon (found this at Toys R’ Us on a tearpad) = $12
    BUT….the register rang the MFR coupon as $6 and the manager said to just leave it so I got the game for $9!

  • jennym

    If you can find the keebler/kellogs coupon books at your local grocery store, they have 3 off one leapster book in them=) So theoretically,, you could have 6 off two books.

  • *Amanda

    I bought 8 books at Target this morning with 4 coupons. I didnt try to use a coupon on the free ones since I wanted 8 anyhow. Such a great deal!

  • Catherine

    I saw the Beauty and the Beast DVD won’t be available until Tuesday… the one on the flyer Blu-Ray/DVD combo??

  • ashleyg

    Got the free books (2) and two beauty and the beast movies for 9.99 each. Great post, thanks a bunch. Coupon for free book scanned fine by the way.

  • Jessica

    I was able to get a my generation deluxe doll ($34 and change), a free outfit (with a coupon in the toy catalog), the 7 pack of Disney princesses (with a 50% off coupon), and got a $5 gift card back (on the back of the toy catalog). It was a great start to the shopping season for me!

  • Christy

    There’s an unadvertised sale on mobigo..originally 59.00
    But it rang up for 29.99 at the register then with the
    10.00 off coupon from the toy big book…it came to 19.99!!!
    Great deal!!

  • Kim

    For the Beauty and the Beast DVD/Blue Ray Combo, its on sale at Toys R Us for $17.99. I was able to do a price match, use the $10 off coupon and the $5 off Target coupon and paid $2.99 for it.

    I also was able to use 2 coupons on 2 Tag Books getting them both FREE! No beeps!

  • amy

    The beauty and the beast coupon is for the blue ray/dvd combo diamond addition, and the diamond addition is not on sale. Only the diamond addition is out right now.

  • No store should allow you to use the $5/1 AND the $5/2 on just 2 items. That would mean you are applying coupons to 3 items- am I missing a target coupon or something there?

    • Alicia,
      I never meat to say use both coupons. I meant to use use either or.


  • Casey

    There are no prints left for the Tag books.

  • Deanna

    I went to Target for the two books with a $5 coupon and a $3 coupon. It took both of them, but when I checked my receipt, It had bundled the two books, showing taking the $8 off but really didn’t. At the bottom of the bundle it said total price $23.99, – $9.99, = total price $13.99. I went to the manager who gave me back my $3 coupon and $5 cash. So while the machine took them and then it showed on the receipt, it really didn’t take the money off my total. Check your receipts!!

  • Sadie

    I wanted to post to say that I was at Target this morning, and they are out of the little people nativity sets…I was told they are gone faster than they can stock them, and the leapfrog tag books were pretty much all out…just a few left. Congrats if you can get these deals, though.