Jennie O Turkey Rebate: Get $5 back via Mail

Jennie O Turkey is offering a $5 rebate to the first 25,000 people to register to their wellness website.  Register for Wellness Daily, then under “Coupons & Offers” you will find the rebate form to print.  For this rebate all you need to do is buy $5 or more in Jenni O Products between Feb 8th and May 31st.  Allow 6-8 weeks for processing.  This rebate offer is only available to the first 25,000 people to register for Wellness Daily and print their form.

Thanks Saving Cents with Sense!

  • Paula

    Thanks Mercedes!

  • Addy

    The offer says it’s good for the first 25,000. Does anyone know if that means the first 25,000 people to sign up online and print a form (meaning if you print a form and mail it in you will definitely get your rebate), or the first 25,000 to mail it in (meaning rebate not guaranteed if you don’t buy and send off rebate fast enough)?

    • Mercedes

      Hi Addy,

      It’s a personalized form and you can only print it once. I think this one it’s for the first 25K to print it.


      • Addy

        thanks mercedes!

  • amy

    This is great! Thank you, Mercedes! I actually just picked up 4 packages of the ground turkey (in the plastic tube-like the jimmy dean sausage). They were only $1.17 a package after my $1 off 2 coupons!!! Now the deal is even better!

    • amy

      BTW…this deal was at Walmart :)

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  • Nicole

    The small print on the form says “offer available to first 25,000 redemptions” I’m concerned it means that it’s the first 25,000 to mail in.

  • Erika

    “Nicole” thats what i understood it to be also. “Amy” where did you get the $1/2 coupon from?

  • Kathy

    The fine print says “The first 25,000 to mail in”, so definitely hurry if you want to take advantage of this! Also, be advised that the fine print also says “Up to $5 on any ONE Jenny O Turkey Store product” (emphasis mine). Meaning that if you purchased two or three products that came out to $5, you’ll only be reimbursed for the price of one of those, up to $5. So, you’ll probably want to save this and get a larger item for the rebate…like a big pkg of ground turkey, not on sale. Good luck, everyone!

  • sa

    I found the 12 pack of Turkey burgers at walmart for 5.99 Great after rebate it would be almost free !

  • Melody

    For those of us near a Jewel Food store the Jennie-O 32 ounce pan roasts are on sale this week for $5.99 buy-one-get-one free!

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