Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Codes: 8 More Points


I have four more Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards codes to share with you. If you have not added these to your account already you should be able to add a total of 8 more points.  I am holding on to my points until more prizes are added to the Instnt Win section.  Unfortunately I am not lucky at finding those babies.  What have you won recently?

BXZWT-NJFSL-HCPGB (worth 5 points)

BGCJJ-ZSTLN-NSPGB (worth one point)

BGCSZ-MBLDW-WDPGB (worth one point)

BGDZB-QLXKN-NCPGB (worth one point)  Thanks Freebies4mom!

If you are new to this program, you can get quickly caught up by adding all of the codes I have shared with you. You can find them all in one place, right here.

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  • Mercede – For the third code, there is an extra dash between the two W’s. I got a code error until I removed the dash, and then it took it with no problem.

    • Thanks Melissa,

      I fixed that.


  • Stevie

    I havent won anything yet, but have tried MANY times.
    I was sick of losing so I used some points and bought the washable triangular paintbrushes. Only 94 points isnt bad!

  • Kathy

    I have a code that people can use. I had no idea that you could use another person’s codes after they have entered them. My code is WFMWP-MLQMR-SRXSF.

    • FRET

      You can not use the code that you have left.

      • RIGGS441


  • Lana

    There is also a new video to watch and a new poll to take.

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    Hi: Thanks so much. Ouir total is growing. Blessings JANARIE8


    Hi: Thanks so much, our total is growing. Blessings Janarie8

  • Deborah M.

    Here are some more codes for everyone:

    Wlncw-qkplc-fjfxh 4 points

    • Noel

      are all of these codes used already like off of the diapers and stuff! becasuse it is saying that these codes are already used and you cannot credit them to your account!

  • Betty

    I won a $25 gas card this morning around 7:30 am et! I am so excited. Have been entering codes for a few months and finally hit a good one! Mercedes, thanks for such a great blog.

    • marg

      how do you win?

  • Dianna McNamee

    i am so confused. whenever i try to put in one of these codes, it tells me it has been used already. am i doing something wrong, or am i just missing something?

    • SpunkyMom

      If the code came from a package of diapers, wipes, etc., it is a one time use and should not have posted here if the poster has already used it. If the code come from the huggies websites or coupons and ads, then it can be used multiple times but one time per user. These can be posted here. Some posters do not understand that and are posting their codes from products they bought after using the code themselves and no one else can use those codes.

  • Amanda

    These codes DO NOT work. They are all used. They must be a one time use only.

  • Nydia

    Hi Everyone:

    Someone on another website posted a comment that stated that only the codes ending in PGB can be used by more than one person. You will find it true once entering codes. I hope that helps.

    God Bless!

  • Irene


    WHTZHNBDQFXKPGB = 5 points
    BCSTDHJZXTKPPGB = 5 points
    BDGTWXSQBJTXPGB = 5 points
    NBDKD QZGDT FJPGB = 5 points
    BCRQB RMLXS BJPGB = 5 points
    BCRLQ TQFXS KCPGB = 5 points
    BCBCK PXQNK KGPGB = 1 point
    PWZLK XCQNS QSPGB = 5 points
    BCBHC JXSNF TWPGB = 1 point
    BBXJG QPMKN NQPGB = 1 point
    BCRRN DTQKC WPPGB = 5 points
    MLXRC CNRWK KWPGB = 5 points
    GWMGG PJXKF LLPGB = 5 points
    QRNXW HLQGC PPPGB = 5 points
    ZXLRK BTBBM NNPGB = 5 points
    PBWSM QGKCL BKPGB = 5 points
    BCXSF DDGFC GXPGB = 2 points
    PLWGF ZRJNX FWPGB = 5 Points
    BBQCX GGQBX SSPGB = 1 Points
    BCRXS LGWCN NKPGB = 5 Points
    BDHDN FBJGH CMPGB = 5 Points
    QWBZL JFJLP MDPGB = 5 Points
    BCSQD DNXQF BBPGB = 5 points
    BCNTP WXTNL XKPGB = 1 point
    BCFRH SDWLP XFPGB = 1 point
    BCMJG GKLMJ KJPGB = 1 point
    BCJHP HBTLL KDPGB = 1 point

  • KIM

    Awesome! the PGB codes are working. Thanks!! Where did you get all these??

    • KIM

      Not all those codes worked, said they were expired. Some of the 5 pts worked none of the others.. 1,2 pointers worked. Thxs for what worked!

  • Amanda

    Some of them didn’t work but it was DEFINATELY worth going through. Thank you!

  • Joy

    Thank you. Some of the codes worked 🙂 God Bless

    • Ichell

      good, thax I earn 20 pts

  • Heather
  • the tristan’s waelder,tx

    Here’s the deal(pickle)…….once the points are used to received something, they cannot be used again. But not until they are used, they points will be gained. Thanks to those who share their points. SHARING IS CARING

    • RIGGS441

      actually many points I have picked up off internet have worked. I just got 193 points from trying every code I have come across. Took me about 45 min of searching and copy/pasting though. I do this while I am nursing, breaks up the time a bit.

  • FenwickMama

    not sure if this will work for multiple people but it’s worth 30 points!


  • kimberly

    Hey. If any one would like to send me email unused codes that they have i would really appricate it.

  • anonymous

    OK >>> STOP asking people to send you codes. EVERYONE is looking for these codes. Everyone searching these sites has small kids. Don’t be so greedy! YOU are getting really annoying! YOU should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Lilly
    look @ planejanes list