Huggies Wipes $0.99 at Target after Coupon


Are you a bit sad you don’t have a Walgreens by you and won’t be able to get some cheap diapers there next week?  Maybe you don’t need diapers but could use some wipes?  If that’s the case, I have another place where you could use that $5 off Huggies coupon.  Target carries the 184 ct of Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive Wipes for $5.99.  Use your $5 off coupon and you get them for $0.99 after coupon.

Do you not have any babies?  I would be happy to take those $5 off Huggies coupons of your hands :-).  I can’t tell you how incredibly high value that coupon is and how useful it is for those of us with little ones in diapers.  If you have no use for those coupons, you may want to consider blessing a friend or family member with such high savings.

  • Marissa

    Does anyone else know prices of the natural fit diapers at other stores?

  • juanita

    As I read the coupon, it says $5 off any Huggies Gentle Care diaper product. I thought that meant it had to be used on diapers. Is that not the case?

    • Mercedes

      The coupon says off any Huggies Gentle care product. It doesn’t specify diapers. Double check. As long as the product is Gentle care you can use. there are also gentle care diaper pads.


  • Liz

    Same here – I thought it had to be used on diapers….

  • Wendy

    Is the printable coupon still available?

  • Kristin

    Wow! Thanks for this and your blog. I printed it twice and am excited to go use it!

  • Letty

    I printed my coupons literally the night they first came available and the coupon says “any Gentle Care Product”. I have heard though that the newer prints are specifying diapers only, although I haven’t seen one of those!

  • Karen

    wow~thank you for the info. Is this deal start next week?

  • Jane

    Thank you for posting this! I don’t know how you know what the sales are so far in advance for Walgreens, but I am glad I can count on you knowing! I shared the coupons with my readers earlier in the week, and I will link to you regarding this post as well. So helpful…thanks!


  • Amy

    I’ve used the $5 coupon 3 times already on the wipes. My coupons said “product” not “diapers” and they do not beep. Just look carefully for the ones Mercedes has pictured.


  • Cranky old woman

    While we no longer have any babies around the house, the youngest is seven, I bought two of these and put them in our emergency supplies kit. They are awesome in case of a natural disaster, for quick “baths” for all, when water supplies are out. Such as a hurricane, or tornado.

  • Erin


    My Target’s regular price is $10.29 for a jumbo pack. That makes out to be not so bad. I have found them to have the cheapest non-sale price.

  • Jess

    Is it possible to have the coupon mailed to you? For some reason..I can’t print it. It keeps telling me to unclick something in my printer properties, but I keep doing it and it still gives me that message!

    • Mercedes

      I don’t know Jess how to have it mailed but you could contact directly and maybe they can help you troubleshoot the problem.


  • sue

    I printed two coupons and dont need them if you would like me to mail them to you let me know your address and I will send them as soon as you give me your address dont worry about the price of a stamp

    • kim

      hi sue
      I would like to get your coupons
      will you please email me the coupons at following email id

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  • Jess

    Wow Sue! That is so nice! We just found out we’re having twins so that would be a great help!! My email is If you can email me there, then I will give you my address. I really appreciate it!

  • Barbie

    Mine won’t print either :( :( :( I would LOVE to get my hands on those coupons! My little one has a sensitive hiney and those are our favorite wipes! Any other suggestions?

    • Mercedes

      Hi Barbie,
      I would try contacting to troubleshoot. Also contct friends and family to see if they can print this for you. Finally you can try to trade for them.


  • kelly

    What diaper deal is at Walgreen’s next week? I went yesterday and used the pharmacy coupon on the 2/$9 and they would only let me use it on one and they took the coupon! So what is coming up?

    • Mercedes

      There will be a RR deal on Huggies: Buy $25 get $10 RR back. Use the $5 printables on and get them very cheap after manufacturer and RR.

      Why didn’t they let you use the Pharmacy coupon?

  • fran

    I just printed the Huggies $5 coupon maybe a 1/2 hr. ago. It states on the site “diapers”, but the actual coupon is for Gentle Care “Product”. So hurry and print these. I’m getting my husband to print 2 also. Mercedes, can you imagine if you have 5 $5 Huggies coupons, and providing you can find 5 Huggies Baby Wipes next week, you will pay $6 and get a RR for $10? That would be a good MM. If I get 4 coupons, I’ll just buy 4 ($24) and get a box of Kleenex ($1.34) to reach the $25. I also have a $.40 Kleenex coupon. Happy shopping.

  • julie

    worked great for me! wipes for 0.99, thanks for the tip!

  • Marie

    Does anyone know if these coupons will work for Pull-ups?

    • Mercedes

      Hi Marie,
      If the coupon says it’s only good on gentle Care products, it should only be used on those item.


  • tubeless

    shoot. I really could have used the wipes coupon. Yup, I printed the coupons this week and it does specifically say DIAPER products. SHOOT. But I will still use these on the Walgreens huggies diaper special coming up.

  • Jessie

    I’m in North Cal. I used these at Safeway for the diapers (9.99 on special until March 24th) and Target for the wipes (6.89 regular price) last week. I had co-workers ( I work in an office, loaded with computers) and friends print them off and had over 50+ coupons total….. Yikes. I still have more coupons, the original ones labeled product before they corrected them and will use them at Walgreen’s and Target next week. I have two in diapers and learned to stock up when you get a deal as good as this!

  • Michelle

    Where is the coupon . I cant find it anywhere

  • Michele

    I can not find the coupon for the huggies wipes to get them at Target for .99 cents.

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