Kmart Deals: Free Broadway Nail Art, Kellogs Fruit Snacks, Veet and More

I spotted a couple of more deals at my local store:

Broadway Nail Art PSA $2.99
Use $2/1 Broadway Nail product printable
FREE after doubled coupon

Kiss French manicure kits PSA $3.99
Use $2/1 Kiss Nail product printable (this coupon is available again)
FREE after doubled coupon

Kelloggs Fruit Snacks $2
Use $1/1 Kelloggs fruit snacks printable
Use $1/1 Kelloggs fruit snacks printable
FREE after doubled coupon

Veet Shave Gel $5.49
Get $3 off any Veet product at check out instantly
Use $3/1 any Veet printable coupon
Free after coupon and register promotion

Reynolds Recycled foil $2.99
Use $1.25/1 Reynolds foil printable coupon
Pat $0.49 each after doubled coupon

Snausages dog treats $2.99
Use $1/1 Snausages printable coupon
Pay $0.99 each after coupon

Yesterday was also my first trip to my new local Kmart and wouldn’t you know it, everyone was friendly and helpful. Plus the store was clean and organized. I am so lucky! because my old Kmart was like that too. Also, I was happy to notice a mom with her young son doubling coupons in front of me and then I later ran into her at Walgreens. It’s great to see other couponers working the deals, don’t you think? I am going to squeeze in a second trip to Kmart in a few days, right after I pick up my free Pantene at CVS. Don’t miss more Kmart Super Double coupon Deals.

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  • Heather

    The KISS french nail kits were $5.99 at my store, not $3.99. But, the smaller kits of the Broadway nail kits were $3.99, so free 🙂 The nail art wasn’t included in the IP I had.

  • Vickie JOnes

    I did pretty well today, and am planning one more trip on Friday

    the big broadway nail art with like 6 different sticker sets was $4.79 so I paid .79

    I got two Panteen shampoos using $2.00 coupons from Vocal Point so out of pocket was .49 each

    Soft Scrub total kitchen was $2.99 and I had a $1.50 coupon so that was free

    and I got a not quite travel size KY warming jelly to pack for our cruise this summer (TMI I know) for .29 out of pocket with a $2.00 coupon.

    Not bad, plus they had jeans shorts for my DS on sale no less, he’s very picky and will only wear a relaxed fit and they carry wranglers so I was happy

  • Michele

    My store was very strong on only 5 a day and was looking over my coupons very carefully. Not friendly at all.

  • Heather

    I used 2 internet coupons as well, no problems.

  • Jennifer

    Are internet coupons being taken also?

    • Lynnea

      Yes- i have had no problems, except for Chef Bo Ardee that said “do not double”- K-mat could not accept

  • Vickie JOnes

    mine had 2 internet

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  • Nancy

    Hi everyone. I went to my local Kmart (PA) two days in a row now. The first day I spent a whopping $4.72. However, my total prior to the coupons was $19.16. I bought a recycled Reynolds foil ($2.99), a Pantene condition – Nature Fusion ($4.49) (Got a $2.00 coupon when I got the free bottle a month ago from Vocal Point), Downy fabric softner (5.29), a can of Mighty Dog dog food (60 cents), and 2 boxes of coffee mate sticks, (1.00 each). I used the $2.00 coupon for the pantene; $1.00 for coffee mate; $2.00 from Pedigree; had a coupon (inside a bag of Purina dog food) for free can of Mighty Dog; $1.25 coupon for foil wrap. Paid a total of $4.72. Then today I went again, and it was even better. Right Guard deodorant $2.50, used $1.50 coupon – free; Dove deodorant $3.79; used $2.00 coupon – free; Stayfree pads (any) $3.59; used $2.00 off any Stayfree – free; Visine $3.99; used $2.00 off any Visine – free; Soft Scrub Kitchen $2.99; used $2.00 coupon – free. For $16.86 in products, prior to tax of course, paid 33 cents for the five items, which was just the tax. I will be going every day this week, twice as my husband and I have a rewards card. So far over $30 in products for just a bit over $5. There were no issues at all. The cash registers do all the work and the total just pops up as it should be – I keep track as I’m shopping.

    And as a side note, I just got into couponing and freebies a bit over a month ago, and I already have enough shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, cleaning products, and many other items to last me the rest of the year, and then some. My first shopping trip to Target, the total was a little over $68 and I spent $7.46. Seeing is believing. A little work and it’s possible to have a stock pile of things in no time at all. It’s become both a hobby and a game to me. I wake up thinking, what’s going to be in my mailbox, what am I going to be able to get for free, and what stores will have something on sale today that I can get for nothing, or very close to nothing. Thank you all for what you put into these sites. I just wish everyone would believe and put the effort into it. Trust me, it’s sooo worth it. I used to clip coupons, and they’d sit at home and I wouldn’t even take them to the stores with me. Now, after just a few weeks, you wouldn’t catch me paying full price for ANYTHING! And it’s possible to do it all. Thanks again. And I hope I reach someone with my comment. Nancy

    • Heather

      My husband handed me the mail key the other day and said “here, you can check the mail, I know it’s the highlight of your day” LOL.. made me laugh because he is so right!!

      • Nancy

        I’ve been letting my two children “check” the mail. They just love it. They take turns every day to see what might have arrived. They also love to help me cut the coupons from the newspapers every Sunday. I just tell my husband how many newspapers to purchase – he’s the early bird on Sunday mornings. Then it’s up to us to clip away and then of course, shop away. Thanks for your site Heather. You do a fantastic job!

  • Misty

    Hello everyone!
    I’m glad you guys are having such good luck. I just wanted to pass along that the Fort Collins, CO KMart did not tell me before hand, I specifically asked for the rules, but would not double any internet printed coupons.
    Have a great week,

  • My store in Homewood, IL took my internet coupons, but they were acting slow like I was trying to get over on them. Only thing that messed my shopping trip was the taxes paid $2.68 out of pocket, and most of that is from taxes.

    I brought the Nivea Body Wash for 1.99 instead of 5.99
    Pert Plus 2in1 Shampoo for 1.15 instead of 5.15
    Dentek Floss Picks for .99 cents instead of 2.99
    Got Skintimate for free would of been 3.79, and Post Shredded Wheat was free as well would of been 3.99. Also, had a $5 gift card to pay towards the balance.

  • Dani

    My Kmart was taking internet coupons. I got to packs of razors, pads, and laundry detergent for $4.00. I was pleased. One of the coupons I brought was expired (oops) so I only got four products but I am going back today for the fruit snacks, Kiss nails, and more! Thanks for all the great work here! You make my life easier!

  • Mary

    Does anyone know if KMart sells Seventh Generation products (prices?). Hoping to make the best of their current MIR and the doulbe MQs. Thanks!

    • I have never seen seventh generation products at Kmart. They sell green works instead.


    • I took that coupon today, but mine didn’t sell them either.