Keep Your Money in Your Pocket with These Internet Printable Coupons

This past weekend I realized the reason I am always on the hunt for Internet printable coupons is because lately they are my main source of coupon savings.  I have pretty much stopped buying the newspaper because the inserts in my area barely carry any decent coupons.  I feel like I am wasting money when I buy a Sunday Newspaper. Anybody else on my same boat?  I m so glad most of my stores accept Internet printables coupons.  Otherwise I would really be in trouble.

Here are some I found this week:

Food Items:

BOGO Welch’s Aquajuice 52 oz, Any flavor, up to $4.00.  New product should be on sale soon at many stores.

$1 off Hellman’s Light Mayo

$0.75 off any Farm Rich Item

$0.30/1 Del Monte 50% less salt vegetables. Thanks Lea Ann.

$2 off Contessa Green Cuisine Meals

Household and Beauty Items:

$2 off Listerine Total Care

$2 off Yes to Carrots product (I hear a lot of people love this brand). Thanks Amy.

$3 off ROC products

Find the following coupons on the 3M Website:

.75 cents off Scotch Pop Up Tape or Handband Dispenser
.50 off 1 Scotch Paper cutter
.50 off 1 Scotch Doubled Sided Tape
.75 off 1 Scotch Easy Grip Packaging Tape Dispenser
.50 off 1 Scotch Clear Mounting Squares
.50 off 1 Scotch Foam Mounting Squares

Up to $11 in savings in Nexcare products here.


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  • thanks for posting this! I have found that printable coupons are typically for a higher dollar amount than what comes in the Sunday paper. I do still use both though.

  • Kristi

    I love the coupons on the internet too. They seem to be higher amounts but on some when I print them it says do not double or triple. These are on items you have said you had them double at your store. How come?

  • Laura

    I agree with the newspaper thing. For some reason, our area doesn’t get these fantastic coupons every else seems to get (ie. B1G1 makeups, free products). Do they think I don’t want to save more than other areas??? LOL. Internet is the way to go!

  • Rachel

    Guess what? Just came back from Target and the Aqua Juice has Try Me Free hang tags on it. SO, if you used the B1G1F coupon and got two for $4.00, then send in the hang tag for $4 back = two for free!

  • Kate

    I had that problem too. I’m in NW Indiana, and our papers are a joke. However, I’m able to get the Chicago Tribune delivered for 50 cents a week, and it’s a goldmine! Can you get any major metropolitan paper delivered to you? That is the difference!

  • Rhonda

    I use both internet printables and newspaper insert coupons. I much prefer the internet printable coupons because they are all the same size! The oversized coupons in the newspaper inserts drive me crazy.

    My stores double the internet printables. Most of them do so automatically when scanned.

  • Mercedes-
    I can’t print the Hellman’s one-it keeps telling me I did already-and I didn’t yet-and mayo is on sale this week!!

  • Kristi

    Me too. I just wrote the company to let them know I was having a problem. 🙁

  • I agree with you on the newspaper. I completely stopped buying it and I am in a group that has a coupon database. Anyone who has coupons, they don’t want or can’t use, they go to the database and send to the one’s that want them. I’ve received a lot of coupons this way.

    I also print out coupons and bring them with me to Wal Mart of Winn Dixie. Winn Dixie use to double thier coupons, but not any more (at least not in La.) I remember when I got Pepsi for $.05 a piece! LOL

    Anyway, thanks for the post and I love all the tips you have!

  • A lot of grocery stores will NOT accept internet coupons (they say fraud is to blame) so I use my newspaper coupons the most. We still get a good variety, but notice the coupons are different one town over.

  • Aipi

    The redplum coupon for the contessa meals is now expired.

  • Lerin

    I’m in Central Illinois and our coupon inserts are pretty bad too. I can buy the Chicago Tribune, but it’s hit or miss being worth the price. Thankfully my in-laws give me the local paper and ads when they’re done reading it so I can get the local coupons for free, even though they’re not that great. I like internet printables, except I fell like I’m using so much ink to print them steadily…plus, I do most my shopping at Walmart because they are the cheapest usually, and they are hit or miss with accepting IPs. So I think I like mail coupons the best!