Kmart Deal: Cheap Hasbro Games

I know Kmart is almost a “curse” word around here these days (*joke*). BUT, if you are not holding any grudges against Kmart after the coupon fiasco, then here’s a deal for you:

Hasbro Games on sale for $10
Use assorted Hasbro printable coupons
Pay as low as $5 each after coupon

Target has some of the games for sale for $7 this week.  But this is a good deal is you don’t have a Target near you.

Thanks Kathleen!

  • Carrie

    For those of us who live in the Chicago area near the participating stores, we can still use that pain-in-the-rear coupon to make two Monopoly sets free.

  • Maria

    Avoid Kmart and price match these games at Target and Walmart

  • Diane

    Hey, wasn’t it Kmart’s parent company, Sears, that posted a $10 Junior apparel coupon a few months back and then decided not to honor it when lots of people started using it? Apparently, they didn’t learn their lesson about PDF coupons. Good grief! :(

  • LoriAnn

    Yep! Sears is the one that pulled this one too!

  • Heather

    For us, it’s the opposite! We have a Target nearby but no Kmart.

  • Andrea

    I avoid Kmart and Sears like the plague. I usually find better deals elsewhere, anyway.

  • anne

    kmart stinks..

  • Lisa P.

    I won’t spend another dime in Kmart or Sears.

  • Kathy

    Right now, KMart is a curse word for me! ?Hopefully they will do something to “make amends”, but until then I am only going to go there to use a gift card I already have (otherwise I am giving them more profit by not using). However, I want to wait to even do this in order to “send a message”!

  • julie jenkins

    I will pay full price somewhere else, rather with dealing K mart ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will never spend a dime again @ Kmart or Sears!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    After 4 hours–clipping coupons, matching ads, trip to the store, and then shopping, I won’t ever go for a Kmart deal again.

    It is an utter waste of time. Even the doubles–which we don’t have in Phoenix this time–had so many hassles, the employee do not have a clue about any promotional, won’t help, tell you something should print, when it doesn’t they won’t help.