KFC No Longer Accepting Free Meal Coupons


Just wanted to let you know that KFC is officially not accepting their own free meal coupons due to overwhelming demand.  However, you can take your coupon into your nearest location.  You will be given a form to be issued a rain check.

If you think this is too much hassle (I almost do), and if you have an El Pollo Loco by you, they will be honoring KFC’s free meal coupons.  That’s right! According to this video posted on El Pollo Loco’s Youtube official page, El Pollo Loco will honor KFC’s free meal coupons on Mother’s day.  You don’t even have to be a mom to get your free meal but you do have to bring a valid coupon with you.  As usual, make sure to call your nearest location to confirm participation.

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  • Michele

    I used my coupon last night without a problem. Is this starting today?

  • Hilary

    What a crock! We went to the York, PA KFC last night and there were corporate signs all over the doors and stores that they were no longer accepting the coupons due to overwhelming demand. We could have stood in line to fill out a form to get a coupon for a free meal and Pepsi mailed to us…but that line had over 50 people in it! We walked out. I don’t know how you issue a coupon like this, on a show like Oprah, and then are surprised at “the overwhelming demand” and aren’t prepared. We don’t eat at KFC and, after this, probably won’t ever again. Poor management!

  • I used mine two days ago. That is dumb that they aren’t taking them anymore.

  • Diana

    I just got back from the KFC to get my rebate – they had two employees outside with clipboards and it took me maybe a minute to fill out my name and address; they are even mailing them for folks if you fill it out there. It was not a hassle at all. Maybe we need to cut KFC a little slack, it seems like they are trying and can’t help it if they don’t have supply to meet demand, it’s a free meal people!

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  • I’m glad they’re trying to make things right by issuing rain checks, however I do have to agree that the “overwhelming demand” shouldn’t come as a shock. You advertise a free meal on Oprah AND let people print FOUR of them, then everyone and their grandma is going to come out for their free meal. What could have been good PR is turning into bad, and that’s ashame, because it was a generous offer.

  • You are right Diana, I guess after all there’s not such a thing as a free meal.


  • They let me use mine two days ago.

  • Renee S.

    We went to KFC in Murrieta, CA yesterday about 1pm. They had a sign on the door that they were honoring the coupons from 10am-12pm and from 3pm-5pm. I called them today after seeing the stuff about the rainchecks & was told they’re still honoring the coupons during those specified hours. I went back today with my 3 kids at 4pm & used all 4 coupons with no problem & hardly any wait.

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