I Can’t Shop at Target

I’ve been reading on the blogosphere and on the message boards tons of stories regarding people’s nightmare experiences at Target. In short, with Target retracting their toy coupon, the stores can’t get their story straight regarding what coupons they are or are not accepting.

I am going to be honest with you. The only reason I don’t shop at Target is because it usually involves spending a lot of money out of pocket. I guess even with the very little CVS shopping I do I have gotten spoiled. Spending more than $20 at that store almost causes a panic attack. I just can’t do it.

I just don’t think I can pull going into that store and getting 60 dollars worth of items for <$2 like you can do at CVS. It would send out a huge red flag whereas at CVS cashiers don't bat an eye. I have coupons that I need to go use there. But the only reason I haven't gone and used them is because I know that to redeem them I will probably have to pad my order with other items so my final out of pocket is not below $10. That’s the reason I can’t shop at Target anymore: I want to keep my money in my pocket, or bank account.

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  • Ashley

    You are so lucky to have a CVS near you, there isn’t one in the state I live in! Target has gotten me some awesome deals and the targets here have never given me problems with coupons, I guess I am lucky too 😉

  • Chief Family Officer

    I’ve had a few coupon problems at Target, but only one really bad experience with a cashier who simply couldn’t wrap her brain around stacking. How much stuff would you buy at Target? And can you break it up into multiple trips? I keep my transactions fairly small, which keeps the number of coupons down, and that doesn’t seem to really set off alarms. Although, as you rightly anticipate, be prepared for Target printable issues – the last time I was there, I had to wait while the cashier checked to make sure that she could take an Archer Farms pizza coupon. She didn’t have a bad attitude or anything, and clearly just wanted to make sure she was following the latest policy. (They let me use the coupon; the sign at the register clearly stated that the only coupons they weren’t accepting were the $5/$25.) Hope that helps!

  • mustbekarmah

    I can completely understand. I need to stay away from certain stores as well as they tempt me to purchase more than when I went in there for.

    I have never had problems with coupons at Target, but then I haven’t gone there and done a huge lot of coupons… yet.

  • Mercedes

    I forgot to mention that the same can be achieved at Walgreens. The thing with Walgreens is that the money making deals at that store are sporadic. the last one was at the beginning of May. When this happen I made about $70 in register rewards that I used to purchase other things I needed. CVS deals are moe ongoing and depending on how you do it you can “play your cards” to intermix things you need with current deals with very little OOP spend at the end. I guess the same could be achieved with GC offers at Target. But it seems legitimate money making offers at Target are not very common. Sure other people can make money there but it usually involves coupon fraud.

  • Mercedes

    I don’t have a “ton” of coupons to use at Target. I have three of the $5/3 and four $3 off revlon. They are all insert coupons. But I think my thing is, I want to go there just to buy these items. After coupons these should be free or pretty close to free and I feel that if I just go and buy these items it will send up a red flag to Target people. so I fell I have to pad my order and I don’t want to do that.

  • Frugal Finds

    I am so sorry to hear you have had problems with Target. That is one of my best stores. Toys R Us has irked me in a similar way with their customer service and then retratcting the Thomas the Train coupons. Even my CVS has a coupon cop as a manager. I guess it all really depends on the staff at each store.
    Frugal Carol

  • Marcy

    Target is a problem store for me too in terms of spending out of pocket. I avoided Target in May and hit my budget. I went there twice in June and spent $84 and $65…which contributed to me going over budget. I can’t blame it on the store though…I just love it so much that there is too much temptation for me! I go in intending to buy cleaning supplies or whatever, and come out with sunglasses, cute seasonal stuff etc… I am bummed about the whole coupon thing, but am hoping that they will rework how they issue store coupons so that we can use them (the correct way) again.

  • Alexandra

    Me too! I was going for the freebies – dollar coupons with the small sizes, but they are getting too picky with coupons now. Even with a copy of their corporate policy in hand, it’s just too much of a hassle.

    The pet food is sometimes a good deal, but K-Mart has the same prices. If K-mart is sold out, I hit Target.

    I’m going back to concentrating on my favorites: Dollar General and Family Dollar. We don’t have a CVS nearby, and lately the drug stores sell out of the good rebate/coupon deals within 48 hours.

  • Jennifer

    I haven’t had any problems at Target, yet. I’ve gotten great deals, but I don’t shop there often.

  • Bren

    Yes. I tried to buy $5 worth of trial sizes with coupons that clearly did NOT exclude them and I bought about $30 worth of other products but I spent 45 minutes in line with the cashier and manager carfully reading my coupons and deciding in the end that they would not accept ANY coupons for trial sizes. Well, I wish they would have posted that near the trial size area. My icecream had melted and I was steamed!!! I will never shop there again. GIVE ME A BREAK!