Kmart Deal: Tampax Pearl Moneymaker + My Scenario

Photo Courtesy of the Krazy Coupon Lady

Kmart is running a mail in rebate promotion this week:  Receive a FREE $10 Prepaid Mastercard when you purchase $25 of P&G products in 1 transaction at Kmart.  This is a rebate form that you can find in-store usually by the products that are included in the promotion.  I noticed this particular tearpad is only for your purchases at Kmart.  Here is a nice scenario that take advantage of Kmart Super Doubles and a high value coupon:

Deal Idea
Buy six Tampax Pearl $4.39 each
Use six $2/1 Tampax coupons from 3/7 P&G insert (five will double one will not)
Pay $4.34 plus tax out of pocket  (Thanks Saving Addiction!)

Then submit this receipt for the mail in rebate offer available and get back one $10 prepaid Mastercard gift card.  This is a good deal if you have many multiple coupons.  I don’t, so I think I will do this:

My Deal:

Buy three Pantene Hair care $4.49
Buy two Tampax Pearl $4.39
Buy one Oral B Cross action toorthbrush $4.xx?? (anyone know the price?)
Use three $2/1 Pantene coupons from vocalpoint doubled
Use two Tampax pear coupons doubled
Use one Oral B coupon from 4/4 P& G insert not doubled
Pay somewhere around $5 and get back $10 Master Card gift card

Sounds like I am getting a good deal.  Better than plain free Pantene at CVS actually.  What’s your plan for this deal?

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  • Michelle

    I bought 6 of the Gillette Mach 3 disposable razors, on sale for $6 each. I used 3 $2 off q’s that doubled (-$12) and 3 B1G1 q’s (-$18). Paid $6 and will submit for the $10 Prepaid Mastercard. As a bonus, each of the packages contained $15 in Gillette coupons for mens products!!!

  • Amber

    Awesome Michelle! I can never find Gillete coupons (my husband uses the fusion). Happen to have any you would be willing to trade?

  • Amanda Bowers

    I’m about to head out right now. So excited. Hoping I get a good cashier. 🙂

    Here is the link to my website…I came up with about 6 possibilities with the coupons I have collected.

  • Cari

    3 Head and Shoulder shampoo @ $4.50 each
    3 head and Shoulders Conditioner @$4.50 each
    toy gun for DS to eat up the overage $6.15
    -$10/$20 store q
    3- BOGO Head and Shoulders coupons from 4/4 PG
    3-$1/1 head and shoulders coupons doubled to $2/2 from 3/7 PG
    =$3.65 plus tax and will MIR for $10 Mastercard gift card

    • Susan

      Hey Cari! I tried this scenario yesterday and didn’t have any luck. However, I presented the $1 off Head and Shoulder coupons first, then followed with the BOGO coupons—the register beeped, so no such luck for me! ;o) I might give this another shot leading with the BOGO.

      • Cari

        Yeah I handed the BOGO coupons 1st. Have enough coupons to try it again but not sure if I feel like it…lol….think I wanna do the Tampons instead.

  • Sarah

    I did this yesterday– I bought 3 Crest mouthwashes (all my husband will use) for $5.76 (these were the large bottles on clearance.. or what passes for it at KMart) and 2 Tampax Pearl ($4.49). I used 3 $2/1 Crest and 2 $2/1 Tampax coupons. Total before coupons and tax was $26.26, so I paid $6.26+tax and will get a $10 GC back– $3+ moneymaker on products we use. Nice. (o:

  • Emily

    The toothbrushes are on sale for 3.50 at my store.

  • Emily

    Mercedes, on your deal I get that you pay 1.75 and get back 10. I’m going to do 2 pantene, 2 Gillete disposable razor packages, and one Tampax which will end up less than a dollar after doubled coupons and get 10 back. Nice!

  • mary

    Are swiffer products listed on this rebate?

    • Amanda

      Yes, swiffer is included!

  • kim

    4 Gillette Razors (on sale for 2/$11 or $5.50 each)
    1 Venus Spa Breeze (on sale for 2/$11 or $5.50 each)
    this totaled $27.50 and qualified me for the rebate
    2 snickers bars (I won one yesterday for using my Kmart Rewards Card)
    So my total before tax was $28.80

    I used 2 B1G1 Gillette razor coupons from the 4/4 P&G insert
    I used 2 $2 off Gillette razor coupons from a previous P&G insert
    I used 1 $2 off Venus Spa Breeze from a previous P&G insert
    So the coupons took of $5.50, $5.50, $4, $4, $4, $0.65
    Which brought my total down to $5.15
    Then I used the $5 catalina I earned yesterday for buying 5 dove deodorants.

    This made my total $0.15 plus tax and I will send in for my $10 rebate card.

    If you have these coupons but not the $5 catalina your out of pocket (minus the snickers bars :+)) would be less than $5.

    Michelle–like you, I was also able to find 3 packs of razors with $15 dollars worth of coupons inside and they don’t expire until 12/11!

  • Emily

    I just went and had a great transaction. I could not find a tear pad for the Mastercard and they insisted that it would print out if I spent $25. I didn’t have time to fight them today, but I’ll go back later and see if they can find it. If not, I’m still happy with what I got!

    2 Gillette Mach 3 disposable razors – 12
    2 – Pantene
    1 – Tampax
    Lifesavors (as a filler to use the last coupon)
    Total 26.37

    2 – $2 off for the razors
    1 – B1G1 for the razors
    2 – $2 Pantene
    1 – $2 Tampons
    Total .37 plus tax

    • Amanda

      I found the rebate form by the tide!

    • Traci


      It seems uou used 3 razors coupons (2 $2/1 and the B1G1) yet only purchased 2 razors? Am I confused?

  • Bridgitt

    I’ve been using which is kmart’s online shopping website. You can put in your zip code to get how much something costs there. It’s helped me determine my scenarios. Beware that the prices do vary slightly though.

    • Kristina at Balancing Budgets and Babies

      Wow Bridgitt, that is an AWESOME website. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Great scenarios, Here’s my trip for free all I also have a couple extra rebate forms if anybody wants one .

  • Susan

    Mercedes — Do you know: do you need “fillers” at KMART? I understand you might need a filler to absorb overage (for those of us in areas that get to use the $10 off $20 coupon), but do you need to have an equal item to coupon ratio? Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Susan,

      I don’t know. But I know that the $10/20 is a store coupon. In past double coupons events I have used a $5/50 plus manufacturer coupons for every item and it all went through fine.


  • Amanda

    Has anyone tried using th e$ $2.00/1 tampax from a few weeks ago and the BOGO tampax from 4/4 P&G?? I was thinking about trying it tomorrow. Does anyone know why Cari and Susan’s BOGO coupons didn’t work with the Head and Shoulders deal? Just want to be prepared for when I get to the register!! I’m loving all of these deals!!

    • Susan

      Hi Amanda! The good news is that the tampons worked like a charm for me (well, the tampon coupons, that is!). And, I even gave the cashier the $2 off coupons first, then followed with the BOGO coupons (so perhaps the incorrect order, and it still worked!) So, I say give it a go! The Oral B BOGO didn’t work for me, but, again, I gave the $2 off first, and then gave the BOGO. It was a no go! Good luck!

    • Cari

      My BOGO on the Head and Shoulders did work.

  • Jennifer P

    Amanda…do you know if you use the BOGO will the price of the free item count towards the $25 purchase? Hope that makes sense.

    • Amanda

      Yes, I would think so. At least, that’s what I am planning on!!!

  • Jennifer P

    Susan…so can you tell more about your transaction? Did you get 8 Tampax items? I am a little confused : )

    • Susan

      Absolutely! I’m in Chicago, though, so I’m able to use the $10 off $20 which puts a whole new spin on this:

      Three Tampax Pearl, 36 count @ $7.79/each === $23.37
      Three Tampax Pearl, 18 count @ $4.79/each === $14.37

      $10 off $20
      Three BOGO free product coupon, deducted $4.79, $4.79, $4.79
      Three $2 off, doubled to $4 off, so $12 off

      ===$1.37 plus tax, and submitting for $10 prepaid rebate

      Hope this helps!

      PS. For markets not able to use the $10 KMART Q, you could do two sets of the 36 count/18 count for a total of $25.16 (if attempting to get the MIR). After coupon deductions, total would be $7.58 plus tax.

  • Jennifer P

    The BOGO on the Tampx is on the 36-60 cout, is that the size you guys are buying to get the freebie?

    • Susan

      Jennifer, the coupon is “Buy one (1) Tampax 36-60 count, Get one (1) 18-20 count FREE.” Hope this helps!

  • Jennifer P

    Thanks so much! I can’t use the $10/20, so I am going to add a few others!

  • Alisha

    I thought we could only use one of each coupon (i.e. can’t use two of the same coupons) on one transaction at KMart this week???

    • Emily

      I was told that by an employee in the aisles that I asked but I did it at the register and it worked fine.

  • Misty

    Hello everyone! I was told by the Fort Collins, CO KMart that the rebate would not be valid if ANY coupons are used.

    • Misty,

      I have done many P&G rebates and they have always been before coupons, ALWAYS.


  • Dani

    Is this deal for any P&G products or select P&G products? I have my order planned around select items I seen in ad or read on here but have other coupons like Herbal Essences.

    • The list of products is on the back of the form. but it is usually for all P&G brands.


  • Lisa

    I had already used my Pantene vocalpoint coupons at CVS so… in order to make this a moneymaker for me… I used (2) $2 off Pert Plus 24 oz shampoo. The price was $4.89 so I got two big shampoos for $.89 each. I also used the B1G1F coupon for Oral-B Advantage (from an old P&G insert) – toothbrushes were $2.79 each. I used the $2 Tampax coupon to get a box for $.49 and the Mach3 Gillette coupon to get razors for $1.29. All total, I spent $7.76 out of pocket and plan to get the $10 gift card!

    Thanks, Mercedes!

  • Stephanie

    I just got some good deals at K-Mart, but it was all a bit of a fiasco. And now I’ve come here to “vent” so I can hopefully stop worrying about it. I’ll try to make a long story short…the computer wouldn’t accept my BOGO and my $2 off for the 2 Oral-B toothbrushes, so I said I would get a 3rd, but then the cashier’s computer froze. So, they had to restart the computer and she had to ring up my order again. Well, this time when she was scanning my coupons, it beeped because she had to press which item the coupon was for. She didn’t notice it right away and kept trying to scan coupons. So then when she realized it, she didn’t go back and rescan the coupon that didn’t go through. I very politely told her I didn’t think that it had gone through and she looked at the screen and said it did. Then she scanned it, it went through, but she said, “no, it’s already on there” and took it off again. I again very politely explained, that I had 5 $2 coupons to be doubled and I had only bought one of that item, so if she had already scanned it, it wouldn’t have gone through. She said she’d scan it because she didn’t want to call the manager again, but she commented “I hope my drawer won’t be messed up.” After that, she was courteous enough, but I could tell she was annoyed with me and I heard her slam her drawer as I was walking away. I double checked my receipt and none of the UPC numbers for the coupons were repeats, so I know I didn’t cheat her. But here I am at home, worrying about the fact that she thinks I cheated her. I may never see her again, but I still feel bad because it’s situations like that one that give couponers a bad name. This was all after she had to try to type in my rewards card # six times (b/t the two ring-ups) before it would work, and while the lady in front of me was still standing there waiting because she had not received the correct change. People behind me were huffing and puffing and commenting and changing lanes. I stayed calm and polite throughout the whole ordeal, but now I feel like poop about it! If anyone actually took the time to read this novel, thanks for “listening.”

    • Emily

      The registers at Kmart are the worst. I definitely understand your frustrations. I just learned last week about “coding” on the coupons. The Oral B toothbrush will attach to both items because it ends in 14. Any B1G1 coupon that ends in 14 will attach to both items and you won’t be able to use another coupon for the other item. I had this problem at CVS before I knew about it and the girl figured out a way to make it work but that’s why it won’t work. Just so you know.

      • Dani

        Thanks Emily! Thants nice to know because I tried two different things and the computers wouldn’t let me do it and the manager even tried to just discount my amount and it still wouldn’t let her!
        Sorry about the trup Stephanie! I had a trip this week too that the customers got in other lines and the cashier was rolling her eyes with every coupon I handed her!

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for the info Emily! That will be very helpful in the future when I’m planning my deals. I don’t like surprises at the register!

  • Danielle

    Question…Does anybody know if the PG deal is ANY PG product? or is it just the products shown on the ad?

    I purchased…

    1 – Crest ProHealth mouthwash 6.99 (-$2 coupon)
    1 – Crest ProHealth toothpaste 3.00 (-$1.50 coupon)
    2 – Head & Shoulders (a sh. & a con.) 9.00 (-$1 coupon – B1G1 coupon)
    1 – Venus disposables 3pk 6.00 (-$2 coupon)
    1 – Pringles can 1.89
    TOTAL: 26.88 – 4.50(b1g1) – 6.50(coupons) – 6.50(doubled) = 9.38

    There were NO tearpads for the current P&G promo…just the ones from March’s promo…no catalina printed, so I went to Cust Service Desk and the woman didn’t know anything about the promotion. She looked in the ad and then told me what it said. I told her that’s how I knew about it and it says “See store for details…so I want the details. How do I get my mail in form?” She called someone who said that she thinks a catalina should print. I told her nothing printed, so she looked at my receipt “Oh, you only spent $9.38 so that’s why. You have to spend $25.” Meanwhile the lines are building up and I can see that obviously this KMart has no idea about the dang promo and is just pulling stuff outta their butts!! So, I smiled and said “Oh, my bad.” and left. I mean…I did just score a sweet deal with my coupons, so I can’t get toooo overheated. However, if I can have it all for free…WHY NOT?! LOL.

    If anyone has an extra tearpad paper for the mail in rebate and would like to mail one to me, I’d be thankful. mamawalker at rocketmail dot com