Iron Shopper Week 6

Welcome to week FIVE of the Iron Shopper Challenge!  Every Monday I  will  set up this post where you can share  and brag about the deals you  got  at the stores you shop.  On Sunday morning I will close this  thread and  name the winner of the Iron Shopper Challenge for the week.   The winner  will be selected based on the number of votes their entry  gets.  So  make sure to make your entry appealing to get people to vote  for it.   Share your deal with friends and family to get more votes too.    Competing is OK but having fun is what’s important.  I want this to  be a forum where you can share and brag about the deals you have gotten.

Who  will be the winner this time around?  Remember that it’s free and fun to play and you get to share your  deals plus you also get a chance to win a $20 prize.  For a list of the rules and how-to’s check here.

Important Note: You need to make sure your image is not too  large to upload.  The file needs to be 1,000 bits.  Use a free software  like to make the size of the file it’s not too big.

Have fun!

  • Mary @ 4our2cents

    I did my CVS run this morning (probably should have waited till Thursday to see if an e-mail coupon came out- but I couldn’t wait!) I did the Schick and Aveeno ECB deals. I was so excited to see some of the shave gels that were not in the ad were included in the deal (as I had good coupons to stack). I could have made a little more if I had bought just the Aveeno shampoo or a different razor. But I am trying to only buy things I “need”. ;)

    Here is the break down:
    Aveeno Lotion (+ bonus cream)- $9.99
    Aveeno SPF 50 spray (+ bonus cream)- $10.99
    Aveeno Leave-in Conditioner- $6.49
    Schick Quattro trimmer- $12.99
    Skintimate shave gel- $2.99
    Edge gel- $2.99
    Gillette Fusion gel (travel size)- $1.99
    2 M&Ms- $0.89
    Dawn soap- raincheck for $0.97
    Coupons used:
    $2 Aveeno active naturals (from freebie I received in mail)
    $1.50 Aveeno suncare (newspaper insert)
    $1.50 Aveeno Hair product (printable)
    $4 Schick Razor (All You mag- I think)
    $4 CVS Schick Razor (CVS mailer)
    $0.75 Skintimate gel (newspaper insert)
    $1 CVS Skintimate gel (CVS mailer)
    $1 Fusion gel (newspaper insert)
    $0.75 Edge gel (newspaper insert)
    B1G1 M&M- .89 cents
    CVS B1G1 M&M- .89 cents
    $1 Dawn hand renewal soap- price adjusted to $0.97
    $24.98 in previous ECB
    Will submit for Aveeno rebate= $10
    Total= $1.07!
    (plus $20 ECB to use on next purchase!)

  • Leslie

    I paid $13.75 for 125 packages of Pampers Wipes… then sold them at my yard sale, making $111.75 in profit!

    I found 125 copies of the $2 on any Pampers Wipes coupon in a recycling dumpster. (Yes, I’m proud to be a dumpster diver for coupons!) I made 6 or 7 trips to area Wal-marts (where, at least in my area, tubs & soft packs of Pampers wipes sell for $1.97). Then I sold them at my yard sale this weekend for $1 per tub.

    Here’s the math:
    $1.97 + $0.14 (tax) = 2.11 – $2 (coupon) = .11 per tub
    125 packages at .11 per each = $13.75 out of pocket expenses
    125 packages sold at $1 each = $125 – $13.75 = $111.75 profit!! :)

    • Mary @ 4our2cents

      I don’t think any of us can compete with an over $100 profit! WOW- good for you!

      • Amy

        That’s the good thing of selling products that you got for free. I sold deodorant, shampoo, body wash, lotion, toothbrush, etc. to a garage sale and made $900 in total. That’s why I love couponing!!!!!

    • Kristin

      What I love about this, is that you got an INCREDIBLE steal, but then you turned it into a great opportunity for mom’s at your yard sale as well! We all know that FREE is incredible, but $1 ain’t bad AT ALL for wipes!! Way to go, Leslie, you really made a win-win situation here!

  • Tanya N

    I purchased 4 John Frieda shampoos at Rite Aid for a $6 money maker. Here is how:

    Purchase 4 John Frieda Shampoos for $20

    Use $5 off $20 purchase Rite Aid Video Values Coupon
    Use $1 off $10 hair care purchase Rite Aid Coupon
    Use 4 of $2.50 coupons from John Frieda website (

    Receive $10 in UP rewards

    Total: -$6

  • Jessica – News Around the Blogs

    Smith’s in my area is running a promotion where you can bring in ANY coupon up to $1.00 and they will make it worth $1.00!

    Some freebies I got were:

    (14) Totino Pizza Rolls $1.25 each w/Datona they = $0.95 ea. I used $0.35/1 from 5/30 GM rounded up to $1/1 = FREE
    Total Before Coupons = $17.50
    Total After Coupons = $0.00 FREE!!

    (12) Right Guard Deodorants $1.00 each I used $1/1 from = FREE! and I used $3/2 coupons = FREE!
    Total Before Coupons = $12.00
    Total After Coupons = $0.00 FREE!!

    (11) Ivory 3 packs of Soap $1.00 ea. I used $0.50/1 from 6/6 P&G rounded up to $1/1 = FREE
    Total Before Coupons = $11.00
    Total After Coupons = $0.00 FREE!!

    (3) Dial Liquid Soap $1.00 ea. I used $0.35/1 from 6/13 RP rounded up to $1/1 = FREE
    Total Before Coupons = $3.00
    Total After Coupons = $0.00 FREE!!

    (3) Ronzoni Pasta Pack $1.00 ea. Used $0.75/1 rounded up to $1/1 Printable= FREE!
    Total Before Coupons = $3.00
    Total After Coupons = $0.00 FREE!!

    Total Before Coupons = $229.14
    Total After Coupons = $52.70 – $3.50 cash catalina = $49.20 plus tax OOP!
    I saved 79% this shopping trip, and I got 3 free Redbox movie rentals!

    • Mercedes


      What an insane promotion! You are very lucky.


      • Jessica – News Around the Blogs

        Thanks! This promotion was a once in a blue moon thing. I have never seen one before in my area!

        • Kristina L.

          I’m so jealous my sister had one of those sales and DOESN’T do coupons :(

    • Holly

      I wish something like that would happen here, grocery stores double up to and including $0.60 but we get a ton of $0.75 coupons…those would rock if they were upped to a buck!

  • Amy

    $138.60 worth of products with a profit of $1.65 after rebates, extracare bucks and register rewards.
    1 John Frieda Shampoo $5 (used $3)
    2 Power bar (only one is pictures) 1.98 (free after ECB)
    2 M&Ms (not pictured) $ 1.78 (b1g1 sale and b1g1 manu = free)
    4 Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner 25.96 (used 4 $1.50, received $10 ECB and $10 rebate)
    6 Extra Laundry Soap 6.00 (used 6 $1)
    2 Stayfree 7.78 (b1g1 sale and b1g1 Manu. = free)
    2 Tena (B1G1 plus submit for a rebate = both for free) 12.99
    plus used $5 off $30 from recyclebank

    12 Dentyne Pure/Ice $7.92 (used 5 $1 & less $3.96 for using July Coupon Booklet)
    1 Blistex $ 3.00
    2 Finesse $3.99 (used 2 $1 and submit for a $3 rebate = profit of $1.01)
    2 Blistop $5.98
    2 Aloe Socks $6.00
    4 Dr. Scholl’s Rough Skin Eraser $27.96
    (used 4 $2 any Dr. Scholl’s for her and Walgreens July Coupon Booklet) 4cents overage
    1 Dr. Scholl’s Hidden Arch (used $2 and Walgreens July Coupon Booklet) a penny overgae :)
    1 Visine 1.29 (on clearance, used 1 coupon and received $1 RR = 71cents overage)

  • Aubrie Williams

    I actually earned $19.60 from this shopping trip. Here’s how:

    Blue Diamond Almond Milk $2.99
    Used Free Facebook Coupon
    Final Cost: Free

    Sobe Lifewater $1 (10x)
    Buy 10 get $5 GC
    Used 5 B1G1 coupons
    Final Cost: 10 Free

    Pampers Wipes $1.97 (2x)
    Used (2) $2/1 P&G coupons
    Final Cost: Free

    Skinny Cow Ice Cream $1.22 (2x)
    Used (2) $1/1 coupons
    Final Cost: $0.22 each

    Suave Professionals $1.87
    Used Free Home Mailer Coupon
    Final Cost: Free

    Fusion ProGlide $9.97
    Earned $5 ECB
    Used $4/1 coupon
    Final Cost: $0.97

    Vanish Drop-Ins $2.14 (4x)
    Used (2) B1G1 Manufacturer coupon
    Used (2) B1G1 Target coupon
    Final Cost: 4 Free

    Old Spice Body Wash $4 (2x)
    Earned $8 ECB
    Used B1G1 coupon
    Final Cost: $4 money maker

    Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer $6.99
    Used B1G1 $5 Target GC
    Used $5/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer
    Final Cost: $3.01 money maker

    Schick Hydro 5 Razor $8.97
    Earned $5 ECB
    Used $4/1 coupon
    Final Cost: $0.03 money maker

    CVS Antibacterial wipes 10ct $2.xx
    Used Free CVS coupon
    Final Cost: Free

    Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.99
    Earned $2 ECB
    Used $1/1 coupon
    Final Cost: Free

    PowerBar Pure & Simple $0.99
    Earned $0.99
    Final Cost: Free

    So after all my coupons, gift cards and ECBs, I’ve actually earned $5.63! I’ve already mailed in a rebate for the Schick Hydro Razor that will give me $8.97 back. I am planning on submitting the Johnson & Johnson $5/3 rebate as well. So after my rebates I will have earned $19.60 from my shopping spree! Plus, if you count the gift cards and ECBs I was able to roll from previous shopping trips, I paid nothing out of pocket. I don’t think it’s fair to include those savings since I already counted them last week. But I noticed a lot of people doing it, so if you count it, I’d be earning closer to $50.

    • Aubrie Williams

      Sorry, here’s the pic

  • Katherine

    •1 Bounty Paper Towel: $0.99. Used $1/1 coupon that I randomly got in the mail today = free!
    •3 Crystal Light Pure Fitness 10 packs: on sale for $1.97 each. Used three $2/1 Vocalpoint mailer coupons that I got in the mail today = free!
    •2 Up & Up baby cereal puffs: $1.72 each.
    •1 Huggies Jumbo pack diapers: $8.99. Used free jumbo pack coupon from Enjoy the Ride Rewards points = free!
    •184 count Huggies wipes: $5.99. Used $0.50/1 (insert) and $3.50 Huggies diapers and 184-ct+wipes Target printable = $1.99. I should note that the coupon beeped at the register because by getting the diapers free, I wasn’t technically purchasing them. The manager came over and I asked if the free coupon could count as purchasing them, since the store got reimbursed for the coupon, so someone was purchasing them. I was only going to ask once, and she overrode it and let it go through, so I got a really awesome deal on those.
    •Total paid: $5.83. Total saved: $20.86.

  • crystal leonard

    I had so much fun shopping at the target the other day I just had to go back for more and lucky for me, kids jeans were on clearance for 75 % off.

    Here is my take:

    I bought 6 pair of circo jeans for $$2.48 each for a total of $ 14.88 not bad for six pair of jeans I can use for back to school

    I also bought 2 56 quart storage boxes on sale for $4.96

    bought the airwick aqua mist for $1.99 used bogo coupon

    Kraft mayo with olive oil on clearance for $2.02, used $1.00 off one

    Kraft Miricle Whip on clearance $1.94, used $1.50 off two

    Got 8 bottles of “black lid” Sobe’s for $1.00, used 4 bogo

    Oil of Olay body wash $4.79, used $4.00 off one

    Axe Body wash trial size .97 cents, used $1.00 off one

    two white boards for the kids $2.50 each

    and a twin pack of lexmark ink for $42.00 (after prinitng all the coupons I ran out of ink)

    Total Price before discount for the jeans and 2 storage tubs is $ 29.22

    For the others before the discount is $73.79

    Total after coupons $57.14

    If it wasn’t for the ink this would have been $14.15

  • Amber

    I have only been a “serious” couponer for about a year now. Although I have yet to leave the store with my entire purchase being free, or a money-maker, I thought I rocked the deals pretty good at Rite Aid and Vons last week. :)

    My first stop was Rite Aid. Because I have already reached the “gold level” with my wellness plus card, I receive 20% of most purchases every day (excludes prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, etc. and sale prices).

    Here’s my transaction:

    Three Ziploc baggies: $2.39, 3.35, and 2.39 – used one $1.50 off two and one $0.55 off one coupons, making the total $6.08, plus I will submit for $5.00 SC Johnson Rebate, for a total of $1.08 for all three.

    2 boxes of Kotex U Tampons: On sale for 2 /$7.00 .Used $1.00 off 1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon and two $1.00 off one Manuf coupons. Submitted for $3.00 SCR, for a total of $1.00 out of pocket for both.

    Nivea Body Wash: On sale for $3.99 ea. Purchased two and used $3.00/2 manuf coupon, for a total of $4.98.

    Pull Ups: On sale for $9.99, used a $2.00/1 manuf coupon and will submit for $2.00 SCR, for a total of $5.99

    Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner: On sale 2/$7.00. Used $2.00/2 manuf coupon (from P&G sampler) & received $3.00 up reward, for a total of $2.00 for both

    Lysol Wipes: $2.79, will submit for $0.50 SCR for a total of $2.29

    Cottonelle Wipes refill (140 ct): $6.39, used $0.75/1 manuf coupon and received $1.00 Up reward, for a total of $4.64

    I also used my $5 off $20 purchase Video Value coupon, and a $2.00 UP reward from a prior Coppertone purchase.

    GrandTotal (without tax) after all discounts, coupons and rebates for everything above: $14.98

    Vons had some pretty good deals too. Here’s that transaction:

    Cheezits: On sale for $1.99, used $1.00 off manuf coupon for a total of $0.99

    Goldfish: With all the goldfish coupons I’ve accumulated, I was SO EXCITED to find them on sale for $0.88!! I purchased 3 (regular, pretzel, pizza) goldfish. Used three $0.75 off coupons. I got two of the grahams , and used two $0.50 off coupons for those. Total for all five: only $0.99! (My three year old twins were a little excited about the goldfish too – they had to open them immediately, which is why my pic shows what’s left of them in a Ziploc).

    Kraft Poppyseed Dressing: On sale for $1.49, used $1.00 off manuf coupon, for a total of $0.49

    Ocean Spray Blueberry Pomegranate Juice: On sale for $1.50. Used $1.00 off manuf coupon, for a total of $0.50 (plus $0.10 CRV)

    Kellogs Rice Krispies: On sale for $1.99. Purchased two boxes and used $1.00/2 Kellogs coupon, for a total of $2.98 for both

    Francisco Deli Rolls: $3.59 ea, BOGO sale. Used $0.75/1 manuf coupon, for a total of $2.84 for 2 pkgs.

    2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese: On sale for $1.99, used two $1.00/1 coupons. Total of $1.98 for both

    Grand total for Vons: $11.13 (plus tax) AND I got $5.00 worth of coupons from the Kellogs cereal box, which would bring the total to $6.13!

    • Amber

      Oops. Missed a pic. The pic above is for Vons. Here’s the Rite Aid pic. :)

  • Amber

    Okay, well it does not want to upload the RiteAid pic for some reason. Bummer! :(

    • Mercedes

      Amber, just make sure the pic is 1000 bits or less. It may be too big if it is not uploading.


  • Rita Collins

    I am excited to post my first picture. I have been super-couponing for less than one year. I usually can get some of the deals posted on various blogs. However, this was based upon spontaneous purchases.

    2 Dryel Kits @$2.59 each (clearance, one had old coupons attached that expired a year ago)
    3 bags of pistachios @$2.99 each (one eaten before picture)
    -$10 Register Reward
    -$2 x2 Dryel coupons
    Subtotal $0.15

  • jaime

    Dryel was on clearance at my Walgreens. I bought a starter kit for $2.49 and then looked on ebay. They are selling for $10/box on average!!!
    I looked up dryel qs, went on and printed out a bunch of $2 off qs!!! It was a pdf Q.
    I bought 7 boxes @2.49, used 7 $2 off Qs, only paid tax!!!!! I plan on selling them on ebay for $10 a box, hahah.

  • Jody

    I had to make my husband understand this obsession! This is my month of June take at Walgreens only. Cash OPP $66.88, $68.25 cashback (resale to friends 28 items for $21 cash, rebates $10 Listerine, $5 SC JOhnson rebates, 3 for me 3 for my daughter=$30, 1 razor rebate $7.99 total cash coming back) still have $44 in register rewards. $38 of items I would have bought anyways for the great sale prices and coupons! 8 bodywashes, 6 blistex flavored and 7 moisturinzing socks will all be donated to gift baskets at my school for DAD’s and MOM’s for Christmas gifts for our under privelaged. $286 in product value! My husband is a believer!!!!

  • rachel

    My first attempt ever at cvs with the extra care program. Total for oop 5.62. I thought it wasn’t to bad for my first attempt. New to being a serious couponer.

    • Holly

      Careful, couponing sucks you in! I used my first coupon in April, now I get irritated if I spend more than $1 for almost anything, or if there are no moneymakers at Walgreens for the week, hahaha! =P