Huggies Products Deal at Kmart 5/31-6/6

kmartlogo2There’s a catalina promotion starting today at Kmart that includes Huggies Diapers.  The promotion is called “Buy More, Save More” and these are the details:

  • Spend $20, get a coupon good for $3 off your next purchase
  • Spend $35, get a coupon for $7 off your next purchase
  • Spend $50, get a coupon for $14 off your next purchase

Some of the Huggies products included are on sale this week including Huggies little Swimmers $6.99, Huggies boxes of diapers$19.99, 320-384 count packs of wipes $8.99.  The best part is that the totals used for the promotion are vefore coupons, so you save even more after you apply coupons.  Last week I received $3/1 off any Huggies diaper coupon for being a member of the Huggies Baby Network.  But there were also $1.50/1 huggies diapers and $2/1 Pull Ups pants in the 5/17 coupon inserts.  I am not sure if Kmart is already carrying the Huggies Pure and Natural type but don’t forget about this $3/1 printable coupon.

Thanks to Baby Good Buys for the heads up and details on this deal.

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  • Thanks for the link love!

  • Julie

    If you plan on spending more than $50 you can get a sweeter deal on diapers when you use Kmart’s $5 off $50 purchase coupon.
    Here is the link:

  • julie

    I was just at Kmart with my coupons in hand
    You need to have a balance of $50 after the coupons to get the $14 reward
    Left the store with only $7 in rewards
    I wish someone would have told me that I had extra coupons and baggies to buy

    • Hi julie,

      Sorry to hear that. I have done catalina deals at Kmart before and the total has always been after coupons. Is it possible you included a product not in the list of eligible products?


  • julie

    The check out person said it might be because I used a buy one get one free Zip Lock Bag coupon.

    • Did you get any product that recently came out in the market? sometimes UPC codes ofr these promotions are not updated to reflect new additions.


  • julie

    I was also in Pick N Save to pick up a gallon of Milk
    I notice that Swiss Premium Tea was on sale
    There was a coupon a couple of weeks ago for $1 off and try me free mail in offer.
    That will be a good one for Wed. Double coupons!

  • kate

    I was just there yesterday – they had double coupons, I bought a pkgs of goodnights (clearance $8.24), 3 pkgs of pullups ($9.99 each – since they’re dropping the count in their pkgs from 21 – 19) used $1.50 on the goodnights total of $3 savings, then $2 on EACH pullup, total of $4 EACH, $38 before hand in purchases, and $15 savings, net $23…I got a $14 printout coupon – now the other stuff I bought was clothes…other non-huggies items, but total was over $50! I was kinda shocked!