JCPenney: $10 off Code + Hot Deal on Shoes

Did I get your attention with the “Hot Deal on Shoes” title?  Well, good because this deal is HOT!  JCPenney is offering $10 off your purchase of $10 or more when you use the code TEN2YOU.  But guess what? Today only you can get FREE SHIPPING on shoes!  Here is how to rock this deal:

  • Click on “Shoes” and my recommendation is to start out by checking the clearance and sales section
  • Complete your purchase and use the code TEN2YOU to get $10 off.

Plus because you shopped through Ebates you will get 6% cash back to boot (pun intended). If you are new you get a $5 sign up bonus as well. Just remember that your purchase must be of at least $10 for the code to work.  For example those sandals above would be 99 cents after coupons and get free shipping!  Thanks Mojo Savings!

Edited to add: it seems some people are having problems getting the free shipping to work.  I just wanted to show you that I bought the above sandals for my daughter and here is my order summary:

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  • Melissa R

    The shoes I like are 9.99 and its not letting me use the code because my amount is not high enough. Is there a way to fix this without paying shipping for another item?

    • jerry

      you need to find shoes that are $10.00 and up I had the same problem. I end up paying $1.67 for my little girls sandals

  • Rita W

    It just worked for me! I got a pair of girls sandals (orig. $30) sale priced at $11.99 for $2.12 after the code … with no shipping cost. Thank you!!

  • lori

    It is not taking off the shipping charges for me 🙁

  • Ashley

    I got my daughter 2 pair for a grand total of $2.16!! Thank you!!!! Her sandals have just about had it!

  • Steph

    It wouldn’t take the shipping charges off for me either, but I called customer service, and they fixed it for me.
    YAY!!! Got a CUTE pair of sandals for $1.10!!!! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Melissa- You can not get a 9.99 pair. You will have to get one that is at least 10.00 for the code to work.

  • Karolyn

    it worked for me! i got a pair of little girl sandals for $1.04 total! yippee!!

  • Fay

    Ordered mine. 🙂 Thank you

  • Thanks! I just placed two orders! I got a pair of sandals for each of my kids for next summer… hard telling what size they’ll be for sure but at that price, I can pass them onto someone else if they don’t work! Thanks!

  • Tammi

    I found some women’s sandals that I ended up getting for only $8.49 shipped which I thought was a good deal!

  • Amanda

    THANKS!! Got a pair for my son for $1.07!!! Great deal!

  • I just got a pair of cars toddler shoes for $10.81 shipped! We had seen them before at the store, but they were just too explensive! Regular $29.99, minus $10 savings, minus $10 code & free shipping!! He is going to be soooo excited when he gets them!!!
    Thank you for the awesome deal : )

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  • jen

    so frustrated, i think the server is really busy, keeps timing out before my order goes through… hoping customer service can help me, but of course they are busy too!

  • Holly

    I used the code and got a shirt for $.20 plus the cost of shipping. Not bad!

  • jerry

    thank you I got a pair of sandals for my girl for $1.67

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  • alex martin

    Thank you, read you everyday. My sister needed new shoes. Leather flats for $9.99 after discount. Pretty Good!!! Appreciate you alex

  • Kelli

    Couldn’t get the shipping cost to come off either, so I called customer service….2 pairs of cute women’s sandals for $10.55 (one for a gift and one for me!!) Thanks!

  • Brandy

    Worked for me! I got the same pair as you, my total was $1.05.

  • Emily

    it’s expired already??

  • Trinh

    Thanks! I just got a pair of sandals for my son for next year (I hope I guessed the right size for next year. Originally $30, got it for $1.09 after taxes, with free shipping!

    • Emily

      Hi Trinh,

      Do you remember when you used the code? When I was trying to use it 10 minutes ago, it says “this limited time offer is expired” …


      • Tiffany

        @ Emily,

        I just used the code at 3:00 central time and it took it okay for me.

        • Emily

          oh never mind. I typed in TEN4YOU, instead of TEN2YOU. my bad… thanks for replying:)

  • Katie

    Just got a great pair of sandals for my son for next year. Thank you for the tip.

  • Tiffany

    Thank you, Mercedes! This was an incredible offer. Can’t beat beautiful sandals for my daughter for next year for only $3.28!!!

  • Typically, they only have one size – not mine – in the pair I REALLY want, second choice is $9.99. Third choice, I clicked to put it in the bag and THEN it says it’s not available at this time. I give up. Thanks, anyhow. AbFab deal when the timing is right. 8-]

  • Amanda

    UGH!! Now every pair of clearanced kids shoes is coming up “We’re sorry these are no longer available” or something like this.. I was JUST ABOUT to get a pair of shoes for my son for school!!

  • Natalie

    Tried to place an order for shoes, finally after almost 30 minute of trying to find a pair after everything I attempted to put in my “shopping bag” came up an no longer available. Then could not get the shipping cost to come off shoes that were suppose to ship for free… called customer service, thong sandals fall under flip flops and are grouped with house slippers and are not shoes… no free shipping for that… Boo JcPennys. 🙁

  • cassie

    I’m too slow for anything good! All we could use is no longer available!

  • Arria

    I can’t even get signed in to check out!! So frustrating!

  • Sheila

    I think everyone is trying to check out right now because the checkout process is going v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. The code worked for me though.

  • Amy in AL

    I’m giving up, too! I’m having the same problem – they’re all coming up as “no longer available”. Would have been awesome, had it worked!

  • Niki

    The shipping cost in my order confirmation shows $0.00 but now when i track order on jcpenny website it says shipping TBD. Anyone has any idea what that means. Is it “To Be Decided”

  • Got some cute ones for $2! Thanks you!

  • Krissy

    I got a pair of sandals for 1.99 and a pair of sneakers for $10. Glad I saw this and didn’t pay back to school prices!

  • Laurie

    Yep, all clearance shoes are showing as unavailable. But all the other clearance accessories are. If they don’t want to honor the deal, fine, but don’t lie and say they are unavailable. BOO JCPenney!

  • Rebekah

    I was just able to order several more pairs of clearance shoes by going through Ebates each time – four pairs of shoes for less than $13 is not too shabby! 🙂 Some sizes are unavailable, but I with four boys stair stepped I just kept going until I found one that would work!

  • Pennyscents

    I did not read through all of the comments, so sorry if this is a repeat. When you go to scroll down until you see the promo for free shipping on all shoes, click the link to take you to the site. You will not have to enter a code for the free shipping. Just enter the $10.00 code & checkout your order summary before submitting.

    Thank you for catching this deal!!! I spent more that a couple of $2.00. I still got a really good deal just in time for back to school, though.

  • Laurie

    Finally worked for me! So I guess i have to take back that boo…..

    • Stephanie

      How did it finally work for you? Did you just finally find a pair that didn’t say “no longer available.” Because I tried every size in 4 different pairs of boys sandals/shoes and I’m still getting that message.

  • Zombiemommy

    I got 3 pairs today in separate transactions! AWESOME!

  • Zombiemommy

    Try this link for the clearance shoes (after going through ebates). It is kinda hard to get to the clearance kid shoes….

  • Zombiemommy

    PS Choose a shoe that is 10.99 or more or the code won’t work. I just bought a pair about 45 minutes ago…

  • Molly

    Great deal got a cute pair of little girl shoes!

  • Christy

    Got a great deal on a pair of sandals for my daughter – $2.18!

    • Trisha

      Which shoes did you purchase and what size? All of the ones I am trying say no longer available.

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  • jeff

    is there a limit to oder using the code? do anybody knows?

    • Maria S.

      Go for it and try it, in separate transactions. It looked like it was going to let me, but I cancelled the order because of the size.
      There is a previous comment on here that says they did 3 transactions with the code.

  • Holly G

    I got 2 pair last night & 4 pair today so you can keep using the code.

  • Maria S.

    Thank you for the $10.00 off code, and I was still able to get free shipping on shoes today, August 5th, by going through a click-thru offer on Ebates.
    Got a nice pair of Lightning McQueen/Mater tennis shoes for my son for just $10.81, regular price $30.00, on sale for $19.99.
    Regular price is half the price of Walmart, but hopefully twice the comfort since it’s from JcPenney.

  • Holly G

    The code is a one time use, they just called and cancelled the rest of my orders:(

  • I got the snail mail coupon for this promotion. Online use mentions the TEN2YOU for online use and the mailer states that “$10 off certificate is valid for one-time use on a single purchase of $10 or more, excluding taxes and shipping charges in store, & catalog, Monday, August 9-Tuesday, August 24, 2010.”

    Keep an eye out for the coupon in your mail : )

  • Heather

    The free shipping on shoes goes through sometime in September, so if you can find shoes still in stock (most are sold out by now from everyone doing this deal!) you can still do this. It wouldn’t take shipping off for me – customer service said they’re having that problem with sandals, flip flops and slippers, and told me to write in the “special instructions” box SHOES SHIP FREE and that will get their attention and they will adjust it before charging your card.