Kmart $10/$20 Coupon = Awesome Deals

There’s a new awesome Kmart coupon available for $10 off your purchase of $20 or more.  This coupon will be great for super doubles starting on 4/4. But you do not have to wait that long to get some awesome deals with it. Here are some scenarios:

Huggies Diapers $0.49 per pack

First apply for Kmart your rewards card

Buy two packs of huggies diapers $9.99 each
Buy one bar of j&j Buddies soap $1.02
Use $10/20 Kmart coupon
Use two $3/1 huggies diaper coupon
Use $1/1 any J&J baby product coupon
Pay $4 plus tax out of pocket and get back $3 back in your kmart rewards card

Cheap quilted Northern Toilet paper

Purchase five 12-pk double roll Northern at $7.49 ($37.45)
Use the $10/$20 coupon
Apply for this $5 off rebate which expires 4/18/10
Receive a catalina good for $10 off your next $10 or more purchase
Spend $22.45 out of pocket, get $10 back
Final Price: $12.45 + tax for five 12-pks

Thanks Mummydeals, Thrifty couple and everyone who emailed me about this coupon.

  • Rebekah

    Just a question the coupon clearly states that it’s for $10 off $20 AFTER other discounts have been applied; does this mean coupons or percentage off/sales prices?

    • Mercedes

      To me it means other discounts available in stores. Coupons are considered a form of payment.

  • Sam

    The coupon clearly states “cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s).” Are you saying that KMart just ignores this?

    • Mercedes

      The $10/20 coupon is a general purchase coupon not a specific item coupon.


      • Sam

        Guess I will call KMart in Plymouth today for a clarification.

  • Sherri

    Ya, I was wondering the same 2 things. The ‘after all other discounts’ part and also the ‘combined with other coupons’ part.

  • toddlertwins

    …wait a minute…how can you use coupons with this Kmart Savings Coupon when the coupon clearly states: “cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s)…” that you are purchasing using this $10 off coupon. I’m pretty sure that you cannot use coupons on the items you purchase with this “Kmart Savings Coupon.” If you did, you’d be combining it with other coupons. Yes? No?

  • KD

    On the Northern deal wouldn’t the out of pocket amount be $27.45 since that’s what you will pay at Kmart then you will apply for the $5 rebate and get the $10 cat so after that the OOP would be $12.45? Maybe I’m confused.

    • Megan J

      Yup, I think you’re right – must have just been mis-typed. I think I might do this deal – looks like a good one. Thanks, Mercedes!

  • Kirsten

    Would buying just 2 packs of the Huggies get you the $3 on your Kmart rewards card? 2 packs would be $19.98 and it says you have to spend $20?? This would be a wonderful deal though, if it does work!!! :-)

  • Shelly

    last night i purchased a case of huggies @ 20.99 and i was able to use my $3 off huggies and the $10 off of $20 kmart coupon. so from my experience it just has to be $20 before coupons and it still works. bc the cashier tried it both ways, bc i had four different transactions lol….we tried the 10 off of 20 before the huggies coupon and after the coupon, and it worked both times.

  • toddlertwins

    okay…thanks shelly!!! i’ll give it a try.

  • Emily

    Hi All,

    One time a few months ago I had a 5 off 20 and other coupons as well. My total went below 20 after the other coupons were applied and it kicked out the 5/20 coupon and the machine refused to take it. Just FYI. Might depend on the store but it might be a register thing.

    • Joanna

      I had a 5 off 30 toy coupon and had manufacturer coupons, and it went below the price and took off fine…

  • Joanna

    I understand Mercedes….goodness— do people not realize there is a difference between Kmart coupons and manufacture’s coupons!!!!!! Kmart is getting paid just the same….wish people would stop wasting your time with the same questions…

  • susie

    Where can i get this coupon. The link just brings me to the kmart website nothing else….Help!

  • susie

    Where can i get this coupon? The link just brings me to the kmart website nothing else….Help!

  • Katie

    I clicked on the link 3 times and each time took me to a PDF with the coupon. It works for me.

  • Nancy

    Just wondering about the rewards – I just signed up and read on their website that the rewards are 1% back. How does that add up to $3 in rewards on a purchase of just over $20? Am I missing something?

  • Melina

    everybody can use this same coupon? ( … Because I receive a email, but said only the first 40.000 who see the main page of kmart get the coupon…the rest only get a coupon for $5 off of $50 or more…

  • Abby

    $10/$20 not working at Kmart in Central Florida anymore. I used one this morning but my friend walked in as I walked out and she was denied!

  • Julie

    It’s reported to be not working in Idaho anymore, either. The cashiers are claiming it’s fraudulent or that it’s only good in New York…? I emailed Kmart customer service about it, but I’m not expecting much.

  • Julie

    My husband just tried to use the kmart coupon in waukesha, wi and was told it was only for chicago stores.

  • Jody

    If you are having issues with the coupons, politely ask for a manager because the one I am looking at from the link clearly states that it is valid at all Kmart Store locations thus they will have to honor it! No specific region, etc is listed.

  • Heather

    I just tried in Oconomowoc, WI and they said they couldn’t take it because they were waiting for the results of a “help ticket.” I think this gravy train is over:). Oh well, if it wasn’t legit, it wasn’t honest anyway:).

    • Julie

      Oconomowoc was my next stop, so thanks for the update. You saved me a trip!

  • Julie

    I just called corporate and they said that it was only supposed to be released to certain markets (chicago, ny, and a few others). Unfortunately it was available online to everyone by mistake, so unless you’re in one of the lucky areas, I guess we’re out of luck. Oh well.

  • nany

    Hello everyone.
    I dont seem to be able to see the coupon so if anybody has any other way please send it to my email. at thanks a bunch.

  • Sarah Patino

    Its still good in CA. FWIW: Its Kmarts marketing depts fault. If they mean for a coupon to only be good for a certain area or market then they need to specify that on the coupon. If not (like this one) and they put it on the http://www….then they are setting themselves up for this kind of response! Times are bad and people share good deals. Its honest and fair of us. Kmart not honoring their mistake ISN’T honest or fair.

  • Sarah Patino

    As far as the $3 back for Rewards…its double rewards right now. Also if you spend $20 on select “drug & beauty” products….Huggies supposedly qualifies, you get $3 in rewards.

  • Maria S.

    Per Facebook, this coupon is most likely NOT going to be accepted at most locations execept for the locations it was intended for. I was suspicious when it it showed NY in the link. Here’s a quote from Kmart on their Facebook page…
    Kmart A coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase has had unauthorized circulation and we have had to stop accepting it at most stores. The coupons will still be honored in the intended stores in the New York, Baltimore and Chicago area. We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers. Thank you for your continued patronage and we do look forward to sharing other deals and offers with you in the future. posted 20 hours ago as of March 20th

  • me

    Kmart is not honoring their $10 off $20 Coupon.It is a scam.I just tried using mine.

  • Ann Fremont

    I am not able to see the 10/20 form at the top of this page.