Iron Shopper Week 2

Welcome to week TWO of the Iron Shopper Challenge!  Every Monday I will set up this post where you can share  and brag about the deals you got at the stores you shop.  On Sunday morning I will close this thread and name the winner of the Iron Shopper Challenge for the week.  The winner will be selected based on the number of votes their entry receives.  So make sure to make your entry appealing to get people to vote for it.  Share your deal with friends and family to get more votes too.  Competing is OK but having fun is what’s important.  I want this to be a forum where you can share and brag about the deals you have gotten.

After Aimee’s win last week, who will be the winner this time around?  Remember that it’s free to play and you get to share your deals plus you also get a chance to win a $20 prize.  For a list of the rules and how-to’s check here.   I will provide you with the link to share at the bottom of your comment in case you have problem figuring that out.

Have fun!

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  • Victoria

    I was giddy walking out of target with all this stuff for so little:

    1 Seventh Generation dish soap
    2 trial size tide
    1 butterfinger bar
    2 Listerine whitening mouthwash
    4 100 cal packs
    2 Kraft Olive oil with mayo
    2 Ortega taco seasoning packets
    5 Quaker oatmeal individual cups
    2 boxes of eggo waffles
    32 kraft individual cheese sticks
    10 Nivea body washes
    1 box of Motrin PM
    2 Bounty basic individual paper towel rolls
    1 box of Kleenex hand towels
    2 carefree pantiliners
    2 7ct. of bic pens
    3 crystal light
    1 box of cheez-its
    3 Kraft Homestyle mac and cheese
    1 Uncle Ben’s whole grain rice
    4 Dole fruit bowls
    1 4-pack of philly cream cheese minis
    Subtotal: $1.71 + $2.36 tax = $4.07

    PLUS I WILL BE SUBMITTING FOR A $10 KRAFT REBATE!!! (spend $30 get $10 back) I will be getting paid to take all this off their hands!

    The coupons I used:
    $1 off seventh generation from target website
    $1 off seventh generation from sunday paper
    2 $1 off any tide
    Coupon for free butterfinger
    2 $2 off listerine whitening product
    2 BOGO 100 cal pack manuf. printables
    1 buy 3 get 1 free 100 cal pack target printable
    2 coupons for free kraft olive oil with mayo
    $1/2 ortega products printable
    $3/5 quaker products manuf. q found in another stores ad
    2 $1 off eggo waffles target printables
    Coupon for free uncle ben’s rice whole grain medley
    16 $1.50/2 kraft cheese target printables
    10 $4 off any nivea body wash
    $3 off motrin pm sunday insert q
    $1 off motrin pm target printable
    2 q for free kraft homestyle dinner
    target printable for free kraft homestyle dinner wyb 2
    2 $1 off any bounty target insert q
    2 $1 off any bounty p and g booklet q
    4 coupons for free dole fruit bowls
    2 $1 off any carefree product insert q
    2 $1 off any bic stationary product printable
    Coupon for free cheez-its
    $1 off kleenex hand towels insert q
    $1 off kleenex hand towels target printable coupon
    Coupon for free philly cream cheese minis
    $3/3 crystal light printable
    $1/3 crystal light target printable

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    • Sarah

      how on earth did you get 16 kraft cheese target printables?! You must have lots of friends who let you use their computers!

      great idea on the singles– I’ll probably do that before mine expires! thanks!

      • Victoria

        I traded for some printables on a couponing forum

  • Victoria

    The picture didn’t take….hopefully it will this time!

  • Victoria

    Third try is a charm!

  • Still no picture this time, I always put my things away and THEN think to take a photo. Good weekend at Target and Wags.

    Target Trip #1 (Sunday)
    7 identical transactions: 10 sobe lifewater, used 10x 0.50/1 tearpad MQs, and giftcard from previous scrubbing bubbles deals.
    TOTAL Spent: $1.40 OOP, $5 gift card in hand

    Walgreens Trip #1 (Sunday)
    2 Ecotrin 45ct (used $2 IP, got $2 RR) – $0.28 OOP
    Transaction 3:
    6 Nivea Men Body Wash $4.99/ea (BOGO, used 6x 3.00 MQ)
    2 Nivea Men Face Scrub $6.99/ea (BOGO, used 2x 2.00 MQ)
    2 Nivea Men Face Lotion $8.99/ea (BOGO, used 2x 2.00 MQ)
    Puffs Plus (used WGQ and 0.50/1 vocalpoint MQ)
    2 Royal Gelatin ($0.20 filler item)
    Used $4.00 RR from Ecotrin
    TOTAL: $4.08 OOP on Transaction 3, $4.36 OOP for Sunday Walgreens Trip

    Target Trip #2 (Monday)
    Transaction 1: 4x Olay Facial Toner; Used 4x $2.00/1 MQ from 5/2 P&G
    Received $10 GC, spent $4.75 from yesterday’s SOBE $5GC
    Transaction 2: 20 Sobe lifewater (used 20 $0.50/1 tearpad MQs, 4x $0.50/1 Target Q)
    1 Revlon Emery Board (2.89)
    Received $10 GC, spent $10 GC from Transaction 1 and $1.39 OOP
    TOTAL : $1.39 OOP, $10 GC in hand after starting with $5

    Walgreens Trip #2 (Monday)
    2 Ecotrin 45ct (used $2 IP, got $2 RR) – $0.28 OOP
    4 Nivea Women Body Wash 5.99 (BOGO, used 2x 4.00/1 MQ, BOGO MQ May AY, 2.00/1MQ)
    2 Nivea Men double acting balm 6.99 (BOGO, used 2x 2.00/1 MQ)
    2 Nivea Men Face Wash 6.99 (BOGO, used 2x 2.00/1 MQ)
    1/2 Gallon Milk 1.89
    2 Royal Gelatin ($0.20 filler item)
    Used $4.00 Ecotrin RR
    TOTAL: subtotal 26 cents, 1.82 in tax; Spent 2.08 OOP

    TOTAL for all 4 trips: $9.43 OOP for 90 Sobe Lifewater, 5 ecotrin, 10 body wash, 8 nivea men facial products, milk, jello, puffs plus, 4 facial toner, and emery boards PLUS increased gift cards in hand from $5 to $10. Going to make one last run at the Kraft rebate deals this weekend at supertarget.

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    • Amanda

      WOW!!! I thought I did great with my $2.xx OOP for $38.xx
      Great Job!!

  • Elisa

    I got all this for $4.34, including tax. Actually, if you want to get technical, it was more like $15,004.34, and the $15,000 for the little guy was a far better bargain than the $4.34 for food 🙂 I will also use this for the $10 Kraft rebate, so it is actually a $5.66 MONEYMAKER! I made $.75 on each bottle of salad dressing (1 bottle wasn’t available to get it’s picture taken), so I used that to pay for the coupon-less items like milk and bell peppers (each bag was marked down to less than $1 — made some super yummy stuffed bell peppers the next night :)) Here’s the breakdown in case anyone is interested:

    Transaction 1:
    4 bottles of Kraft Dressing $1.89 each, $7.56
    1 bag of bell peppers $.70 (to eat up the overage from coupons)

    -$4 — $.55 off Kraft dressing (doubled to $1)
    -$4 — $1 off Kraft Dressing Meijer Mealbox coupon

    Total: $.26 OOP

    Receieved $3 Kraft Dressing Catalina

    Transaction 2:

    Same as above, except bag of peppers was $.63 instead for $.19 OOP

    Transaction 3:

    1 box Kraft Macaroni and Cheese $1.29
    -$1.29 Facebook free coupon
    1 package Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon $2.68
    -$2.68 Kraft First Taste free coupon
    2 packages Oscar Mayer Roast Beef, $5
    -$4 facebook coupon
    2 boxes Kraft Pasta Salad $1.98
    -$1/2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
    2 bottles Kraft dressing
    -$2 Meijer Mealbox coupons $3.78
    -$.55 Kraft dressing coupon (doubled to $1)

    Bag of lemons $1.05
    Bag of Zucchini $.19 (oops! he must have rung it in wrong — don’t know how to go back to get it fixed . . .)
    Bread $1.89
    Milk $4

    -$6 Kraft dressing catalinas

    Total: $3.89 OOP

    Received $1 Kraft Dressing catalina, which I used for the last bag of peppers.

    Send in for $10 Kraft Rebate = $5.66 Moneymaker!

    So that’s about (hard to tell how much the peppers would have been if not marked down) $45 for -$5.66, a savings of %113!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Meijer!

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  • Elisa

    Oops! The picture was too big! This should work though 🙂

  • Tracey

    I got this deal at Redner’s. Marcal tissues & 4 pk. toilet paper were on sale for $1. I had 20 coupons for the tissues $1/1 and 20 coupons for the toilet paper $2/1. I purchased all 40 coupons on ebay for .99 cents( and free shipping!). In addition I had four more tissue coupons from my Sunday coupon inserts. Everything for just the cost of buying the coupons – .99 cents.( 24 boxes of tissues and 20 packs of toilet paper. I’ve given away some to my Mom already before I took the picture)

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    • Tracey

      Hopefully this works this time for the picture. . .


    MY TARGET TRIP! I AM SOO EXCITED ABOUT IT!I have to make clear that I talked to the manager to aprove all of my coupons before hand,he allowed me to use a manufacturer Q. with a Target Q in combination even though it was free and that I also had 2 $5.00 g.c that I rolled
    This is what I did , made two transactions and here is the recap:

    1 Huggies Jumbo pack 8.99
    1 Q-tips 2.49
    1 Nivea shower gel 3.84
    4 Venus Razors(3.48) 13.96
    4 Listerines(1.98) 7.92
    2 Gillette Shave gel(1.79)3.58
    4 Similac(5.49) 21.96
    1 AF tortilla chips 2.50
    4 Oscar mayer 10.16
    5 Kraft 100 calories 10.95
    cheese snacks(2.19)
    4 Oscar Mayer turkey 11.16
    4 MP bread (1.14) 4.56 (only 2 1/2 made it to the pic)
    1 Sara lee Bread 1.79 (never made it to the pic. DH took it to work)
    1 Heins Ketchup 1.00
    4 Nabisco 100 calories
    Multipack(3.99) 15.96
    4 French’s (1.39) 5.56
    1 Kraft Mayo Olive 3.49
    2 Kraf Mayo (2.99) 5.98
    3 Kraft Homestyle
    mac & cheese(2.69) 8.07

    4 Kraft dressing(1.50) 6.00
    1 Dole Bagged Salad 1.25 (not in the pic either)

    TOTAL: $151.17

    1.50 Target huggies printable
    3.00 Huggies printable
    0.60 Q-tips printable
    8.00 Venus (4/2.00 each) insert
    2 $5 gift card wyb 2 Venus insert
    4.00 Nivea insert
    8.00 Listerine (4/2.00 each) printable
    2.00 Gillette (2/1.00 each) insert
    20.00 Similac (4/5.00 each) snail mail
    3.00 oscar mayer lunchmeat(2/1.50 each)kraft first taste printable
    4.00 oscar mayer lunchmeat(2/2.00 each) facebook printable
    2.79 Target oscar mayer free lunchmeat wyb 3
    4.38 b1g1 free 100 calories printable facebook (2 used on cheese, it only excludes bars)
    4.50 100 calories cheese(3/1.50 each) printable kraft first taste
    3.00 Target kraft cheese(2/1.50 wyb2)
    2.19 Target free 100 calories wyb3
    5.08 free oscar mayer bacon(2 free coupon) mailed
    3.00 oscar mayer bacon (2/1.50 each)kraft first taste printable
    2.54 Target free oscar mayer bacon wyb 3
    4.56 Target free MP bread
    7.98 b1g1 free 100 calories printable facebook (2 used on cookies)
    1.00 nabisco multipack
    3.99 Target free nabisco cookie wyb3
    4.00 French’s (4/1.00 each) insert
    3.49 free Kraft Olive mayo mailed
    2.99 Target free Kraft mayo wyb2
    3.00 Kraft Homestyle mac & cheese (2/1.50 each) Kraft first taste printable
    2.69 Free Kraft Homestyle mac & cheese mailed
    2.69 Target free Homestyle mac & cheese wyb 2
    1.65 Kraft dressing (4/0.55 each) insert
    1.50 Target free dressing wyb2
    1.00 free produce(up to a $1) wyb kraft dressing
    0.35 credit reusable bag (6/0.05 each)

    SAVED: $132.47 (just on coupons! Iam not counting what it was on sale already!)


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      let’s see if this time pic want s to be posted!

      • LISETTE

        that othe rone didnt work..crossing my fingers for this one!

  • Holly

    ** WALGREENS **
    Transaction 1
    (1) U by Kotex Tampon ($1/1)
    (2) Neutrogena Bar Soap – Regular Skin
    (1) Neutrogena Bar Soap – Acne Prone Skin
    (1) Rejuvicare Skin/Hair/Nails Suppliment
    (1) Luster 7 Toothpaste
    (1) Walgreens A-Z Select Multivitamins
    (1) Ecotrin Asperin Therapy ($2/1)
    (1) Reach Floss ($1/1)
    (2) Campbell’s Chunky Soup ($1/1)
    (1) Sinful Colors Nail Polish

    Used: $29.50 RR
    OOP: $3.15
    Got: $31.50 RR

    Transaction 2
    (3) Neutrogena Bar Soap
    (1) Luster 7 Toothpaste
    (1) Reach Dental Floss ($1/1)
    (1) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
    (1) Snickers

    Used: $14 RR
    OOP: $1.50
    Got: $15 RR

    Transaction 3
    (1) Reach Toothbrush ($1/1)
    (1) Rejuvicare Hair/Skin/Nails Suppliment
    (1) Walgreens A-Z Select Multivitamins
    (1) Ecotrin Asperin Therapy ($2/1)
    (1) Kingford Charcoal

    Used: $15 RR
    OOP: $1.40
    Got: $14 RR

    Transaction 4
    (3) Neutrogena Bar Soap
    (1) Ecotrin Asperin Therapy ($2/1)
    (1) Luster 7 Toothpaste
    (1) Reach Dental Floss ($1/1)

    Used: $12.50 RR
    OOP: $1.53
    Got: $17 RR

    ** Target **

    (2) Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse (2 $2/1)
    (6) Olay Facial Toner (2 $2/1) (4 $1/1)
    (2) Olay Facial Scrub (2 $2/1)
    (4) Johnson & Johnson First Aid Travel Kits (4 $.75/1)
    (4) Travel Size Herbal Essence Shampoo (4 $1/1)
    (4) John Freida Hair Product (2 $5/2) (2 $3/2 TG)
    (4) Olay Bar Soap (4 $1/1)
    (1) Wishbone Salad Dressing ($.50/1) ($.75/1 TG)

    OOP: $11.05
    Got: $20 in Target gift cards

    At the end of the day, I got 57 items. At Walgreens, started with $29.50 RR, ended up with $36 RR – $7.58 OOP. At Target, started with nothing, ended up with $20 in gift cards – $11.05 OOP.

    GRAND TOTALS (including tax)
    WALGREENS: $1.08
    TARGET: $-8.95

    FOR THE DAY: 57 items, and I made $7.87. =)

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  • Holly

    Sorry, not everything is in the picture. (My mom took some! =)


  • Holly

    Hopefully it work this time?

  • Emily

    My MONEYMAKING trip to Target!!!

    I got:

    5 Sensitive Skin Olay Cleansers $3.69 each
    4 Olay Foaming Cleansers $3.69 each
    3 Olay Regenerist Cleasners $5.94 each
    2 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleansers $8.69 each

    Coupons I used:
    6 $2 Olay Cleanser Q’s
    3 $1 Olay Cleanser Q’s
    3 $5 Olay Regenerist Q’s (from PG coupon book mailer)
    2 $5 Scrubbing Bubbles Q’s
    1 $3 Scrubbing Bubbles Target Q
    1 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb Scrubbing Bubbles

    Total before coupons:
    After coupons:
    $20.41 (the Cashier took $5 off instead of doing a gift card for the Scrubbing bubbles for whatever reason)
    Received $30 in Target Gift Cards
    And will submit for the $20 Olay rebate for a total PROFIT of:


    Now if my Walgreens could restock their shelves before the end of the week!!!

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  • Kristina L.

    Today was a pretty good day. I will do my best to get the exact amounts.

    1st TRANSACTION DID 12 TIMES: 2 Olay Refresh Toners 2.99 each used one 2/1 coupon + 1/1 coupon paid 2.89 oop got 5 gift card and did it another 11 times. Had around 24.00 in Gift Cards.

    2nd TRANSACTION DID 6 TIMES: 2 Olay Foaming Wash 3.69 each used 2/1 coupon and 1/1 coupon. Used 24.00 in previous Gift Cards. After I was done I still had around 30.00 in Gift Cards

    3rd TRANSACTION: 5 St. Ives travel size=free 5) 1/1 coupon
    2 Herbal Essence=Free 2) 1/1 coupons
    4 John Freida root Awakening shampoos 5.04 each used 2) 5/2 coupons and 3/2 Target coupon
    2 Huggies diapers used 1)BOGO from Recycle Bank and 3.00 coupon
    3 Homestyles Kraft used 2 Free product coupons and 1) Targe free wyb 2 coupon
    3 Oscar Mayer hot dogs used 2 free product coupon and 1)Target free wyb 2 coupon
    OOP 0.00 used previous Gift Cards now I have around 20.00 left

    20 Weber Grill Creations on sale for .49 each used 10) 1/1 coupons =FREE
    10 Sunkist Fusion (7 more not shown in picture) 2 liters on sale 10/10 used .50 off they doubled the coupon = FREE
    3 Oscar Mayer hot dogs on sale with sales ad buy one get 2 free.
    OOP 1.49


    10 Purina Kitten Chow used 10) FREE coupons-only 5 shown in picture
    10 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on sale 10/10 used 10) 1/1 coupon =FREE
    OOP Zero


    1st TRANSACTION: 20 Ecotrin used 20) 2/1 coupons = FREE (did them one at a time)
    OOP zero

    2nd TRANSACTION: 10 Walgreens AtoZ vitamins used the 2RR from the Ecotrin to buy 10 vitamins one at a time. OOP zero

    3rd TRANSACTION: 4 Luster 7 used RR from previous transactions and also used Cracker Jacks and note pads for fillers. OOP under 2.00 for all 4 transaction

    4th TRANSACTION: 1 Neutrogena bar 2.69 and 2 deep cleansers 5.49 each used 3) 1.50/1 coupon and used Previous RR and OOP 24 cents. I did this transaction 2 times.

    5Th TRANSACTION: 2 Rejuvicare and cracker jacks for filler, used Neutrogena 10 RR and OOP .42 I did this one twice

    6th TRANSACTION: 2 Kotex U pads used 1/1 coupon used 2 RR and OOP .49 Got bake a FREE Always coupon did this one twice.

    7th TRANSACTION: 2 Life Savers, 4 Vanish drop ins, 9 Reach toothbrushes, 1 Floss, 3 Puffs, and 9 Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite 12 packs.
    Used BOGO life savers coupon = free
    2 BOGO Vanish coupons and 2/2 coupon
    5 BOGO reach toothbrush/floss coupons
    5 1/1 Reach coupons
    3 1/1 Puffs coupons from Vocalpoint
    OOP 1.39 Used previous RR
    I still have 18 in RR for next time.

    4 Schick 12ct razors used 4 2/1 coupons = FREE

    Yes it was a good but long day of shopping and I took my 4 year old and my 10 month old. Yeah is was a very long day!!!

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    • Kristina L.

      I forgot to mention that my total OOP was 8.92 and I still have 20.00 in Target Gift Cards, 18 RR, and 2 FREE Always coupons.

      • You are a serious trooper Kristina. Great job!

  • My Bestie Amanda and I did this deal at Rite Aid~ We are in the “trial rollout” area so our Rite Aids offer $11.99 in Up+ rewards when you buy three Huggies Products! We have great families and friends who printed off the $3 off Huggies Movers coupons as well as the $5/$25 offered on the Red Plum Site~

    So we a total of 9 Transactions
    The first transaction looked like this:
    3 Huggies Little Movers $8.99 each

    Used $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon
    Used (3) $3.00 off one Huggies Movers
    Used $1/1 VV Huggies coupon
    spent $13.05 out of pocket
    Earned $11.99 Up+

    The next 8 Transactions looked like this:
    Buy (3) Huggies Little Movers $8.99 each
    Used $5/25 Rite Aid Coupon
    Used the $11.99 Up+ Reward
    Spent $2.06 out of pocket
    earned $11.99 Up+ Reward!

    We can also submitt for the $2.00 SCR

    So we spendt a total of $15.54 for 27 PACKS of Huggies!

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    • sorry for the spelling mistakes… I was in a rush

      • holy cow! buy diapers for me too!

        • *Amanda

          I have more at my house Mercedes! Let us know when you’re in NY. You can come over and go shopping in my sons closet! Over the last 2 weeks MC and I have driven all over the place to avoid depleting any one RA. My 6mn old son, 2 close friends children and 3 baby shower gifts are all taken care of. I wont post this as an “Iron Shopper”- But you all get the point from Mary Catherine’s post above.

  • Anabel

    Well I went to Walgreens on Sunday to try and roll my RR’s but I ended up not finding anything I wanted. I was about to leave when I remembered the Hershey pieces were on sale. So here’s what I did:

    (4) Hershey pieces 2.50 =$ 10.00
    (2) Lifesavers – BOGO 2.29 = $ 2.29
    Total: $12.29

    Coupons used:
    (1) Free Hershey pieces -$2.50
    (3) $1 Pieces coupons (4/18/10 SS) -$3.00
    (1) BOGO Life Savers -$2.29
    (1) $4.50 RR from last week
    Total: 12.29

    $12.29 Total
    -$12.29 Coupons
    Total cost: FREE and received $5.00 RR

    I was super excited because this was actually my very first time when I didn’t have to pay anything oop. My husbands mouth dropped and had even handed the clerk money when there was nothing to pay. Yay!!! O_o

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  • Alisha

    10 Smart One meals $1.89 each
    (less $5 off 10 coupon)
    (less $5 Target gift card for buying 10)
    Danimals $1.66
    (less $.75 off from 5/2 paper)
    4 Oscar Meyer Lunch meats $3.04 each
    (less four $1 off coupons)
    (less Buy Three Get One Free Target Coupon)
    Olay Regenerist Face Wash $5.99
    (less $5 off coupon from PG coupon book)
    Olay toner $2.99
    (less $2 off coupon from 5/2)
    (less $5 Target gift card when you buy 2 Olay products)
    Shout Wipes $.97
    (less $.55 off any Shout product coupon from 5/2)
    (less $1 off any Shout product TARGET COUPON)
    Two ArmorAll Glass Cleaners $2.69/each
    (less two $2 off any Armour-All product HERE)
    (less $3 off any 2 Armour-All products TARGET COUPON)

    Total Spent: $11.52 GROCERIES

    Notes: I bought the Shout, Olay and ArmorAll because I had an “overage” on these by using manufacturers coupons with Target coupons/gift card promotions; this overage lowered the cost of things we’ll actually use, and gave me a few more things to donate. I haven’t tried Smart One meals before, but the next few weeks will be crazy around here, and we’ll have people in and out of our house, so having these meals in the freezer (as well as the lunch meat) will give us a lot of quick meals when needed.

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  • Mida

    I went to Walgreens today.

    I got:
    3 Aquafresh Toothpaste for kids, each $1.99-on Sale now $ 0.99
    2 Reach Toothbrush- each 2.99- on sale now $0.99
    2 Lifesavers hard Candy 2.29 each- on sale now BOGO
    2 Toffifay Candy each $2.29- on sale now BOGO

    Used (3) $ 1.00 of Toothpaste
    Used (2) $ 1.00 of Toothbrush
    Used $ 1.00 of two bags of Lifesavers

    Paid $ 4.21- 9 Items bought- GOT 7 of them FREE !!!!

    Saved 16.90

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  • First off, I went into Kroger to pick up my husbands prescription. I had a coupon to get $25 when I transferred a prescription to Kroger, so that got loaded on to my card before I began shopping.

    I got:
    8 Kroger Shredded cheese on sale for $1.25 each
    8 Oscar Mayer hot dogs on sale for $0.99 each
    4 Kool-Aid FunFizz (the hot dogs had peelies to get these free when you bought 2 hotdogs)
    4 Huggies Wipes @$2.59-2.79 each
    1 Huggies Little Swimmers @6.99
    2 Wheat Thins @ $1.88
    1 Lifesavers one sale for $1
    1 Sweet Baby Rays on sale for $1
    1 Country Bob’s Sauce (had a free coupon)
    1 Vlassic Relish on sale for $1
    3 Rotel tomatoes @ $0.92 each
    1 Suave Men 3 in 1 Shampoo on sale for $1.67
    1 Kroger brand infant tylenol drops (under $2)

    4 $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog coupons (made them $0.49 each)
    4 Free Kool-Aid FunFizz coupons found on hot dogs in store (a nice surprise)
    2 $1/1 Wheat Thins from facebook made them $0.88/box
    $1/3 Rotel made them $0.59 each
    $1/1 Sweet Baby Rays made it FREE
    Free Country Bob’s from facebook
    $0.55/1 Vlassic relish made it $0.45
    2 $2/2 Huggies Wipes
    $1.50/1 Huggies Little Swimmers
    $3.00 Deducted at register for purchasing $15 worth of Huggies products
    $0.50/1 Lifesavers (doubled) made them free
    $0.50/1 Suave men (doubled) made it $0.67

    Shelf Price: $102.75
    Sale Price Before Coupons: $58.25
    Price After Coupons: $25.45
    What I paid after the Pharmacy Reward: $0.93!!!!

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  • michele

    Meijer Deals: they paid me $2.51 today:

    I got:
    2 lbs bananas
    BBQ sauce
    2 Aunt Millies Bread
    Meijer Lemonade
    Meijer Raspberry lemonade
    Sara Lee Cheesecake
    Smart Balance Milk
    Fiber 1 yogurt 4 pack
    Gatorade 8 pack
    Oscar Meyer lunchmeat
    2 pack of lighbulbs
    $25 Gift Card

    I Used:
    Mealbox coupons:
    $1 off BBQ sauce
    $1 off Smart Balance Milk
    $1 off gatorade

    $1 off Sara Lee cheescake (coupon from inside box)
    $1 off BBq Sauce
    $1 off Oscar Meyer lunchmeat
    $1 off Fiber one yogurt
    $1 off- from Kraft (catalina)
    $0.75 off Smart balance Milk
    $20 off (Meijer promo for transferring my prescription last week).

    Total Cost to my Visa: $22.49
    (but then I have my $25 gift card to use next time).
    Net: – $2.51

    This is Fun!

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  • KimH

    I stopped by two stores after work yesterday..
    My first stop was Target to pick up some cleaning supplies. There were a couple really great deals and there were some welcome surprises hanging out in the $1.00 bins as well. It threw my deal quotient off some but in the long run it was the better deal for us.

    On my first transaction, I got

    2 bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean $8.69 each
    1 Scrubbing Bubbles Gel Toilet Cleaner $3.99
    1-Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2 in 1 Starter $6.29

    I used
    2- $5.00 off Extend A Clean mf coupons
    2- $3.00 Target Extend A Clean Coupon
    1 B1 Gel Get1 2-in1 Starter kit Free

    I payed $6.72 out of pocket and will submit for SC Johnson $5.00 rebate for a total cost of $1.72 for this transaction.

    My second transaction contained
    10 pkgs of Goody Polly Bands my partner uses in his long neat ponytail every day. He uses 6 of these one time use bands everyday so whenever I find them inexpensively like I did on this trip I stock up. These were $1.00 per package=$10.00
    I also got
    3 hair claws & 2pkg smaller claws for me as well also in the dollar bin. $1.00 each=$5.00
    3 bottles of Shout Laundry Stain treatment.@ $2.24 each=$6.72
    2-6pk ribbon @ $1.00 each

    I used 2-$1.00 Target Shout coupons
    2-.75c mfg Shout coupons
    1-.55 mfg Shout peelie coupon

    My total was $21.03 I will also submit this for the SC Johnson rebate for $5.00 making this transaction $16.03.

    My total for both transactions before coupons was $54.09, I payed $27.75 oop and will receive $10.00 in rebates making this a net of $17.75 for 25 products.

    Then I stopped at my favorite grocery store where they double coupons up to 99cents each.
    I bought:
    4 Warm Delights brownies $1.99 reg. $1.75 sale
    10 bottles of Bulls Eye BBQ sauce $2.58 reg $1.29 sale
    4-International Delights Irish Cream coffee creamers $1.89 reg $1.50 sale
    2-Benedryl Itch Sticks $2.49 ea
    4-pkg al fresco Buffalo Chicken sausage $4.49 ea reg $2.49 sale

    I used:
    3-.75c Warm Delights brownie coupons
    1-.50c Warm Delights brownie coupon
    10-$1.00 Bulls Eys BBQ coupon
    2-B1G1 Free International Delight coupons
    2-.55c. International Delight coupons
    1-Benedryl $5.00 off any 2 coupon
    4-$1.00 al fresco sausage coupons
    1-$2.00 OYNO Catalina coupon
    1-$4.00 OYNO Catalina coupon

    My total before all combined coupons and sale price was $64.57 and my total out of pocket was $9.49.

    All combined transactions, I spent $36.81 out of pocket and will receive $10.00 on the SC Johnson rebate for a net total of $26.81 for $118.59 mfg retail total on 44 products for a 77.3% total savings.