Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards 5 More Points


Here are five more Enjoy the Ride Rewards Codes I have not shared with you yet.  Add them to your account and choose to play the sweeps, instant win or accumulate them for items in the rewards catalog.  Don’t give up on this rewards program.  I have so far won a $25 gift card to Kohls and keep trying my luck towards the Starbucks gift card.  Plenty of my readers won in the interactive game (no longer available).  A very lucky reader was surprised with the delivery of 50 coupons for free jumbo packs of diapers!  Yes, she won a year’s supply of diapers.  You enter for a chance to win the same when you register for the rewards program.  There’s a daily winner too.

PBWSM-QGKCL-BKPGB  (5 pts and expires 1/31/10)  Thanks Magda!

If you are new to this program, you can get quickly caught up by adding all of the codes I have shared with you. You can find them all in one place, right here.

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  • Greta

    I just joined this program as I have several packs of Huggies diapers in my daughter’s closet. However, none of the packs have any codes in them. I thought all packs have codes like Pampers do for their rewards program… am I missing something here?

    • Hi Greta,

      No, not all packages have codes. This program is fairly new so not all packages in the market have the codes.


  • Amy

    I just see one code…am I not reading it right?

    • Hi Amy,

      You are right, it’s five more points not codes.


  • Amy

    Got it! Thank you so much for all you do! Your blog rocks 🙂

  • Ann

    I was surpised to learn that I had won a wooden gym set worth $1250.00! It is being delivered soon!!!1

  • Diana

    Has anyone else received the $10 Enjoy The Ride gift card yet? I won mine on Aug 13th and haven’t received it yet.

  • lora

    Here is another code for 2 pts

    exp: 11/20/2009

  • benz1968

    I won a $25 Starbuck GC. I just got it last week. Invited my hubby for coffee…after he treated me to

  • Lora

    Diana- if you are talking about the $10 from the instant win game where you search for the babies….I won and havent received min either.

  • Renee S.

    Diana & Lora – I haven’t received mine either.

  • Jenna

    what does it mean when you say expire…you must enter it by then or must redeem something with the points? THANKS

    • You have to enter them into your account before the expiration date.


  • sadie

    I have been playing for months now…haven’t won anything yet. Is there some kind of trick? I have tried clicking the accept button in various positions of the little rubber ducky. 🙂